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What Does a Fleshlight Feel Like?

Editorial Team |

I’m curious about male masturbation toys, but I’ve never owned one. Before I decide which one to buy, I have to ask: How does a Fleshlight feel like?

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Fleshlight is a manufacturer of male masturbation toys that has brought the first realistic sensation aides for men. Since its inception in 1995 and hitting the market in 1998, the Fleshlight fake vagina has made an impact and become a staple in many men’s lives.

The Fleshlight male masturbation toy feels like a realistic vagina, as it was designed to replicate the feeling of sexual intercourse. The Fleshlights come in a hard outer shell that looks like a flashlight, hence the name, and a soft inner sleeve that is the “working end” of the masturbator.

The inner sleeve is made either from silicone, in the more expensive models, or the more affordable SuperSkin, a material that looks and feels like natural skin. The entry point is designed to look like a vagina or, in gay-friendly models like an asshole. In recent years, the company also offered Fleshlights molded after the vaginas of famous porn stars.

When used correctly, the Fleshlight can provide an exquisite feeling, as it's designed to mimic the feeling of having sex with a real vagina as closely as possible. When we talk about correctly using a Fleshlight, we need to note that you can’t just go and stick your penis into the toy. First, the Fleshlight masturbator sleeve must be removed from the hard outer shell and warmed up, which is best done in warm water for about 20 minutes until the material softens. Next, you should use the proper lubricant with the masturbator, and for the best experience and long-lasting use of your Fleshlight masturbator, you should stick to water-based lubes.

Many people who’ve tried using the Fleshlight have said it offered a better stimulation and overall masturbating experience than using your hand. It is because the Fleshlight provides a more significant area simultaneously than the hand grip, and you can control the suction and get a tighter feeling with more suction by adjusting the end cap of the hard shell. The ridges in the inner channel also help the sensation, and each model comes with a different texture and pattern, which adds to the gripping sensation and the overall experience.

Having regular orgasms has plenty of benefits on health, like an improved immune system, better blood circulation, help with erectile dysfunction, better prostate health, increased stamina, and better overall mood. These are some of the things the Fleshlight male masturbators help with, and considering the vast array of models available today, many men swear by this method of masturbation, especially with stamina training.

You may feel a bit distrustful when buying a Fleshlight at first, but judging from the many positive reviews from men who’ve tried and used it for years, it seems like it is a great choice when it comes to male masturbation toys. Here is another excellent guide on male masturbators, where we cover all the aspects of masturbators for men.

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