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Everything You Need to Know About Glass Dildos

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Glass is much more than a beautiful material to look at, for this sex toy; they perform well and are again becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. They’re used for anal or vaginal penetration, which can be solo or partnered.

Many women might cringe when they think of penetrating themselves with something that’s made from glass, but these glass dildos have come a long way, and are now made from the same sort of glass that high quality kitchen cookware is made from. This makes them capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and being highly durable if not near to shatterproof.

Although there might not be as many glass dildos on the market, and they will undoubtedly lack the squidgy feel of a realistic dildo, they more than make up for it in other departments.

Purple Rose Nubby Glass Dildo

For some dildo users, they embrace the hardness in feeling that’s given, and this is due to glass being the hardest material used in dildo construction, after steel.

Glass dildos are works of art and wouldn’t look out of place as an ornament, but they’re one purposeful toy which can reach those inner parts that make them so good. They’re manufactured in different shapes and sizes to accommodate every user.

A glass dildo brings with it plenty of benefits and can be used in many situations where other dildos can’t be used. While not looking like any other dildo, they can perform better than lots of their cousins. The feel and size will change the user’s experience too.

Blown Realistic Glass Dildo

Different Types

Glass dildos stand apart from every other kind of dildo because of the way they look. They are much harder than any rubber or silicone dildos and are completely inflexible, but from the manufacturer's side of things, glass dildos are easy to mold, so they are taking full advantage of this and making all kinds of weird shapes and sizes for purchasers.

This means the number of glass dildos is increasing, and they fall into four basic categories with variations on each type.

Straight glass dildos – These are the most basic, and are for individuals who are more into just receiving some pleasure without too much experimentation. These can be suitable for both vaginal or anal play.

Curved glass dildos – These sleek glass dildos are curved upward and come in a variety of sizes. They can be ideal for G-spot stimulation, or if the right one is picked, they can also be used for prostate stimulation.

Twisted glass dildos – These glass dildos are meant to be used with a twisting motion as they are inserted. This can bring women to have intense orgasms because they stimulate much more than a regular glass dildo.

Ribbed glass dildos – This type of dildo contains glass bumps or bobbles along the shaft of the glass dildo. These come in a wide range of sizes and patterns to increase stimulation for the user. A variation on this type of dildo is the beaded glass dildo which is made to replicate anal beads, although fixed in position. These beads can be one size or they may range from small to larger down the shaft of the glass dildo.

Chrystalino Superior 6 Inch Glass Anal Dildo

How to Choose the Best Glass Sex Toys for You

Glass dildo choice gives you a few things you’ll need to consider when looking for one to purchase. They are not intended for dildo virgins who have never used one before, but that isn’t to say they can’t be used by this type of individual either.

If this is to be your first dildo, a smaller glass dildo is advisable. Although they can penetrate easier than many other dildo varieties, there is the question of how tight the vagina will be when being penetrated.


For more experienced women, there are plenty of larger glass dildos, but even they might bring a surprise. With the ribs that decorate the shaft, these can be larger than the head and might cause unnecessary rubbing when first used.

The design will also come into play when choosing because there is no real texture on glass dildos. Even if they are ribbed and bumped, these will still be smooth and rounded so the overall feel will be the same but with added pleasure nodules. It’s really up to what you prefer.

The only other thing that needs consideration is if the glass dildo will be for anal use or strictly vaginal use. Here, the same considerations will apply with any anal dildo. A flared base for anal and a dildo which isn’t too long will be the determining factors for choice.

If you have a partner, then one final consideration is if you want to experience a glass dildo together. And luckily, there are double ended glass dildos available on the market if that’s your pleasure.

Glas Double Sided Glass Dildo

What Are the Benefits

It’s hard to believe, but glass dildos come with more benefits than regular dildos. Here are some of the unique benefits you might find:

Cool it down - Glass dildos can be cooled down, although not to the point of freezing. This can send icy chills through you or any partner. All it needs is 10 minutes inside the refrigerator before use.

Heat up your glass dildo – Because they are made from the same material as cookware, these glass dildos can be preheated in warm water for 10 minutes to give a variation on the cold temperature.

More pressure equals more stimulation – To get more sensations flooding through the body, you can twist and turn your glass dildo rather than the usual thrusting motion. With a glass dildo that has ribs or bumps, this can stimulate all of the vaginal walls.

Icicles No. 39 Blown Glass Dildo

Very easy to clean – Glass dildos contain no toxic chemicals that can be found in latex dildos. They are also hypoallergenic so they’re one of the most body safe materials you can find. Cleaning is super easy and can be done in the shower, in the dishwasher, and even antibacterial wipes are enough to keep them clean.

All lubricants can be used – There is no worry that a silicone based lube will break down the surface. This leaves you free to use any lubrication you desire. Not only this, the amount of lubrication needed will be far less than with conventional dildos due to the way glass behaves and its sleekness in movement.

They can last a very long time – The borosilicate glass that goes into making a glass dildo is very different from what something like drinking glasses are made from. This material is resistant to chips or sharp fingernails, so the surface is unlikely to become damaged with careful use.

