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How to Choose Wax Play Candles

How to Choose Wax Play Candles

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Wax play is a form of temperature play that is both sensual, erotic, and slightly painful. Commonly practiced by BDSM-loving couples, wax play involves dripping molten wax on a person’s skin, thus inducing a somewhat burning sensation. The essentials for wax play are wax candles, and since not all candles are created equal, here we discuss the particulars of wax play and outline how to select wax play candles.

What Is a Wax Play Candle?

The wax play candle is a specialized candle designed for comfortable wax play. Different types of candles melt at various temperatures, producing a significantly broad range of temperatures, ranging from warm and soothing to very hot and even dangerously overheated. Further down, we’ll discuss how to safely play with wax, but here, let’s look at the types of wax candles and see which ones are safe for wax play:

  • Soy Wax – melts at a starting temperature of 114 degrees and is safe and recommended for wax play.
  • Paraffin Wax – melts at a starting temperature of 116 degrees and is safe for wax play.
  • Beeswax – melts at a starting temperature of about 143 degrees and is Not safe for wax play.
  • Microcrystalline Wax – melts at a starting temperature of about 150 degrees and is Not safe for wax play.
  • Stearin Wax – melts at temperatures of about 176 degrees and is Not safe for wax play.

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How to Select a Wax Play Candle?

It is relatively straightforward to choose a wax play candle. If you notice above, we talked about the melting temperature of wax, which is a crucial aspect to know when selecting a wax play candle.

To be safe and avoid hurting your partner and yourself, always select soy was of paraffin candles. Pick candles that are not scented, as fragrance additives can increase the melting point of the candle and cause skin irritations.

Additionally, you can select wax candles that have added mineral oil, as this lowers the melting temperature of the wax, making them better suited for wax play. Candles with partial oil content are also called massage candles. These contain oils like jojoba oil or moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, as the nourishing oils get absorbed into the skin. These are also recommended for novices in wax play, as the oils don’t allow the wax to harden too much, making it easier to remove from the skin.

The hard wax candles don’t have added oils, and these harden to a hard texture, which can be challenging to remove from areas where there is hair.

Tips for Safe Wax Play

Now that you know how to select quality wax play candles, please check out our guide on tips for safe wax play. We compiled the list below based on our expert’s advice, and we advise you to be careful and don’t try to repurpose birthday candles or household scented candles. Put safety first and follow our tips:

  • Start with a sensual atmosphere – we always advise you to start any sexy play by preparing a sexy atmosphere. Dim the lights, light scented candles, and play sexy music. It does not hurt to have a bucket of water handy if things get out of hand.
  • Be present – always be wholly sober and present when engaging in wax play. Stay away from alcohol or drugs, as this can play tricks with your sensory levels, and you can hurt yourself and your partner.
  • Prepare the skin – always put lotion or body oil on the skin before trying wax play, and you can incorporate a sexual massage with massage oil or lotion. It will make the skin suppler, and the wax won’t irritate it as much, so you can easily remove it. You should also shave the skin (or epilate it) before wax play, as the wax won’t have anything to stick to.
  • Always use specialized wax play candles – as we noted, always use candles intended for wax play, like soy or paraffin candles, as these don’t burn as hot and won’t burn the skin.
  • Test wax hotness in safe areas – before you go and drip hot wax on sensitive parts, first test a few drops on your wrist and your partner’s wrist to gauge if this is something you both can comfortably withstand.
  • Drip from a safe distance – we suggest you drip the molten wax from a distance of about 15 inches to 20 inches, as it will allow the wax enough time to cool down a little, and it will not splatter to areas you don’t want it to.
  • Play with the wax – after you get in the groove, you can play by pouring wax in specific patterns on your partner or even use your fingers to get more creative. After the wax hardens on your partner’s body, you can play with it, too, like tapping the hardened waxy texture or using ice cubes to further solidify the wax and cool the skin for extra sensations.
  • Aftercare is vital – aftercare is critical for a safe wax play, and it includes things like cuddling and communicating throughout the entire experience. After you are finished, talk to your partner and discuss the things you liked, what you did not like, and what you’d like to repeat. It also includes rubbing the skin with a soothing lotion that will help soothe overheated skin.

Wax play usually takes practice to master, so don’t give up, but experiment and enjoy yourselves. We hope our guide on how to choose wax play candles is helpful, but we also have a long list of other sex toy guides. We invite you to check out our sex toy store, and we promise you will be impressed with the selection of BDSM toys, sex furniture, dildos, vibrators, and so much more.


Does playing with hot wax hurt?

Wax play treads the line between pleasure and pain, and it depends on a person’s pain tolerance. Also, the lower the height from which you drip the wax, the hotter it will be, thus making it more painful. If you drip it from higher, it will cool down before hitting the skin. However, many BDSM enthusiasts love the intense sensations that some would describe as pain, but it is the whole point of the power play dynamic, and hot wax is an excellent part of it. Another factor is the candle type you use, as the massage candles are more comfortable, but the soy and paraffin candles create a thicker texture that many love.

Can a beginner use a wax play candle?

Yes, a beginner can use a wax play candle, but we suggest you buy soy wax candles with high oil content, as these melt at a lower temperature and are easier to clean. For beginners, it is best to start with massage candles.

How do you clean the wax after wax play?

We recommend you use sex sheets when engaging in wax play, and always prepare the skin with lotion or massage oils. It will help with wax removal, but you can also use a plastic card or a blunt butter knife to scrape the wax from the skin. Use a cotton pad dipped in massage oil to loosen the wax from sensitive places, and wash with warm water.

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