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How Much Is a Sex Doll?

Editorial Team |

I’m interested in getting a sex doll to try some stuff, but I know nothing about models and prices. How much is a sex doll?

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Buying a sex doll may be a sound investment for some, and it is not something to take lightly – you need to research and select the best model with the options suited for you. The adult toy industry has come a long way, so have the sex doll models available for you, and the prices, of course, depend on the features it has, but a general price range would be from a couple of hundred bucks to over $10K.

When it comes to the price you need to pay for a sex doll, there are many factors at play, which we’ll outline for you here and hope the answers will help you make an informed decision when buying a sex doll:

Material – the material mainly determines the price, as sex dolls today are usually made from silicone, TPE, and vinyl. We’ll avoid talking about jelly or plastic, as these are not very body-friendly materials.

  • Silicone is the more expensive material for sex dolls, as it is more durable, high-quality, and much easier to maintain. The silicone is more resistant to heat and wear and tear, can withstand continuous cleaning, and retains its original shape for longer. Silicone is not porous, which means it will not allow bacteria to grow and is more hygienic.
  • TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) is a lifelike material that feels very close to natural skin and is lighter than silicone. Also, TPE is more prone to deform when applying pressure and is more sensitive to heat and cleaning chemicals. Another thing to note about TPE is that low-grade TPE can be porous and difficult to clean thoroughly.
  • Vinyl is the material blow-up sex dolls are made from, and this is the least expensive option for sex dolls. Vinyl tends to be very easy to clean and is body-safe; since vinyl sex dolls are usually balloons filled with air, these lack the tactile feeling and options of other sex doll materials.

Size – size does matter when we talk about sex dolls, as the larger the doll, the more material it uses. When it comes to size, there are three most common sex doll sizes:

  • Partial body sex doll is, as the name suggests: a partial body or a sex doll torso. These are the least expensive sex dolls and are great for people looking to experience sex with a sex doll but can’t afford it or don’t have the space to store a full-sized sex doll. You can check out our collection of sex doll torsos here, which cost much less than larger sex dolls.
  • Mini sex dolls are realistic models but come in smaller versions, offering a lower price, as they don’t use as much material as life-sized sex dolls. The mini sex dolls usually range in height between 4 and 5 feet.
  • Life-size sex dolls are the most expensive models, as these are as real as it gets, with all the body features, anatomically-correct orifices, and a remarkably realistic look and feel. The most expensive life-size sex dolls come with advanced robotics and AI features that allow the dolls to react to your touch, hold conversations, and make facial expressions.

Models – sex doll manufacturers have serial models, but most also offer the option to create a custom model tailored to your requirements.

  • Premade models are mass-produced models with standardized features, which does not mean they lack something. Instead, the market today has plenty of great premade sex dolls for you to choose from.
  • Custom models are custom-tailored to your requirements. You can adjust body parts, size of breasts, eye color, hair color, vagina, lips, and other features to build your ideal sex partner.

Accessories – the accessories your sex doll comes with also play a role in the price, as many today even come with lifelike movements and more. Here are only some of the extra features that affect the price of a sex doll:

  • Wigs and clothes
  • Storage case
  • Built-in heaters
  • Self-lubricating vagina
  • AI & Robotic features
  • Much more.

So, now you know how much a sex doll costs and what are the main factors that determine the price of a sex doll. Read our detailed guide to sex dolls to expand your knowledge on this topic.

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