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How to Douche with a Water Bottle?

Editorial Team |

I’m thinking of trying anal sex with my new boyfriend, but I’m afraid of the possible mess, and I don’t have a fancy anal douche kit. I am wondering how to douche with a water bottle.

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When it comes to anal douching, you can easily do it at home. If you don’t have a specialized kit, you can use a water bottle to cleanse your rectum in preparation for anal play.

To douche with a water bottle, you will need a soft-tipped water bottle, preferably the bottles with pacifier-like tips, as these have a softer, rounded edge and lukewarm water. Please note that the skin inside your anus is more sensitive than the skin on the outside, so always use lukewarm water to avoid hurting yourself. I suggest you do an anal douche in the shower or bathtub to avoid making a mess.

You may be tempted to use saline solution or soapy water, and while this is possible, it takes your body a lot more time to expel everything out, which may not be ideal if you are on limited time. Also, a saline solution or soapy water is used for enemas, a lengthier and more thorough form of anal douches that take a couple of hours to complete.

To douche with a water bottle, follow these steps:

  • Fill the bottle with lukewarm water.
  • Add a generous amount of water-based lube to your anus and e to the tip of the bottle.
  • Slowly insert the tip of the bottle into your anus. Once the tip is in, you need to gently squeeze on the bottle until you feel the water in your rectum. Try to hold it in as long as you can and release it; it will rinse out possible fecal matter and leave your backdoor as clean as possible for your anal play.

You may need to repeat the process until the water runs clean.

You learn more about how to anal douche on our blog, as we’ve covered this topic extensively. If you don’t feel confident douching with a water bottle, we suggest you check our guide covering some of the best rated anal douches on the market.

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