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Everything You Need to Know About Clitoral Vibrators

Everything You Need to Know About Clitoral Vibrators

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Clitoral vibrators are unique sex toys which are specifically designed for stimulating the clitoris, and to ascertain both sexual pleasure and achieve orgasm/s. Clit vibrators work by massaging the clitoris, and are not classed as penetration sex toys, even though the shape of some vibrators does enable penetration and the arousal of the inside of the vagina.

In many cases, clitoral vibrators that look like everyday objects at first glance are purchasable. Some clever models are discreetly designed to resemble lipstick, cell phones, sponges, and many other alternative options.

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Clitoral vibrators work by massaging the nerve endings within the clitoris. Some clitoral vibrators offer minimal speeds, but some feature other incredible add-ons like pulsation, increasing waves of stimulus, stop and start functioning and more awesome characteristics to enhance overall pleasure.

Clitoral vibrators as adult toys will usually have different vibration frequencies. The high frequency can cause intense orgasm but also desensitize the user in the pubic region. The lower frequency encourages a slower and a less full-on experience, but also allows for intense climax and even multiple orgasms.

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Different Types

The Rounded Type

This type can be shaped in a round, oval or pebble. In its essence, it will fit nicely into the palm of your hand, and sit well against the labia and clitoris. The rounded vibrator is more like a massager which covers a wider surface area around the pubis, as opposed to a direct ‘hit’ to the area which can seem too much for some ladies. The gentle build up to climax is the result given with this type, allowing for a more sensual journey to the big ‘O.’ Teasing other erogenous zones around the body is also possible due to the ergonomic design. It is also perfect to fit as a travel-sized massager for any other stress areas too. Some models have a pin point at the tip, allowing for extra pressure where and when it counts. It’s safe to say that the rounded type is a well designed all rounder.

Satisfyer Layons Purple Pleasure Clitoral Stimulator

The Tickler Type

The flickering prongs are designed for ongoing clitoral stimulation, thus introducing play that’s erotic and fun and available right in the palm of your hand. The tickler type is designed to provide a fast and super-intense orgasm. It’s small and is perfect as an accompanying travel companion too. It has varying levels of vibration and is usually available in multi-speed, and will definitely not do you wrong in terms of getting and staying aroused. Use before sexual intercourse to get hot, or for masturbation or partnered play. It’s called a tickler because it tickles the clitoris, rather than giving it an intense stimulation that’s too much to bear.

The Finger Slip Type

Cleverly designed and made to fit over the finger, therefore allowing for total control over the vibrations and a close touch contact that feels real. It’s the most hands-on option for clitoral stimulation because you can slip it over your finger – or your partner’s, or wear it like a ring during penetration via masturbation or sexual intercourse. A great toy for men too, enabling the male to transmit vibrations during play, like oral or other types of foreplay.

The best thing about the finger slip type is that it’s well designed at targeting the clitoris. You can push on parts around the pubis as well, teasing as you go. It’s a great design that comes in various models.

The Wearable Type

Think reverse strap-on for this one. Yes, a totally wearable clitoral vibrator which has all the features on the inside of it. Sometimes they’re even designed in the shape of a butterfly in the case of butterfly vibrators, or even a bird or a flower. Here, you will definitely enjoy intense clitoral and labia stimulation pleasure that’s all-in-all wonderful, and best of all, hands-free. Usually they’re available to buy with optional features too, such as additional attachments and add-ons. In some instances, a vibrator is held into place with straps or a harness. And the real benefit with these types is, of course, that your hands are free to roam elsewhere. These are very hot items, and extremely sexy too.

How to Choose the Right Clitoral Vibrators for You

As we know, these kinds of clit vibrators are wonderfully and specifically created to target the clitoris. In most cases, you will find that this type of vibrator is often a little larger than a traditional bullet, and this is because there is a bigger motor inside, providing more power to the mechanisms being used. However, the varying sizes available mean you can get something that fits well in your hand, or choose one with a bigger surface area that you can grind on, targeting more of the pubis area. Some are made for partnered play, and can be easily used during sexual intercourse. So, before you buy, know what you’re looking for first and foremost. Is it for masturbation only or partnered play as well? What type do you want; we touched upon these a little earlier. Once you know these things, then it’s just a matter of the color preference and any other additional features you might enjoy.

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Some of the newer models also incorporate two buttons to control vibration speed and have another couple made for cycling through patterning. In fact, the market right now really caters to both beginners and seasoned users alike. And due to the high-powered motors, the sensations are so strong you can feel them through your clothing. If you love clitoral orgasms, and orgasms which allow for hands-free clitoral stimulation, then you are already on the right path. All you need to do now is shop for the type you think suits you best, and if you can’t decide, buy a few!


Did you know: many women consider the clitoris as the most important female sex organ? It’s true; this amazing erectile tissue is packed with nerve endings and when aroused and pleasured, it gives an incredible, intense sexual pleasure. Most women can't even have an orgasm without the aid of clitoral stimulation. So, the clitoral vibrator can provide much more pleasurable stimulation than plain old manual stimulation, and can be used solo or with a partner as you so wish.

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Other Notable Major Benefits:

  • Stress relief
  • Getting ‘ready’ before your date
  • Big masturbation helper
  • Teasing very sexily
  • Self exploration
  • Improved relationships via sexual play

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The Clitoral Orgasm Is the Most Common Orgasm

Yes, they’re definitely the most common, for women that is. And it’s also true that in order to get that awesome clitoral orgasm, around 80% of females need direct and purposeful stimulation right there. This happens with fingers, a toy, a tongue, or moving on it in the right position to hit that perfect spot.

