Sincerely Lace Leash & Collar

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Product Overview

  • Luxurious lace-embossed leash and collar set hosts a padded collar that feels smooth and has stylish lace details
  • Wide range of size means the collar fits perfectly around most any size neck
  • Secure Velcro closure for easy release
  • Chain connects to matching lace-embossed handle
  • Your pet can wear the collar with or without the leash, to fulfill all your role play fantasies and fetish play!

Product Description

Get kinky in serious style! This leash and collar set’s beautiful embossed lace is the perfect way to make your pet feel pampered. The lacy padded collar is so sexy and comfortable, it just might become a favorite playtime accessory. Lead the way with a lace-embossed handle connected by a lightweight metal chain leash.

Ready to take the lead? The Sincerely Lace Collar and Leash are the perfect accessories to spoil or train your favorite pet. Just wrap the gorgeous padded collar around your lover’s neck. The Velcro fastener keeps the collar very secure, and lets you remove it at a moment’s notice. The lace embossed design makes it look incredible yet feel so sensual and smooth to the touch.

Attach the leash to the collar by hooking the end of the chain onto the collar’s corresponding loop. The lace-embossed handle lets you lead your pet around through all sorts of kinky encounters. Due to the exterior fine fabric and lace, this collar and leash is not recommended for rough play. Spot clean.

Product Details


Total Length (chain): 30 inches
Minimum Collar Size: 15.5 inches
Maximum Collar Size: 22.5 inches
Product Weight: 9.24 oz.


Flexibility: Flexible
Material: 28% polyester,25% polyethylene, 22% nickel free metal, 13% polyurethane, 5% hook and loop, 5% polypropylene, 2% spandex
Color: Black
Texture: Lacy material
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual handheld use
Features: Leash, comfortable padded collar, fine lace, fits around any size neck, fetish play, BDSM, hand wash only, vegan, body safe

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