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Everything You Need to Know About Male Masturbators

Ultimate Guide to Male Masturbators

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Male masturbators don’t have as much of a history as the humble vibrator does. This isn’t to say there weren’t things out there that men were using, because back in Ancient Greece men resorted to using stale bread and an olive oil lube as a substitute.

A few thousand years later, men were filling warm towels with jelly, or anything else that was suitable as a lube and using these to masturbate in one way or another. Later, masturbation was frowned upon by the church, and this left nowhere for men to turn.

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It was in 1904 that the first sign of male masturbators appeared in the form of the very first blow up dolls. These appeared four years later after the first meeting and were being mass produced. This was the first time a fake vagina was created, and although these blow up dolls were in production, it was still very taboo for men to own an artificial vagina. This went on until the early 60s when sex shops became legal. It wasn’t until the mid 90s that the first artificial vagina was created. This was the fleshlight, and since that day, the world of penis toys has exploded beyond what anyone could possibly have perceived.


Immune system booster – Using a male masturbator can help to boost the immune system.

Reduces prostate cancer risk – Masturbating and ejaculating 21 times per month can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Through regular masturbation, the tubes which semen passes through will remain clean, and this helps to alleviate any internal infections.

It keeps the penis in shape – As you age, you lose muscle tone, and the penis is no different. Using a male masturbator can help strengthen pelvic floor muscles.

Last longer during sex – Using a male masturbator can be seen as practice for sex. If you’re prone to ejaculating too soon, then regular use of a masturbator can help you to delay your ending.

It raises the mood – Ejaculating makes you feel good. The body releases lots of feel-good hormones when you ejaculate. These can make you feel good for hours afterward.

Helps with erectile dysfunction – Male masturbators can help men with erectile dysfunction. There are a number of reasons they may suffer from this, but using a pocket pussy or fleshlight can help them gain a firm erection without any other issues standing in their way.

Discretion – Fleshlights kicked off the discretion side of things by making fake vaginas inside a flashlight tube. Other models come in beer cans, and there are some who come inside an egg type model too, for rapid satisfaction.

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Different Male Masturbator Types

Fleshlights – These were the first fake vaginas. These are a soft, lifelike sleeve that sits inside a hard plastic case that has the appearance of a flashlight. These give very realistic sensations like real sex and are often molded on female porn actresses. There are also models that are designed for the gay community, and rather than a vagina, they are designed to deliver the same sensations as anal sex does.

Jessica Drake Fleshlight - Heavenly

Pocket pussies – These are very similar to the fleshlight but without the casing. These soft sleeves are made to replicate a vagina or any other orifice and are easily slipped over the penis. These deliver tons of stimulation to the penis during manual masturbation. While they’re often a one size fits all, they can quickly adapt to men with smaller penises to the average size and above. Most pocket pussies are open-ended, so the length of the device is not an issue.

Riley Reid Pocket Pussy


    Material Options

    Platinum silicone – This is medical-grade silicone. It’s hypoallergenic and non-porous while still being temperature resistant so it can be used hot or cold. Silicone is also phthalate free. Silicone male masturbators can be easily sterilized, so there is less chance of bacteria being passed on. Silicone also does a great job hindering any bacterial growth.

    Cyber skin – Cyber skin is very realistic in feel, but it’s a porous material so it can’t be sterilized in the same way as silicone can. The initial compounds are mixes of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), polyvinyl chloride and silicone. These are phthalate free, but like silicone, they only accept water-based.

    Latex – This delivers a very soft texture and is used in many male masturbators. It does smell, and if there is natural latex in the construction, it can cause allergic reactions in some individuals. It is also a porous material so it can’t be sterilized.

    Jelly/PVC – These are the cheapest materials. The chemicals included that make them soft are toxic, and they will give a distinct smell. These often contain phthalates which are toxic and used by unreliable manufacturers.

    Steel – There are some prostate massagers which are made from stainless steel. This is often medical grade, but there are some companies that add nickel, and this can cause a reaction in some people. Steel can be thoroughly sterilized in boiling water, so that’s a big plus.

