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Anal dildos are more often explicitly designed for anal use than regular dildos are. They will come with a flared base or a hand grip that will prevent them from being pulled too far into the anal cavity.

Unfortunately, if you use the wrong type, they can get lost there. So make sure you’re geared up for anal with the right dildo type. The materials used will also be nonporous so no bacteria can enter the surface of the dildo.

Anal dildos can be smooth and angled for prostate stimulation in males, or they can come in lifelike molding that replicates the male penis for both male and female pleasuring.

An anal dildo for beginners will often be slimmer and come with less girth, so they are more comfortable when inserting.

Although there are jelly-type anal dildos, these can be hard to insert, so the majority are of a more rigid design because of the extra stability needed during repeated penetration.

Chrystalino Superior 6 Inch Glass Anal Dildo

Different Types

To a certain extent, butt plugs can be classed as anal dildos. However, these are more designed for leaving in place rather than for repeated ‘in and out’ penetration.

Other types depend on who they are for, be it male or female. Male anal dildos are designed for prostate or P-spot stimulation and are curved to reach up toward the prostate.

There a lot of prostate managers that are designed for much more than this, and come in a variety of designs that contain ribs, bumps and even beaded sections as well as others (which are smooth-coated).

Many of these are made from silicone because the material is nonporous, but designs can vary between smooth or be more realistic in appearance, with veins or bumps for extra realism.

Some types of anal dildos now take on the appearance of anal beads, and rather than being beads on a string, they are fixed in position and the same length as a dildo, but capable of heightening the senses when pushed in and out. These are suitable for both male and female anal fun.

Neo Dual Density Silicone Dildo

How to Choose the Best Anal Dildo for You

When it comes to buying an anal dildo, there are many factors which are different compared to purchasing a dildo. It should be noted at this point; anal dildos and vaginal dildos are not interchangeable. With this in mind, men who are looking for an anal dildo should refrain from purchasing one that is designed for women. This was discussed earlier, and as a major safety consideration.

Let’s discuss it further… If a man has an anal dildo designed for women, they won’t receive the same amount of stimulation, and secondly, dildos designed for the vagina might not be able to be removed as easily, a big issue with regard to safety. This is the reason for the flared base or grip.

Willy's Silicone Anal Dildo

The same would also go for an anal dildo for women, one that is designed to stimulate the prostate won’t give the same feelings. So always keep these things in mind during purchase.

After this, there then comes the type of anal fun you desire. This is where you need to account for speedier in and out thrusting, or if you desire a more realistic shape and feel of the dildo. With these factors taken into consideration, we will look at how to decide on the best anal dildo that meets your needs.

Diameter and circumference should never be confused because they are very much different. Circumference is the area measured around the dildo shaft, while diameter will be the distance from side to side, across the base and/or top end. When looking for girth, be sure you look for the diameter of the dildo.

When you consider the length, longer is not always better. If you have a partner who has a penis of seven inches and you are satisfied with this during anal sex, then there is little use in opting for a nine inch anal dildo. Likewise, if you have had seven inches and you can accommodate that with ease, then one that is a couple of inches longer might be more satisfying. If you don’t know, then buy smaller to begin with.

Materials used and design are also factors that need some consideration. Although you will be using plenty of lube, you still need to consider if you’re looking for smooth, lifelike or one which has plenty of bobbles or bead-like formations on it.

The texture of the material is also crucial for the utmost pleasure. These materials can be found in various types and designs:

  • Silicone
  • Latex
  • Cyber skin
  • Jelly rubber
  • Metal
  • Glass

These are just some of the materials available, and they will all bring a very different anal dildo experience. Finding the right material/s can be as crucial as length, girth and shape.

One of the final things to consider is if you want to choose an anal dildo that comes with a suction cup. This can deliver more solo fun in very different places and positions. It’s worth considering if you like masturbating with less of a hands-on experience.

Pride 1 Anal Dildo Plug

What Are the Benefits

The benefits of using anal dildos depend on if the recipient is male or female.
For females, there are a couple of benefits they can feel. While having sex with a partner, it is possible to simulate double penetration. This can help to fulfill a desire without the risk of STDs being passed on from a third party, where the dildo takes on that role.

For couples, there is also the chance the man in the relationship wants to feel anal penetration, and here strap on dildos can be useful. This can also lead to further experimentation without the risk of being with another man.

If the anal dildo is for men, then this can also be for anal play with a partner, or they can use an anal dildo for prostate massage which leads to health benefits too. ‘Milking the prostate’ can be good for prostate health according to many scientific studies.