The Space Between the Clitoris And The Vaginal Opening Determines Ease of Orgasm

Did you know: the ability to experience a clitoral orgasm during intercourse can be primarily determined by the space that resides between the clitoris and the vaginal opening? It actually needs to be on the smaller side for easier orgasms and funnily enough, research has explained this to be the case, in most instances. Actually, Sexologist and Sex Educator, Lisa Hochberger, told Bustle that, “The ‘rule of thumb’ states that: women with an ideal distance of about one inch or a thumb’s distance between their vaginal opening and their clitoris, will have a better chance of achieving this form of orgasm.”

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Clitoral Orgasms Can Last Up to Half A Minute!

Yes, you heard it right. Usually lasting from ten to thirty seconds, but is it really long enough? We’ll leave that up to you, ladies. But, it’s well worth having as many as possible with clit vibrators, so you can take care of your sexual health and have fun while you’re doing it, don’t ya think?

During orgasm, involuntary contractions of the uterus and vagina happen via clenching and releasing. Many of these intense-type orgasms can have as many as fifteen contractions, and can occur as quickly as one contraction per second.

Clitoris Size Matters

Did you know that women with a smaller clitoris have a more difficult time having an orgasm than women with a bigger clitoris? Researchers of a recent study conducted MRI scans of the pelvic regions of thirty women. Of those who were scanned, ten had a more difficult time achieving orgasm. When it comes to clitoral vibrators, they’re made to give the perfect ‘O.’ In fact; most women find it easier to come when they use clitoral vibrators.

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They’re Even Stronger Than A Man’s Orgasm

In terms of nerve endings, women have 8000 or more in the clitoris alone. That’s double the amount found at the penis head, for guys. Pretty amazing, huh?

Clitoral Orgasms per Session

The clitoris fills with blood and gets engorged with blood during an orgasm. After an orgasm, it can definitely feel sensitive for a time. If you continue to orgasm again and again, the feeling of awkwardness or sensitivity can increase too. So if your clitoris has been very stimulated, it can be hard to achieve more orgasms, meaning that there is a limit to the amount you can have per session. Thankfully, clitoral vibrators come in many different types, and this makes the clitoral orgasm the most fun, because you can achieve it multiple times in one session, or not. You’re in control, and that’s what makes it so much fun, and in the case of partnered play, you might even enhance the situation further, growing your relationship on a sexual basis. Sounds perfect, really.

Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration Clitoral Stimulator

Some Safety Considerations

  • Don’t share your toys (STIs and germs can be spread very easily)
  • Cleanliness is key (germs love wet and warm places, so clean both before and after use)
  • Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight (prevent germs from having a haven to live in - or on)
  • Wash after every use and according to the manufacturer’s instructions (every sex toy differs, so it’s important to note that)
  • Use it for its intended use (don’t place your toy where it’s not intended to go, otherwise medical professionals might be needed, ouch!)

How to Take Care of Your Clitoral Vibrators

Clean the toy using hot-to-warm water using mild soap or anti-microbial toy cleaner before and after each use. Some plastic materials are porous, so these should be cleaned with that in mind. Taking a few extra minutes is well worth the time and effort, for your health’s sake. Anti-microbial boxes or bags are the best way to store them, and well out of direct sunlight is optimal too.

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Common Questions People Ask

Perhaps the most common question is around its usage. So let’s take a moment to talk about that first of all. To use your clitoral vibrator, firstly, you’ll need to remove it from the package it came in and make sure it’s fully charged or has fresh batteries inside of it. If it’s a rechargeable sex toy, you will want to charge it up for about eight hours for the initial charge, and after that, it should only take a couple of hours, depending upon the model you buy.

First up, make sure your clit vibrator is clean. You might want to use some lubricant to make it wet. Actually, the clitoris is very sensitive, so you’ll start by turning the vibrator onto the slowest setting and using it to tease the nipples and thighs, maybe the vulva, and the labia too. You can do this to get used to the sensations, and before turning up the power and using it directly on the clitoris. Try to cycle through the speeds and other features to find out what feels best on your body. Skin to skin feels best.

Remember that they’re also perfect for partnered play, not just masturbation for when you’re flying solo. Hold it to the clitoris while being penetrated during sexual intercourse, or have them use it on you during oral stimulation or any other type of foreplay, including making out. Some guys and gals love to use it on their partners, in fact, it’s very sexy if you like to watch them being pleasured, and it can enhance a relationship, big time!

Usually, the next, most-frequently asked questions relate to finding the best type of clitoral vibrators. In the next section we’ll discuss this further, so you’ll know exactly what to look for when buying. 

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The Best Clit Vibrators Might Have These Awesome Traits

There are plenty of models and brands to choose from when it comes to buying that all-important vibrator. Choose from the design you love, in a favourite color, texture and set of speed levels. All of these factors can vary greatly, so take your time in selecting what is right for you. You might want to choose more than one if you can’t decide. Just stick to your budget and be a little adventurous too. You can’t really go wrong with these amazing orgasm promoters.
Try to select a reputable brand. Remember, cheaper can be good for the pocket, but you do get what you pay for. If you spend money on a great brand, then it’ll last longer, generally have more features, and have a longer battery life too - if it’s the rechargeable kind.

Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Stimulator

Some of the Awesome Traits to Think About:

  • Hands-free types
  • Butterfly strap-on types
  • Vibrating panties with inbuilt vibrators for the clitoris
  • Cock rings with clitoral stimulators
  • Manual vibrators that are hands on
  • Added features including multi-speed variations
  • Waves of pleasure in the setting functions
  • Smaller versions which are suitable for travel
  • Discreet types that look like lingerie or ornaments
Happy hunting, we think you’ll find exactly what you’re after...


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