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How to Insert a Butt Plug?

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I’m curious about backdoor action, but I’ve never tried using sex toys there, and I want to try them. I am wondering how to insert a butt plug.

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Trying anal play can be quite pleasurable, as that area is full of nerve endings and, if stimulated correctly, could bring you immense pleasure. Still, to genuinely enjoy this experience, you need to know how to insert a butt plug correctly without risking hurting yourself. Here are essential tips to help you get an exquisite anal play experience.

Relax before starting anal play – foreplay is vital for a pleasurable sexual experience, and the same goes for anal play. You should start by relaxing, getting in the mood, and stretching the anus with your fingers or have your partner ease their finger in the anus.

Lube is essential for anal play – before starting anal play, you need to have plenty of lubricant handy, as the anus is not a self-lubricating area; it is impossible to play safely and comfortably without lube. Ensure you have the appropriate type of lube for the butt plug you intend to use, as not all lubes are compatible with all butt plugs. Add a generous amount of lube to the anus and the butt plug and reapply if you need it.

Get in a comfortable position to make insertion more comfortable. If you are not positioned well, you may have difficulties inserting the butt plug, and the whole experience will not be as pleasurable. You could start by lying down on your back, slowly sitting down on the butt plug, or even be positioned on all fours and have your partner insert the plug in your anus.

Breathe deeply and breathe out before you start pushing the plug in; you need to push out with your anal muscles to help them relax and expand, and then you can start inserting the toy. You will feel the muscles relaxing; push the plug slowly in; never push it in forcefully, as the anal sphincter muscles can clench on their own. If this happens, you should stop and keep the plug in place, breathe and let the muscles relax, and push again. Let your anal muscles get used to the intrusion and push slowly until the butt plug is completely inserted and seated against the anus. When the plug is entirely in place without causing you discomfort, you can continue with your sexual play.

Once you are done playing, remove the butt plug slowly: grab the base of the butt plug and pull out gently, as you remove the widest part first. Your anal muscles tend to clench around the neck of the plug, so you should push out with your body and pull the plug simultaneously. If your partner is helping you, tell them what feels comfortable so you avoid getting hurt.

We need to note a few things that are essential for safely inserting a butt plug:

  • Always start with a smaller plug, slowly working your way up in size. If you don’t know how to measure for size, we have an anal toy sizing guide that covers all aspects of anal toys.
  • Use plenty of lube, as some will get wiped off or dry out during play. Also, keep the lube near you so you can reapply if necessary.
  • Relax when inserting and removing the butt plug: if you are relaxed, your muscles can more readily accept the butt plug. Read our anal masturbation tips article, which covers all aspects of anal play, and should help you get more comfortable with anal play.

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