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Everything You Need to Know About Sex Toys for Men

Ultimate Guide to Male Sex Toys

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Sex toys for males haven’t been around for as long as those enjoyed so much by the ladies. For centuries, men had to make do with coming up with their own inventions of how to get their rocks off if Mrs. Palmer and her five daughters were out of town. Men were filling warm towels with jelly or another suitable lube and using these to masturbate. The first signs of male sex toys were in 1904 with the introduction of the first blow-up doll. Sex dolls, in one form or another, had been used for years, but now they were being mass produced.

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These dolls heralded the introduction of the first ‘fake’ vagina. But, it was still frowned upon right up until the 60s when sex shops became legal. Men were then legally able to purchase these dolls or other port material, with the much-anticipated results being less than extraordinary. Nothing much changed until 1995 when the first researched and anatomically correct artificial vagina was first marketed. The ‘fleshlight.’ Since then, there’s been no turning back for the research and development of all manner of sex toys for men.

Benefits of Male Sex Toys

Reducing cancer risk: Men who frequently masturbate or ejaculate can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. The inner workings of the reproductive and urinary tracts are kept clear of semen which begins to break down after a few days, so there is less chance of infections. Carcinogens are flushed from the prostate during ejaculation and there is a healthy dose of hormones released with each ejaculation; regulating natural testosterone and other hormone production in the male’s body.

Prostate massage: This brings benefits in terms of health and pleasure to some men. It can be stimulated from the outside via the perineum (the space between your sack and your crack) or from the inside by stimulating the rectum using prostate toys. The internal path provides a much more intense stimulation that is both good for men with prostate problems and as a sexual release. Men often have multiple orgasms and these are consistently identified as different from orgasms caused via penile stimulation alone, with the two often being combined and thus creating exceptional results.

Healthy penis: Sex toys used on the penis can help it stay strong and healthy. As you age, you lose muscle tone, and the pelvic region is no different. The use of male sex toys can help strengthen and tone the plvic floor muscles. Regular erections and ejaculations keep supporting muscles and tissues primed and in shape; just like working out any other part of the body.

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ED (Erectile Dysfunction): This problem can be treated in the short term by using some male sex toys or physical aids. The blood stays in the penis, which allows a male with erectile difficulties to have penetrative sex. In recreational use, some of these devices prolong the pleasure for both partners. And since ejaculations are often delayed, as a result, this can also increase self-confidence in the individual and cause bonding between partners.

Different Male Sex Toy Types

Fleshlights: These are the most popular synthetic/artificial vaginas. This is a soft and realistic sleeve that has (outside) a harder, plastic, flashlight-looking sheath. These give realistic sensations, just like real sex, and are often modeled from real live porn actresses. These come in a wide variety to cover every taste and also include at least one model to aid in increasing sexual stamina.

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Pocket pussies: These are hollow sleeves that provide real sensations when they slide onto the penis for masturbation. Realistic vaginas also fall into this category also, with some models marketed in varying shapes and colors.

Sex Dolls: Sex dolls are also called "love dolls" or "inflatable dolls." These come in all shapes and sizes to satisfy a broad spectrum of tastes and fantasies. Some sex dolls still have old fashioned inflatable bodies and limbs, while more contemporary designs have realistic skin, genitals, and a more life-like appearance. The digital age has brought robotics to the point where some are now barely discernible from a live, human being. These are the top of the range products of male sex toy inventory.

Material Types

Silicone: This is the most popular material used in male sex toy manufacture. A non-porous material that can bear high or low temperatures, so it can easily be sterilized with boiling water. In many cases, this is called silicone platinum and can provide a feeling of tenderness while maintaining firmness as well. It doesn’t contain phthalates, smell or have a taste.

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TPE: This is a mixture of thermoplastic elastomers, silicone and polyvinyl chloride. You will see these toy materials often called ‘cyber skin.’ These give a soft feel and are commonly used to provide a very realistic feel around the penis. They are porous and can’t be sterilized. This material may have a slight odor or taste, but it will fade over time or with continued use.

Hard Plastic: This is in the form of ABS plastic, which is made from an acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and a terpolymer material. ABS is not porous, so it prevents water from entering the material, but it can’t be sterilized like silicone can. Warm water with soap is usually enough to keep it clean. ABS is suitable for all lubricants and doesn’t contain phthalates, so it’s generally regarded as a safe material for the body too.

How to Choose the Right One For You

When you are looking at purchasing the right adult toy from the above, there are a few things to consider to make sure that you have the right toy which can deliver all you need for your complete satisfaction.

