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How Much Is a Butt Plug?

Editorial Team |

I am looking to experiment with anal play and want to try using butt plugs, but I know next to nothing about butt plugs. How much is a butt plug?

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Butt plugs are an essential tool for anal play. When it comes to the cost of a butt plug, there are many factors at play: material, size, finish, features, and more.

There are three main types of materials used for butt plugs:

  • Metal (alloy, aluminum) – is compatible with all lubes and is easy to clean and maintain. Metal butt plugs are less expensive, not porous, will last you a lifetime, and are also great for temperature play. Generally, metal butt plugs cost between $15 and $60.
  • Glass – is compatible with all lubes, hypoallergenic, and very easy to clean. Glass butt plugs are hypoallergenic, body-safe, and non-porous. If cared for properly, it can last you a lifetime. Glass plugs can also be used for temperature play, easily washed, and kept clean. The pricing for a glass butt plug starts at $20.
  • Silicone – is compatible with water-based lubes, hypoallergenic. Silicone butt plugs are slightly flexible, body-safe, and can be used with water-based lubes. The silicone butt plugs need more care and attention, as the silicone can be damaged if exposed to direct light, heat, or chemicals. The silicone butt plugs start at around $25 and could go up to $200 for a vibrating and remote-controlled butt plug.

There are other materials used for butt plugs, like hard plastic, jelly, or rubber, but these have lower quality and have poor surface finishes, and can be porous, which is not recommended for anal toys.

High-quality butt plugs have many advantages over cheaper ones, especially concerning body safety. Cheap models made from plastic, rubber, or jelly are usually not as body safe as their more expensive counterparts. Still, there is no compromise regarding body-safe materials, as the anal area is quite sensitive, and you should always use quality anal sex toys.

The shape of the butt plugs also affects the price Spade-like butt plugs are more common and affordable. The more figured or textured butt plugs are usually costlier they’ll be.

The next thing that affects the price of the butt plugs is the features. The simple, non-vibrating butt plugs are less expensive; however, the feature-rich butt plugs come at a higher price point. The features, like adjustable vibrations, patterned vibrations, app connectivity, motion sensors, and wireless remote controls, significantly affect the price of the butt plug.

Best-selling vibrating butt plugs are usually made from silicone and come at a higher price, depending on the manufacturer and product features. Rechargeable vibrating plugs usually cost more than plugs that use single-use batteries.

When selecting a butt plug, you must consider your needs, wants, experience level, and budget. Even if two butt plugs look similar, they may have hidden features that affect their performance, quality, and longevity. Check out our detailed guide on the best butt plugs you can buy now, which has plenty of helpful information when shopping for your first butt plug.

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