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Sportsheets Starburst Feather Body Tickler

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Product Overview

  • Caress your lover’s skin with this tickler that’s perfect for teasing and sensation play
  • Features a rubber-wrapped secure grip, for better grip and control
  • Great for beginners to BDSM or gentle players
  • Long handle allows for easy access to all your sensitive areas
  • Available in multiple gorgeous colors to match your lingerie or costume
  • Comes with a handy little guide filled with naughty games and bedroom tips!

Product Description

Explore the kinky world of sensation play with a silky-soft feather tickler! Ideal for teasing and building anticipation, this versatile toy can elicit sensations ranging from mildly tickly to maddeningly intense. This soft feather tickler features a plush genuine feather for tickling, teasing, and stroking. Its long, cord-wrapped handle is easy to grip, and helps you get into hard-to-reach places on a partner’s body. 

Feather ticklers are often used to build anticipation through soft teasing strokes, especially when paired with a blindfold or other sensory deprivation toys so the receiver doesn’t know what sensation to expect next.

This tickler comes in 3 stunning colors…so pick the one that will best compliment your favorite lingerie or costume. They can also be a great addition to certain types of roleplay (French maid, anyone?). You’ll never be short on sexy ideas thanks to the included guide that features plenty of naughty games and tips!

Because the feather at the end is genuine, this product is not vegan.

Product Details


Length: 16"


Flexibility: Somewhat flexible
Material: Rooster feather, plastic stick, rubber cap
Color: Red, Black, Purple
Texture: Smooth

Additional Info

Features: Smooth Surface

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