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Featuring over 300 specialty items in its portfolio, Sportsheets is one of the best-known bondage and sex toy manufacturers. Launched in California in 1993, Sportsheets operates under the cool slogan “keeping couples connected.” The brand’s journey began with a single product – the original Sportsheet.

Conceptualized by Tom Stewart, the Sportsheet was a bedsheet featuring anchor pads and Velcro cuffs. With such a design, the product allowed a person to be restrained.

With such a user-friendly and safe design, the original Sportsheet quickly became incredibly popular. It allowed people to explore new facets of their sexuality without the intimidation linked to traditional BDSM items.

Currently, Sportsheets is the maker of handcuffs and restraints, ball gags, cock rings, dildos, harnesses, clips and clamps, ticklers, paddles, sex slings, anal toys, floggers and various other BDSM/niche items.

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