One of the first things to consider will be the type of experience you are looking for. For the ultimate in realism, there’s nothing compared to a high-quality, realistic sex doll; giving a torso you can manipulate into various positions and even include in personal role play. For the urgency or convenience of straightforward masturbation, these aren’t an ideal solution because they often require a relative degree of privacy and some forward planning.

Realism or all out stimulation is one of the main questions you need to ask yourself. Or maybe both, for different times and occasions.

If you want the closest thing to a vagina, then you’ll be looking at a fleshlight-type product, but because these are in a hard plastic case, you may feel you lose some of the hand/skin interaction as you are holding the plastic case. This is where a pocket pussy or one of the many variants on the traditional fleshlight models might prove more suitable. Many are smaller, and you can tighten or loosen your grip to help adjust the feeling of pressure on the penis; often useful in prolonging climax. This can be something that some men look for in a product to ‘train’ themselves sexually.

Remy Lacroix Pocket PussyChoice of material may be the next thing to consider. Although there are generally only two, there are subtle differences between them for the feelings and sensations they might offer. One is as close to human skin as possible (silicone) while the other almost is (TPE). The trade-off being TPE does come with more care and cleaning requirements for both hygiene and long life from the product.There is also the option of going fully automatic with a male masturbator. In some cases, these may be similar to fleshlights in design, but have mechanized stroking and sucking action inside. This (again) is personal preference and ideal for the more adventurous or for those physically unable to perform or sustain manual stimulation to the point of climax.

One final thing to consider is: penis size. Mostly all male sex toys are very accommodating in this department, and there’s an array of options available from quality product manufacturers.

You do need to check the internal diameter of the channels as they will vary as much as the male anatomy does. There are generally small, medium, large, and extra-large models to choose from. Just be sure and check it’s going to be a good fit for you, to maximize pleasure and usefulness and not put you off the experience by using a poor-fitting product.

Additional Things to Consider

You will need to think about the cleaning and maintenance of sex toys before you purchase because using them then leaving them at the side of the bed isn’t a great idea from a hygiene perspective. Although they all work in much the same way, there are differences when it comes to caring for your sex toy. You wash and look after yourself down there, so treat your toys in the same way.

Fleshlights come with closed caps, this means when you ejaculate, this will accumulate inside the device. When cleaning, this needs cleaning out with cool water, and in the case of fleshlights, no soap is to be used. These can be sterilized a little by wiping them with isopropyl alcohol.

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Pocket pussies do have some open-ended models, so this means you can ejaculate outside of the sleeve. This not only makes it easier to clean, but it also means you can see yourself ejaculating. This (in itself) can be an added dimension of pleasure and excitement for some users.

Because of the open-ended nature, these pocket pussies are less likely to have accumulated semen, and they can (and should) be rinsed in warm, soapy water after each use. Depending on the material used, these may not be able to be sterilized by alcohol, or by using boiling water. Silicone yes, TPE no. See your product labeling and information for more details before use.

Male masturbators (in many cases) have motors that deliver the milking and sucking action, and these can’t be placed under water, so this can limit where you use them safely. Never in the shower or in the bath or pool, and never near any water. This aspect also makes cleaning them a separate exercise, with the cleaning agents used depending on the type of product. Consult the manufacturer’s product information for information specific to your product.

Storage is another factor you might need to consider. Fleshlights usually come in their own cases so that they can be kept dust free. Care should be taken that products are thoroughly dried before returning to storage. A pocket pussy may not have its own case, so you’ll need a suitable and (ideally) private place to store it when not in use.

Cleaning & Storage Tips

Caring for male sex toys can range from very easy, to very difficult, depending on the sex toy in question. For things such as cock rings, these can be washed under warm running water with antibacterial soap.

Penis pumps can be cleaned in the same way, but as there is no ejaculation inside, there will be no semen to clean. Any vibrating male sex toys need to have batteries removed before cleaning or their recharging ports sealed before putting them anywhere near water (to clean).

Strokers or penis sleeves often have an open end, so ejaculation is outside of the male sex toy, but some models do have closed ends. These need a thorough rinsing and cleaning to make sure no semen deposits are remaining inside.
Anal toys need cleaning and sterilizing the same as female sex toys do, and should not be shared between partners.

The hardest male sex toys to clean are the sex dolls. Some come with insertable vaginas or other orifices that can be removed and washed in the same way as pocket pussies. The dolls themselves should never be laid flat for storage, and the better quality models allow limbs and the head to be removed where they are. They are then hung inside a cabinet inside a protective body bag.

All male sex toys need storing in cool, dry places, and out of any direct sunlight. Always read the instructions with regard to your unique toy.

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