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Everything You Need to Know About Rechargeable Vibrators

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Rechargeable vibrators are a new breed of vibrator that fills the space between electrically powered body massagers and battery powered vibrators.

There are plenty of women and men who love the power of a body massager. And while there are plenty who need this extra power to reach an orgasm during self masturbation, foreplay or sex, the downsides to thee are location to a socket, and that they are bulky and hard to travel with. In fact, sometimes cables can be yanked from the wall in the heat of the moment too.

Battery powered vibrators lack the power, and when used on full, they can drain the power which results in a spare pair of batteries being required. This can quickly amount to a large expense in replacement batteries, and disappointment at the pivotal time.

Rechargeable vibrators come with charging cords, and can be recharged from any USB port or wall charger. With their built in battery, there is no need to replace batteries, and they are more portable than mains powered massagers.

Rechargeable vibrators can last between one to two hours on full charge, so there is no worry about the power dying down at the very moment an extra boost of speed is required. This type of vibrator is not just ideal for female self-gratification, but also for use between couples. They deliver plenty of long-lasting power that could only be found in an electric vibe previously, and there are no cables which can become tangled. For internal use, they are made for either vaginal or anal play. Many solo masturbators and even couples also use them to tease other areas of the body. This can occur on the nipples, thighs, scrotum, outer vagina, perineum, or head of the penis.

Essential Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator

Different Types & Styles

Bullet vibrators got their name because they were made to resemble the shape of bullets. However, things have moved on a little since then, and now there is a variety of shapes, sizes and functions.

Here are some of the types of rechargeable bullet vibrators you can find…

Conventional-shaped vibrators – These are based on the original design and are small and discreet. Their small size shouldn’t be mistaken for not being up to the job though. If they lack in power, they more than make up for it by being highly versatile.

Remote control vibrators – These bullet-shaped vibrators come in a variety of shapes and coverings. They are discreet and can be held against the clitoris, and used by themselves, or they can be used with the wireless/ wired remote control to change speeds and pulses without stopping the action.

Necklace vibrators – These resemble pieces of jewelry and are slender. They are around four inches in length, and can be worn around the neck when not in use. These often come in gold and silver, and are ideal for some discreet fun without having to carry your vibrator in your bag.

Interchangeable vibrator – There are now bullet vibrators which are even more versatile. These types come with interchangeable heads which sit on the end of an egg-sized body which is often constructed from plastic. The heads (more often than not) are made from soft silicone. These can resemble a clit scoop for intense stimulation, a protruding tongue, and the all-familiar rabbit style with flicking ears.

Finger vibrators – These are worn over the tip of your finger and come with a textured sleeve. These are ideal for intimate clitoral stimulation. Giving The user or the pleasurer all the power they need.

Evolved Powerful Bullet Vibrator

How to Choose the Right Rechargeable Vibrator for You

Deciding which is the best vibrator can be a little daunting, but also fun. There are many types and styles to choose and all of them offer something different. Like anything, you need to shop around, and to help you decide, here are the basic factors you need to consider…

Size – Different sizes offer different types of stimulation. Size is not only about length, but also girth. If you are looking for an internal vibrator, you need to pay close attention to the length which can be inserted for you.

You can choose small for clitoral stimulation, medium which represents the average penis size or even the larger vibrator types which will deliver deeper penetration.

Style – This isn’t just about the looks, it is the type of sensations you want to feel. This can determine the shape of your vibrator. Do you want clitoral stimulation, or do you aim for your G-spot, or do you want pleasure from both areas? Do you masturbate with your vibrator the same way each time, or do you vary your technique? Is it to be used for anal pleasure? Are you male or female? There are loads of things to consider here.

Buzzing power – This will vary depending on the type of vibrator you choose. Some come with one or two speeds, while others offer a larger selection, and can also pulse in irregular patterns. The faster the buzz, the louder the vibrator will be.

Materials – This can do as much for the sensations and pleasure as the size and the buzz. Medical-grade silicone feels silky against the most intimate parts and vibrations pass through it easily too. Hard plastic vibrators deliver strong vibrations and are easy to clean, while glass or steel can also deliver warmer and cooler effects.

Femme Funn Ffix Bullet Vibrator

What Are the Benefits

Rechargeable vibrators come with a few benefits that might not be obvious at first. The first benefit is the power. They always work at top power until their battery is drained of power, unlike regular batteries which get slower as they lose life from the disposable batteries inside them.

The life of the vibrator is much longer than the regular, disposable battery-powered types, and when charged it will deliver more than enough power for the longest session.

Zero Tolerance Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator

Noise is one of the benefits you might not notice. Because the battery is a permanent fixture in the toy, there is nothing to shake or rattle. That’s a big plus too. Rechargeable vibrators also have motors which are of a higher quality. This quality of materials can also help dampen sound. The overall quality of a rechargeable vibrator is also higher, and they can be more discreet because they can use smaller motors. This means they can be concealed and used in more situations where a noisy vibrator would be more intrusive.

The whisper-quiet operation means they can be used --even if you have roommates or housemates, or even children. The lifespan of a rechargeable vibrator is often longer than regular battery-powered models too, and that’s because of the higher standard of materials used.