Although they are not designed for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, they can help them gain an erection, and to get some of the feelings which are experienced through such an erection. From here, they can either pleasure their partner, or if it’s for solo prostate massage, they can build up confidence which might be one of the reasons for their ED (erectile dysfunction) in the first place.
If anal dildos are used between partners, this anal play can help spice up a sex life without the need for seeking pleasure from another source. Never share toys though. Germs and STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) can be spread.

Silk Silicone Dildo

Some Safety Considerations

Out of all the adult toys, particular care needs to be taken with all anal sex toys, and anal dildos are at the top of the list. They can be a fantastic toy to include, but they do need to be used safely to avoid any bodily damage.

Anal dildos come with the same risks as any other anal toy, and one of the most common things users say is that anal sex can hurt. The reason for this is that something has been done that is wrong, or something has been forced. A couple of reasons for pain are:

  • The anal dildo is being used too roughly
  • Penetration is too fast
  • There’s not enough lubrication being used

The anus is packed with sensitive nerve endings, and although it’s this reason people turn to anal sex, it’s very easy to cause abrasions, micro tears, or if the force is too much, there can be anal bleeding.

STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and STIs (sexually transmitted infections) can be transferred much easier through anal play. This is why no anal dildo should touch a vagina or another anus after use. After removal, they can be covered in all manner of germs and bacteria.

There are many stories about anal dildos becoming stuck too, but when you use the right precautions and the right type of anal dildo, this should never occur.

Willy's 6 Inch Suction Cup Anal Dildo

Cleaning & Storage Considerations

Anal dildos can take more care than other sex toys. This is as much for personal safety and cleanliness as it is for prolonging the life of your anal dildo.
Before using, any anal dildo should be washed under hot water to help sterilize it before use. You can also purchase a dedicated, antibacterial, adult toy cleaner that will remove any last traces of bacteria.

Some of the more durable dildos such as glass dildos or silicone dildos can be sterilized in boiling water for a couple of minutes before and after use. You should also check there are no lacerations in the coating of the anal dildo. If you see any cuts or tears, then you should refrain from using your toy altogether. And at this point, you’d be smart to buy a new one.

After use, all anal dildos (regardless of the material used) must be cleaned and dried as quickly as possible. Bacteria can build up quickly so leaving your anal dildo overnight might be a little too long. We don’t want to get infections, because that’s not fun at all.

Storing anal dildos in specific ways can be crucial. You might have them in a bedside drawer which is ready for use, but this will mean there is lots of fluff and lint attracted to your toy. This might appear to come off during washing, but some materials that anal dildos are made from might hang onto this dust more than you think. Not only can this help bacteria to enter the anal passage, but if it’s dust or the particle is sharp, it could cause severe damage once inserted.

Storing anal dildos in a secure box is essential. You can purchase boxes that can easily be padlocked, but this isn’t enough. If your anal dildo isn’t supplied with a protective pouch, you can buy them with antibacterial coatings that will also stop any dust or lint sticking to your toy as well.

After this, lock them in your box, and make sure they are not touching any other sex toys.

One last thing is temperature and humidity. If either of these is high, you could find that your anal dildo might lose its shape.

Willy's 9 Inch Suction Cup Dildo

Common Questions People Ask About Anal Dildos

1. Will my anal dildo make me have an orgasm?

This has a two part answer. Men who use an anal dildo for prostate massage can experience full body orgasms. These are entirely different to penis-induced orgasms. That being said, when they are experienced close together, it can be overwhelming and leave the man drained of energy. In a good way, of course.

In women, it’s possible to have an orgasm while using an anal dildo. But, these are not necessarily as stimulating as a vibrator-induced one. This means it might take a little more time and stimulation to reach your peak.

2. Can I use an anal dildo during foreplay and intercourse?

Yes, both situations are possible. Nothing is stopping the use of an anal dildo during foreplay, and this can be for both women and for men. Sexual intercourse can also make use of an anal dildo. This again can be for both men and women to experience. It’s only limited by your imagination.

3. What are the harnesses for?

These strap on harnesses are designed to accept strap on dildos. They can be vaginal or anal in design. Once worn, a woman can take the role of the man and partake in delivering penetrative sex. She won’t really feel any sensations herself, but for another girl partner, or her man who wants to receive, it can be the ultimate in role reversal or pleasure giving. Men can also use them in anal play for gay or straight sexual intercourse.

Some harness models worn by men can perform double penetration on their partner, leaving their hands free to stimulate other parts of their partner’s (or their own) body. Sounds fun, right?