Sex & Mischief Feather Tickler

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Product Overview

  • Caress your lover’s skin with this tickler that’s perfect for teasing and sensation play
  • Features a rubber handle, for easier grip and control
  • Great for beginners to BDSM or gentle players
  • Short handle has enough length to allow for easy access to all your sensitive areas
  • Lightweight, compact and small, fits easily in a purse and carry-on

Product Description

Explore the kinky world of sensation play with a silky-soft feather tickler! This tickler gives the gift of tactile attention. There are countless ways you could make use of the Feather, try pairing it with a blindfold and lightly dragging the silky feathers over the object of your desire's skin as foreplay, the whisper soft touch will ignite nerve endings as it sets the mood for pleasure to come.

This soft feather tickler features a plush genuine feather for tickling, teasing, and stroking. Its short handle is easy to grip, and helps you get into hard-to-reach places on a partner’s body. Feather ticklers are often used to build anticipation through soft teasing strokes, and can also be a great addition to certain types of roleplay (French maid, anyone?). 

You can also flick the handle like a crop, since the feathers are covering up a nice firm portion that will surely hit the mark. Because the feather at the end is genuine, this product is not vegan.

Product Details


Length: 7"
Width: 0.3"
Product Weight: 0.2 lbs.


Flexibility: Flexible
Material: Turkey feather, ABS plastic, rubber cap
Color: Black, Purple, Red
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Waterproof

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual use
Features: BDSM, role play, soft, tickler, secure grip handle, beginner-friendly

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