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Everything You Need to Know About Rabbit Vibrators

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Rabbit vibrators sit at the very top of the vibrator pile for the sensual stimulation they provide. They were initially designed in Japan and made their way to the USA in the ’80s. It wasn’t until the 90s that the phenomenon really took off.

In fact, it was when the cordless toy arrived that spurned this rise, and it was one of the first battery operated sex toys which brought convenience and portability, while still putting an end to electric cables and cords.

With bunny shaped ears, these vibrators offer clitoral stimulation while being able to penetrate as well. The ears can oscillate briskly which delivers tickles to the most sensitive spots, including erogenous zones.

With advancement in vibrator design, there are now models available which can curve up to stimulate the G-spot too, these are usually known as G-spot vibrators though. Other models come with rotating beads under the surface which add to vaginal stimulation while still offering earth-shattering clitoral stimulation from the ears. These rabbit vibrators were the first which offered stimulation in different areas at the same time.

The most extreme variants offer double penetration so they can provide both clitoral and anal stimulation while pleasuring the vagina too. An amazing creation, really.

Although technically called rabbit vibrators, there are some models which come with either butterfly or dragonfly-shaped stimulators. Materials most used in construction are skin-friendly jelly, latex, silicone, and rubber.

California Dreaming Orange County Cutie Vibe.jpg

Different Types of Rechargeable Rabbit Sex Toys

There is plenty of variation in rabbit vibrators, and many of these come with added functions. Here are some variations on the design…

  • Sucking rabbit – Rather than stimulation of the clitoris by rubbing, this vibrator simulates a sucking action as if it was a partner pleasuring you by their mouth, orally.
  • Rabbit with rotating beads – The beads sit under the shaft, and while in motion they spin in a circular motion which deeply massages the G-spot.
  • Pulsating/ thrusting rabbit – These can be used hands-free, so you can lay back and think you have a partner or lover who is guiding the vibrator. The whole toy is filled with a rhythmic pulsating motion which gives completely hands-free play.
  • Rabbit with rotating shaft – The rotating shaft reaches up to the G-spot and delivers continual pleasure. With beads spinning in the shaft you are stimulated in other areas while the rabbit ears push you over the edge, helping clitoral pleasure to soar.
  • Thrusting rabbit – Rather than just vibrating backward and forward, this thrusting rabbit has a shaft that simulates the thrusting of a partner. This acts like a penis, pulling back before ramming forward while still keeping the pressure on your clitoris for full stimulation.
  • Twin motor rabbit – Many rabbit vibes only have one motor that drives all of the actions. Some now include two motors which deliver twice the power for penetration stimulation and for clitoral stimulation.
  • Warming rabbits – There are now rabbits which can warm up during use. It is well known the G-spot responds to warming sensations, becoming engorged from this stimulation and extra sensitive as well.

 Evolved Large Rabbit Vibrator

How to Choose the Right Rabbit Vibrator for You

With so many choices available, it can be hard to know which type of rabbit to choose. One of the first things to note is; if you want a double rabbit or a triple-stimulating rabbit.

Once you have decided on this, then comes the material type. Some women might not like the rubbery feel, while others don’t like the clinical feel of hard plastic. You’ll need to look around for the material you prefer.

One of the most critical decisions is one of size, and knowing which one is the right size for you. If you are looking for a new sex toy or this type of vibrator, the recommendation is to start off small, which will help to negate finding out a larger one is too big.

One thing which catches many women out in this area is that they choose one they want, rather than the one they need which meets all of their needs. When selecting the material, lubrication should also be a consideration. Slippery construction materials will require less lube, and ones which are more classic in shape can actually deliver better penetration.

Other considerations are: if you want a fixed shaft or one which rotates or thrusts. This then leads onto vibrations and the amount of power which is comfortable for your pleasure.

The last two factors that can affect choice are how easy the rabbit is to hold, and is the stimulation nub flexible? This will affect how hard and how much stimulation you can receive on your clitoris. If in doubt, buy a couple of models to try out. That’ll be super-fun, doing comparisons.

Evolved Triple Rabbit Vibrator

What Are the Benefits

With being able to deliver internal and external pleasure at the same time, some women can orgasm much more naturally and easily than by using a regular vibrator and only receiving internal stimulation.

Rabbit vibrators are also ideal when used alone as well as with a partner for mutual pleasure.

Other benefits include the varied pleasure due to the variety which has thrusting or rotating shafts. These make masturbation different every single time, rather than using a vibrator which only has a single action.

The main benefits are the multiple stimulation types women receive, and in numerous sensitive areas all at once. With conventional vibrators, this means moving from one spot to another to receive stimulation, but now various regions receive the same treatment in one smooth action.

Now there are thrusting and rotating shafts, and this means it’s easier for women to visualize being with a partner than it ever was before. So even if you lack imagination to get to the big ‘O,’ it won’t really matter.

Rabbits also have the benefit of raising arousal with the ears before they introduce the tip of the shaft for penetration simulation, and this makes it much easier for women who might find direct penetration hard without additional lube.

Clitoral stimulation helps prepare them for penetration and moving on to stimulating their G-spot to reach their much awaited orgasm.

Femme Funn Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

Some Safety Considerations

Rabbit vibrators are pretty safe when in use. If one is used for anal penetration, these are designed in such a way that they will not become lost or stuck. However, it is after this anal stimulation and/or vaginal stimulation that the rabbit should be thoroughly cleaned. Don’t use one vibrator for multiple regions, unless its task is to do it simultaneously. Always keep your anal vibrators for that region, and your vaginal ones for that area. We don’t want to cross contaminate the areas.

