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How to Clean For Anal Without a Douche?

How to Clean For Anal Without a Douche?

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Anal sex and touching inside the anus is a turn-on for many, but it is also an activity many avoid because of shame and the fear of a possible mess. It is a sensitive topic for many, and the anal area is also sensitive. When it comes to touching inside the anus, the first thing many people think of is the mess that comes out, so here we’ll talk about how you can safely and cleanly go about anal play without having to do an anal douche.

How to Prepare for Anal Play?

Preparing for anal play is vital for your enjoyment, as it can help you calm your nerves and put you at ease. The first thing you must do is have a bowel movement – take a poop and wash well. Wash your anus from the outside and wash between the butt cheeks with soap and water, and wipe it dry.

Basically, this is enough preparation for many, as you get a clean area to play with. Still, others find it lacking primarily because of the mental image of possible mess. That is why people sometimes go the extra mile and resort to doing anal douches or even complete enemas to clean the rectum and feel cleaner and better prepared for anal play.

If you have a healthy digestive system, we don’t recommend you resort to a full enema, as this medical procedure can wreak havoc on your digestive system and prevent you from satisfactory anal play. Instead, you can do a short anal douche and do this with a water bottle. It helps you rinse the anus and rectum from the inside, which may put you in a better mood for anal play.

Issues that Prevent Safe Anal Play

An important thing regarding regular bowel movements is to have a healthy stomach and eat enough fiber, as fiber helps the body excrete waste, leaving a clean, healthy rectum. It also helps prevent constipation, as people with constipation can’t comfortably enjoy anal play. Try to increase exercise, as it can help with regular bowel movements.

A problem that can occur with anal sex is when a person has hemorrhoids. These are expanded veins on the inner side of the rectum. While they are not an obstacle for anal play, they are painful to touch and could bleed if punctured. If there is anal bleeding, avoid anal sex so as not to irritate the area further.

Are Anal Douches and Enemas Safe?

Because some people have difficulty emptying their bowels, they resort to anal douches and even enemas. An enema requires putting warm water or a soapy liquid with medication deep inside the rectum and holding it in to clean the rectal area and force the bowels to empty faster. While performing an enema is safe, it is not recommended for daily use.

The douche is a milder version of the enema, where the warm water rinses the rectum and makes you feel lighter and cleaner. After cleaning, wash the anus with warm water and rinse it well to be ready for anal play. We have covered this topic from other aspects in our gudes below, and we also carry all the necessary products for preparation and safe anal play in our sex toy store.

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