    Glass – Glass prostate massagers exist and are almost as durable as steel. These can be sterilized in the same way, but there is a difference in the glass being used. US manufacturers use soda lime glass which isn’t the same as European. This is borosilicate glass and it’s more durable. One downside to glass is that they rarely come in a vibrating model. The intense vibrations can be too much for the material to withstand.

    Rubber – This is the cheapest material in use for male masturbators. It is highly stretchy and soft, but it does come with a strong odor. The material is porous so it can be a breeding ground for bacteria, and can’t be sterilized as easily.

      How to Choose the Right Male Masturbator for You

      There are a few things you need to consider when looking to purchase a male masturbator, and one of the primary ones will be your budget. There is a vast difference between a pocket pussy and a sex doll in terms of dollars. Sex dolls can cost thousands of dollars whereas a pocket pussy can cost as much as a lunch.

      Dillion Harper Fleshlight - Crush


      Generally, many pocket pussies and fleshlights only come in a couple of sizes because they are flexible like a real vagina and can accommodate various sizes of penis. The only difference being; if you have a larger than average penis, you’d need to choose the largest possible.

      Because of the variety, there are also things that change how these masturbators interact with the body. There is vibrating or non-vibrating, and some even replicate the action of oral sex and are hands free, compared to being a fake vagina.

      Some male masturbators do nothing to resemble a vagina and are concerned more with stimulation. These can be manual sleeves, gloves or fully automatic devices contained in tubes. These take out any need for using hands, apart from holding the device steady.

      Appearance (for some men) is as much a part of the excitement too. You can get body part vaginas that are built in a part of a female torso. These are for simulating sex rather than being for masturbation purposes. To top this off, there are flesh tone choices as well, so you can have dark skinned or light skinned tones depending on your taste.

      Additionally, the pocket pussies are (in many cases) a simple sleeve. Compare this to fleshlights which are inside a plastic case and remain in these during masturbation.

      You also need to think if you are after anal stimulation. If this is the case, you only have the option of a prostate massager as all the others are designed to simulate intercourse or oral sex, apart from penis pumps. Size can be crucial regarding your prostate massager, and if you are a learner, you may need to consider a slimmer variety to start with, before you move to a larger one. These can also come in vibrating or non-vibrating models.

      Material choice will be something to think about. If you want realism, then there are many choices, but not all materials deliver the best feeling. With this, you may find that the best sensations come from the weirdest materials.

      Penthouse Deluxe Cyberskin Vibrating Stroker


      Additional Things to Consider

      Male masturbators deliver plenty of stimulation, this can be all the more true in the vibrating models, but there can be too much of a good thing. In truth, if you have too many vibrations in the penis for extended periods, you can find it becoming numb after a time. This though, isn’t the case when they are manual masturbators as these will be governed by your hand, and there will be little chance of overdoing things without realizing.

      One of the most significant things to consider is the material. Materials which are porous can be a breeding ground for bacteria, and as these can’t be sterilized, this bacterium can quickly be passed to the tip of the penis if they are not cleaned correctly.

      Silicone is one of the best materials as these can be boiled in water for a few minutes (automatic devices may differ). There is also the open-ended design, but the closed sleeve type will need lots more careful cleaning.

      If you’re looking for a penis pump, there are more things you need to be wary of here, as these can damage the penis with overuse. If the penis is left inside the vacuum for too long, you can lose sensitivity in the penis. Additionally, once the constriction ring is placed around the base of the penis, these should only be worn for the recommended periods as given by the manufacturer. If they’re worn for too long, the penis can begin to turn blue from lack of circulation.

      Because there is such a wide choice of male masturbators, there are plenty of manufacturers who are producing them. With the types of realistic feel and the materials used in their creation, it’s crucial to make sure you choose a reliable supplier that only uses the best materials.

      Sex dolls might fall inside your budget, but before purchasing one, you do need to consider the storage issue. These dolls take lots of care and can’t be laid in any position. They need to be hung in a specific way to make sure none of the fabric on their body becomes damaged. One final thing to consider with sex dolls is; they are not ready to use immediately if you need fast masturbation. Most sex dolls need heating up before use, and this can include their body, and also inside the fake vagina as well. They’re worth every penny though!

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