Most of the safety considerations come from battery care or if they are rechargeable. Unless specifically designed for use in water, neither a battery nor a rechargeable rabbit vibrator should be used in the bath or shower. Even if they are classed as water resistant, they are not sufficient for exposure to large amounts of water.

Webb Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

With some of the more-flexible rubber types of the rabbit vibrator, they should be thoroughly checked for splits before use. This can be accentuated when the moving parts start and move into action. This could lead to injury or allowing the beads inside to be pushed through the slit in the casing.

Charging is another area, and when not in use, battery type rabbits should have their batteries removed, and rechargeable vibrators should have their travel lock enabled to make sure they are not accidentally turned on. Charging should also only be carried out in a dry place, and you should never connect a charger of any type while it is turned on.

One final safety consideration is the type of lubricant used. Silicone oil-based lubricant should never be used on silicone, mostly because it can break down the body of the rabbit’s covering. If unsure about any lube, stick to water-based to be on the safe side.

Foreplay Frenzy Blue Rabbit Vibrator

Cleaning & Storage Tips

There are lots of care tips which are similar to other vibrators, but to make sure you get the longevity from your toy, it is worth going through everything again.

Before you first use your rechargeable rabbit vibe, you need to remove it from the packaging and give it a full charge to the manufacturer's recommendations. This needs to be done so it won’t affect the life of the built-in battery.

If your rabbit is battery operated, this will be down to the battery type you are using. If they are rechargeable batteries, then the ones you use should be fully charged, or if they are regular batteries, it doesn’t matter, but you will see degraded performance in most instances.

Any rabbit you purchase should be made from medical grade silicone, and because these are nonporous, they are easy to sanitize when using the right liquids. Before and after each use you should wash them in warm-to-hot, antibacterial, soapy water. Before use, you can use baby wipes or use sex toy wipes should you so wish.

No type of rabbit should be submerged under water to clean, no matter if they are classed as waterproof or not. Any hint of liquid in the battery department or the charger hole can lead to corrosion of the metallic electric parts.

During storage, rabbits should not touch other vibrators, and they should never be stored in warm or humid environments. These can cause deformation, or in the case of humidity, it might cause corrosion inside the vibrator.

Happy Rabbit Vibrator Curve Slim

Can I Use a Rabbit Sex Toy During Sexual Intercourse?

Because of the design of rabbit vibrators, there are many women who think it isn’t possible to use them during sexual intercourse. Although vaginal penetration might be hard unless you can handle both your rabbit and your partner, you can focus on pleasuring yourself or having your partner take control of your rabbit while they are kissing other parts of your body.

It is also possible to use your rabbit as you are pleasuring your partner by giving them oral, and while you allow the rabbit to work on you. This can easily simulate being with two partners at once.

If you want to feel your partner inside, then it is easy to go into the missionary position while your partner positions the rabbit's ears on your clitoris as he thrusts into you.

There isn’t a sexual scenario where the rabbit isn’t able to add to your sexual pleasure. It’s great before and during sex.

If you are the more adventurous type who likes anal, you can quickly get on your hands and knees. And while your partner performs anal penetration, you can pleasure yourself with your rabbit for some simulated double penetration action.

No matter what position you have sex in; your rabbit can provide rigorous vibrations or the soft tickling of your most-sensitive zones while your partner pleasures other areas of your body.

All this action can be varied if you are using a vibrating or thrusting-styled rabbit. Two shafts sensually stimulating your most sensitive areas will bring hours of pleasure to both partners involved. Depending on the position of the rabbit, the extra vibrations will make a partner’s orgasm all the more exciting too.

Pretty Love Pink Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

Common Questions People Ask

1. What makes one rabbit vibrator different from another?

Each type of rabbit vibe is different. If you want something which is really interesting, you can steer away from one that only vibrates, to one which thrusts or rotates. There are also lots of various designs and materials used in their construction. This gives a different feel, depending on the material it’s made of.

2. How do I use a rabbit vibrator?

The easiest way is to become aroused and wet before you attempt penetration. You can easily hold the ears or the tip of the shaft against your clitoris until you start getting wet, or you can lube the shaft enough to penetrate and then press the ears against your clitoris too. Once you are in the mood, you can move the rabbit into positions which feel good and stimulate all the parts you want. That’s the most enjoyable part.

3. What is the best lube to use with a rabbit vibrator?

This depends on the construction of the outer part of your rabbit vibrator. There are some materials which can only accept water-based lube. PVC, silicone and TPE/TRP all need water-based lubricants. Manufacturers will state which lube type is safe to use. If you are in any doubt, it is advisable to select water-based lubricants.

4. To climax, I need both clitoral and G-spot stimulation. The last rabbit I had, I didn't like. Is there something wrong with me?

No, all rabbits are different and suit different people in different ways. Finding the right style takes some experimentation. Think about what you enjoy. Include the material type, the curve of the rabbit, the size, and the actions it performs.

When looking at other rabbits, cross off what you didn’t like in the first instance, and then select one (or more) which offers something different. Buy a few different models for comparison; it’ll be fun experimenting and comparing. If you have a partner, you can involve them too. They can maybe watch or even play around too. Sounds like fun!a

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