Some Safety Considerations

Although glass dildos can be seen as much safer to use than regular dildos, there are still some things to consider for safety because they are not infallible.

Here are a few of the main safety concerns when you have a glass dildo:

Not making a habit of dropping a glass dildo – The glass used to make these dildos is incredibly strong, but dropping it on a hard floor or surface once too often might cause structural damage. This is even more prevalent on any ribbing or bobbles because these are usually molded on separately and will be made from thinner glass. Shower use, or in the bathtub are areas where extra care needs to be taken too, and this is because of the hard surfaces around you in those areas. Soapy hands can drop a glass dildo way too easily, so be careful.

Sudden changes in heat – Although glass dildos can be cooled or heated, they don’t take too kindly to a sudden extreme change in temperature. If it’s cold and you want it hot, don’t be tempted to get the water on to boil. The dildo will need to return to room temperature first before changing the temperature extreme.

Use the padded bag – Most reputable glass dildo manufacturers supply their glass dildos in a padded bag. This not only helps to keep them clean, but also it stops them from banging against other objects. Be sure to use it.

Like all sex toys, care needs to be taken when sharing between partners. Glass dildos can easily pass on any infection no matter how easy they are to clean in between partner use. Have a separate toy for your partner to prevent the spread of infections.

Glas Mr. Swirly 6.5 Inch Glass Anal Dildo

Cleaning & Storage Tips

Glass dildos might appear that they take less care than other realistic lifelike dildos, but this doesn’t mean any less care and attention should be given to them. It’s true; they are less susceptible to any bacteria penetrating the surface. With this in mind, after each use, a glass dildo can be washed either under running water with antibacterial soap, or you can place it in the dishwasher along with other glass cookware. Not cleaning it at all can mean mold or bacteria can build up more easily.

After cleaning, it is advisable to wipe them down with an antibacterial wipe before storing and letting them fully dry too.

Most glass dildos usually come with protective bags, but if you don’t have one, then be sure to order one. These padded bags help to avoid your glass dildo banging against other hard objects as well as stopping dust coming to rest on your dildo.

At this point, you might think your glass dildo is safe in your underwear drawer, and to a certain extent, it would be safe. However, all sex toys are better cared for if they have their own dedicated storage box. This can stop anyone from finding them and looking at them too.

Glass dildos are made from solid glass, and although they won’t become deformed from touching other sex toys, the other sex toys might. For this reason, it’s good practice to make sure your glass dildo is stored separately or not touching any other sex toys.

One final thing to note is; a glass dildo doesn't need to be sprinkled in renewal powder or cornstarch, this will do nothing to help preserve the glass.

Icicle No. 60 Glass Dildo

How Can I Use Glass Dildos?

One use of a glass dildo that is very often overlooked is that they can be used as a body massager. It might seem strange, but it is quite logical during foreplay. Kneading those tired or aching muscles can be the start of some sexy fun. The advantage of this is that the glass dildo will warm to the body temperature so there will be no sudden cold or warm shocks unless that’s your aim. And if it is, you’ll be winning if you heat or cool for ten minutes before use. Test it to make sure you don’t scald or burn your partner though, if you’re doing the warm temp. Pleasure shouldn’t ever cause permanent scarring.

It is said to place a glass dildo in the refrigerator for a few minutes, but for prolonged cold use on vaginal or anal use, you can have a tub full of ice cubes at the side of the bed. This can make it much easier to chill the tip of the dildo before icy clitoral stimulation, for example.

When it comes to overall use, a glass dildo can meet almost every need. The one advantage is that they can be used in the bathtub or shower with no worries. If you’re after some spine-tingling orgasms while relaxing in a tub full of scented water, then rest back and use your ribbed or twisted glass dildo with circular motions. Yep! This will fully stimulate you, and leave you totally relaxed once you reach the peaks of your orgasm. And by using your glass dildo in this way, you might see there is no need for much lube, and the wetter the vagina becomes, then the slicker the glass dildo becomes too.

Glass dildos can easily be used on a partner, and this doesn’t matter if it is for anal or vaginal use. Buy the right type for safety if it’s for anal pleasure. There are a few designs which come with handles and flared bases, so they are comfortable and safe to use for a partner or for solo anal play.

Icicles Hand Blown Glass G-spot Dildo

Common Questions People Ask

1. What should I do if I spot a crack or chip in my glass dildo?

This is a rare occurrence, but it doesn’t mean it never happens. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do but to discard your glass dildo safely. A crack or chip doesn’t mean your dildo will shatter; they are made so they don’t. There is the chance of further breakage though, so it’s definitely time to begin looking for a replacement glass dildo should this occur.

2. Can I warm my glass dildo in the microwave?

No, you should never use the microwave on a glass dildo. Glass retains heat far too much, and it’s difficult to tell how hot it would be. Additionally, it can be too sudden a change in temperature and your glass dildo might break.

3. Can I use glass dildos for double penetration?

It is possible if it’s DP (deep penetration) with a partner. You’ll need to buy a double ended glass dildo or other double dildos. Always gain consent from a partner before trying such an act. Communication is always the best advice within any relationship. A little adventure might be super fun!

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