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Strapless dildos do away with the harness altogether. This doesn't just make it easier to wear and use, but it opens up plenty of other fun opportunities for the user and the receiver too. These strapless dildos can be used in all manner of ways, and are similar in some ways to double dildos, but with a radical approach to the wearers end.

Both ends will be used simultaneously, so both partners receive a fantastic amount of pleasure. In most models, the two ends are very different in shape and are like a capital “L” shape.

These strapless dildos are not only for lesbians to use, but they also allow a female partner to pleasure her male partner too, but this will be more difficult due to lubrication problems. It is possible though. All in all, they are one of the best female sex toys, and strapless dildos do take practice to be used correctly, but in some instances, this is half the fun!

Fantasy for Her Ultimate Strapless Strap On

Types of Strapless Dildos

A strapless dildo will allow users to switch from foreplay to making love much quicker than needing to strap themselves into a harness. This adds lots of spontaneity to a couple’s sex life, but some users still feel intimidated when they first use a strapless dildo.

Although designs are very similar, they can vary on the penis end of the dildo. Here are some of the basic types of strapless dildo you will find…

Non-vibrating strapless dildos – These can be either smooth and sleek, or they can take on a more realistic, rugged look on the penis end. Smooth ones will be for pleasure, while realistic strapless dildos are designed to simulate penis penetration and get you ‘off’ a little more obviously.

Vibrating strapless dildos – These will be very similar to the non-vibrating models, but they come with the addition to hold bullet vibrators. When in use, they will send shuddering sensations into the receiver and also the wearer of the strapless dildo. 

Fetish Fantasy Strapless Strap On With Mask

How to Choose the Best Strapless Dildo for You

Choosing a strapless dildo is not like selecting any other, and this is because there are two ends to consider. First is the bulb end which sits inside the wearer's vagina, these are not long and vary in girth, and they come in sizes to accommodate the wearer's vagina.

One thing that needs consideration here is that vaginas produce lots of lubrication when stimulated. This is what makes using a strapless dildo hard for new users. It takes plenty of muscle control from the kegel region, and so it would be time to begin exercises to strengthen up this set of muscles. You can achieve better holding strength with time and practice.

The hardest part when choosing the right strapless dildo is the penis end, because this is how it fits the receiver. Not all vaginas are the same, so picking one for yourself might not fit your partner.

With these issues out of the way, here are the other things which need consideration…

Do you want a strapless dildo that looks the same as a penis, or do you both want to receive the best stimulation without any added realism? Lesbians might prefer the sleeker design rather than choosing a man’s penis shape to look at.

There is also then the matter of the vibrating units. These deliver a considerable amount of stimulation to both partners, and you can find yourself having your G-spot stimulated too. Hit this sweet spot and you might lose all of your rhythm.

The other area you need to think about is if you want a strapless dildo for pegging a male partner. Anal muscles are much stronger than vaginal muscles, so there might be the need for a streamlined strapless dildo that can be inserted more easily on the male’s end.

Happy Rabbit Strapless Strap On Rabbit Vibe

What Are the Benefits

One of the most significant benefits is that of double stimulation. Both partners can experience this by using one sex toy at the same time. For the wearer, they receive tactile feedback as the bulb end pushes against the G-spot. The only downside is that the sensation of penetration will be lacking.

Both the giver and the receiver can now climax at the same time rather than the receiver having an orgasm first.

Another benefit is there are no uncomfortable straps and buckles to contend with. As you reach that climactic moment, there’s nothing worse than stopping to the clank of metal buckles. Additionally, with using a strapless dildo, there’s a lot more skin contact, and this in itself can raise the temperature in the bedroom. Never before could a woman feel the touch of skin against her vaginal area while pleasuring her partner in such a way.

One downside with strap ons was the angle of the dildo. Now with strapless dildos, the angle of the penis end is more natural, and it protrudes more like a penis than one that was positioned by hand. This leads to much better control and overall better penetration too. These are really so much fun.

Love Rider Rechargeable Vibrating Strapless Strap On

Some Safety Considerations

When using a strapless dildo, there might be a tendency not to use lube on the bulb end that sits inside the vagina. Although it will be sliding around, it’s still advisable to make sure there is enough lube aside from the lube which is being generated inside the vagina.

Likewise, the receiver also needs enough lubricant and does need to communicate if they are feeling dry. The giver will not be able to tell because of the lack of sensations being passed to their body. Following on from this, there is dryness which can occur from overexertion and rough thrusting. The wearer can say what she is feeling inside, but there is no way she will know how the penis end of the strapless dildo feels for her partner. This requires continual communication of how they both feel, and that everything feels as lovely as the giver is hoping it feels.