Rechargeable vibrators are also very convenient to use. Once charged, there are no cables like with mains-powered body massagers, and there are no spare batteries needed on the bedside cupboard in case they go flat. They can also be charged from any charging socket or device which has USB connections.

Lelo Mia 2 Rechargeable Lipstick Vibrator

Some Safety Considerations

Many of the safety concerns can be the same as other types of vibrators. Never use silicone oil on a silicone vibrator because it can break down the surface. This means it will become porous and bacteria can grow inside. Nasty germs and viruses can then affect the user.

Rechargeable vibrators should never be used while they are plugged in to charge. If the vibrator is supplied with a charger, only this one should be used, or from another USB device such as a laptop. Chargers come with different capacities, so you could be overloading the internal battery. Both the power unit and the vibrator should be checked for damage before charging, and both should be stored in a cool, dry place between uses. Charging should also be carried out in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

If you plan on using the vibrator in the bath tub, be sure the vibrator is classed as waterproof. Not all will have concealed charging ports that are water tight.

Rechargeable batteries most often come with lithium rechargeable batteries, so if you see any sign of battery leakage, you should refrain from using the vibrator immediately. If there has been skin contact, wash the area thoroughly using warm soapy water. There should never be any attempt at repairing the battery or vibrator, and you should never touch any of the terminals or the charging inlet with metal objects.

Most rechargeable vibrators will be partially charged when purchased. Manufacturers recommend a full charge before the first use, and the vibrator should not be disconnected during this initial charging phase.

Pillow Talk Cordless Bullet Vibrator

How to Take Care of Your Rechargeable Vibrators

Before use, you should do a visual check to make sure there are no cracks in the vibrator which could cause injury or be a home to bacteria. Also check for stray pet hair or visible stains.

Your rechargeable vibrators should be washed before and after every use. When washing after use, this should be done immediately or within a couple of hours, and they should never be left overnight before cleaning occurs.

Cleaning can be carried out with warm-to-hot, antibacterial soapy water, but be sure never to submerge your vibrator under water to prevent water seeping into the charging socket.

Vedo Bam Mini Vibrator

Before use, you can use sex toy wipes, or as a substitute, you can use good quality baby wipes. Never dry with paper towels because this could leave lint or paper which can get stuck to the surface of your toy.

Once you have washed and cleaned your vibrator, you should make sure it is thoroughly dry before you begin charging it. Many manufacturers supply a carry case for rechargeable vibrators, and between uses, this should be used.

Many rechargeable vibrators also come with travel locks that prevent the vibrator from being turned on accidently, and this should also be used to make sure your vibrator doesn’t turn on while in storage and drain the battery.

Only charge for the manufacturers recommended charging periods, and never plug into a charging socket which is already turned on.

Pretty Love Small Rechargeable Vibrator

Cleaning & Storage Tips

There are many storage considerations which apply to all types of vibrators, but rechargeable ones do have some other considerations you need to pay attention to.

It’s great to have a secret place where vibrators live between use, and depending on the material type, this can be okay, or it can cause problems. Hard plastic vibrators can be stored in a drawer as long as they are cleaned thoroughly before use. Vibrators with silicone coatings can attract lint which is difficult to remove, so think ahead with these types.

The most significant storage problem for rechargeable vibrators is that you can’t remove the batteries. This means you need to keep them well away from heat sources. Not only have vibrators been known to deform over time when subjected to heat, but this can also affect the battery and cause possible leakage too.

Humid environments can cause problems, and vibrators have also been known to deform because of this. However, with rechargeable vibrators, moisture can seep inside and start to corrode electrical contacts. This can happen with regular, disposable battery-powered vibrators too, but because the battery is built in, you will have no way to see this.

All rechargeable vibrators should be stored in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight. If you have more than one, you should make sure they don’t touch during storage. If one of your vibrators has a problem, it can quickly pass on to the others.

Pretty Love Small USB Rechargeable Vibrator

Common Questions People Ask

Are there signs of my rechargeable vibrator breaking down?

This type of vibrator generally lasts longer than a conventional battery-powered vibrator. But, on occasion, they can ‘die’ for no apparent reason. If this starts after tapping the body of the toy, this is a sign there could be a corroded connection inside. You could also find that the motor sticks on one speed if it is multi-speed. And this signals there is a switch problem. Make sure you take care of it well, and store it appropriately to enable longer life.

Can my vibrator give me an electric shock?

Rechargeable vibrators don’t carry enough power to deliver an electric shock. But, in saying this, you should be cautious when plugging it into charge, or removing it from charge. If there is any sign of moisture, then it is possible to get a shock, or in the very least it could damage your toy. Also, don’t use a rechargeable vibrator in water unless it is specifically designed for this. Water resistant is not the same as waterproof. It’s important to define these two words here.

How long will my rechargeable vibrator last?

A lot of this can depend on the quality of the vibrator in question. Rechargeable vibrators are usually of a higher quality than the more conventional, battery-powered vibrators. This means they can last for years compared to months when stored and charged as directed.

Try to buy a great brand from a reputable specialist, because honestly, you really do get what you pay for. And a great store will always ensure customer satisfaction, and this includes great products that last a long time and have minimal issues, provided they’re cared for properly.

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