Tantus Realdoe Vibrating Strapless Strap On

Other things that need consideration are the materials. They might be safe for the wearer of the strapless dildo, but they need to make sure their partner has no allergies to the material content on their end.

If the strapless dildo is being used for anal, then a lot more lube is required, and caution must be taken when pushing against the anus. It’s hard to gauge the anal resistance, so what feels good for the wearer might be hurting the receiver. Keep communicating throughout the session.

One big plus that doesn't need any worry is; for anal play, they can’t get lost inside the anus. Because they are clamped inside the vagina, there is no way they are going to become lost.

One final thing to consider is using a condom for cleanliness and added protection against STDs and STIs (sexually transmitted diseases and sexually transmitted infections). It’s always advisable not to share toys between partners, no matter how tempting it is.

Strap On Me Silicone Strapless Strap On

Where Can You Use Your Strapless Dildo

When you first look at your strapless dildo up close, it will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen. They also require the wearer to follow some simple steps. This is where the bulb end is inserted into the vagina and held in place with the kegel muscles.

Here, new users find the strapless dildo slipping from inside the vagina, but with some time and practice of strengthening the muscles, you can soon hold it in position quite easily.

Once you are used to this, you are then free to use your strapless dildo as you wish. Some models available do have an adjustable part so the angle of the penetrating portion can be changed. This will allow for a more natural angle and also the chance to try different positions out. It will take some getting used to, especially with regard to the thrusting action, and this is mostly because this isn't a natural action for women.

You can use different kinds of lubes depending on the situation. If you are with a female partner, you can opt for a clit stimulating gel or a G-spot stimulating gel. If you are pegging your male partner, you can also use a prostate gel that will raise the heat level to another level. So make sure you get the right ones.

A strapless dildo can also be used for double penetration of a female partner. This can be using another dildo to penetrate either orifice while the user pleasures the other. This can be taken to the extreme, and double penetration can be performed on a female partner with the assistance of a male partner as well, if threesomes are your thing. In this scenario, you can add the vibrating bullet, and all three partners can get a great deal of benefit from a strapless dildo. Remember not to share the ends with others though.

Strap U Royal Revolver Strapless Strap On Dildo

Cleaning & Storage Tips

Most strapless dildos will be made of silicone, so this can help with caring for your toy. Because there are two partners involved, they will need special care and attention when it comes to cleaning. This will be all the more important if the strapless dildo is used for anal penetration.

Although there might not be any after mess, the penis part of the dildo will have been exposed to bacteria and the possibility of its growth. Additionally, the strapless dildo can be used in anal penetration (and is an all in one unit) which sits in the vagina, and it will need careful and thorough cleaning.

Luckily, silicone dildos are durable, and to a certain extent, it can help hinder any bacterial growth. Silicone and some other versions can be sterilized by hotter temperatures than other types of dildos. You can wash them under running water with some antibacterial soap or liquid detergent, and then place them at the top of a dishwasher. This can help to sterilize them as can putting them in simmering water for a couple of minutes. Check your unique toy’s manufacturer instructions.

Once you have carried out this procedure, you might find the coating a little sticky once your strapless dildo has dried. All this needs to return it to its slippery condition is the addition of some cornstarch. This also prevents anything else from sticking to your dildo. You can also buy specialized dry powder for your toy too. This will impede bacterial or mold growth.

One of the key areas for strapless dildo care is how to store them. They are not long and thin but are a curved shape. This means that the toy will need an extra large storage pouch if one hasn't been supplied from the manufacturer. And, in addition, any storage box will need to be much squarer than it is longer.

Although silicone can handle the heat, a strapless dildo should never be left in an area that is hot with high humidity for extended periods. It might lose its shape, and its longevity could also be compromised.

Strap U Strapless Vibrating Dildo

Common Questions People Ask

Is it possible for a man to use a strapless dildo so he can perform double penetration?

It is challenging, but there are a few stories about men who have managed to fit the bulb end in their anus and then somehow perform double penetration. If you have a partner who wants to give it a go, by all means, try it out. Always use safe sex practices and consent between both parties.

Is it possible for my partner to ride me while I’m wearing the strapless dildo?

It is possible for a partner to perform sexual penetration from above, but there is one downside. In this instance, you might need to keep your legs closed to prevent the bulb from sliding out of your vagina. When performing a more conventional form of penetration, the wearer does need to keep their legs closed, remembering they will not be able to use their legs for leverage. The hips will get a great workout though, so that’s a plus!