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Penis sleeves are a form of penis extension which can instantly add both length and girth to a penis. Not only this, but they can also come with an added texture which brings pleasure to both partners. Although there are plenty of women who enjoy the extra length in penis size, it is the girth which gives most pleasure for the majority.

Penis sleeves are attachments which fasten to the penis without belts or buckles and sit snugly around the erect member. Many come in body safe materials like rubber, latex and silicone. One thing to note at this point is; the material shouldn’t be porous so it won’t let in any bodily fluids.

If you use a silicone-based penis sleeve, this can warm to the body temperature and forms slightly to the shape of the inserted penis. This makes it feel less like an extension and more like a penis, which is larger in size.

In most cases, a penis extensions takes on the appearance of an elongated cock or penis ring which wraps around the shaft, leaving the head exposed for when ejaculation occurs.

Maxx Men Penis Sleeve Extender

Types of Penis Sleeves

Like all sex toys for adults, there are innovations and changes in design. This now means there are many varieties of penis extenders which you can choose from. Here are the types you might be able to find for your ideal penis extension or sleeve.

  • Silicone sleeves – These are the most common types because of the way the material acts. When in use, they take on the feeling of a real penis and come with veiny, soft or firm characteristics. It’s also said to be the safest material when used for sex toys.
  • Rubber sleeves – These penis sleeves are geared to partners who have a liking toward rubber or latex. They usually come with a sheath to cover the testicles at the same time as the shaft.
  • Vibrating sleeves – These can be any design as mentioned above, but with the addition of a vibrating device that’s built in. These vibrating sleeves can provide extra stimulation for both partners.
  • Penis head sleeves – These can be used to increase the size of the penis head only. They are simple to use and just sit over the tip.
  • Open-ended sleeves – For the man who has little girth, these can bring satisfaction and pleasure to both partners. This is what many women prefer, and the man can still get the sensations from the head of his penis when it’s rubbing inside the vagina.

Nassty 7.5 Inch Penis Extender Sleeve

How to Choose the Best Cock Sleeve for You

When you are looking to purchase a penis extension, it isn’t a one-sided decision. Your partner needs to be involved because it will involve them when it comes to sexual intercourse too.

One of the primary considerations is durability, and choosing the right one that’s preferable for pleasure. In most cases, you’ll find it lasts for a few months before you need to purchase another. Buying a few can also lead to extra fun in the bedroom. Trying them out, well, just because!

The primary consideration though, is size. If you are on the smaller size, you need to select a penis sleeve that will fit. Secondary to this, size needs to be considered for your partner too, and what might be good for you, might be too large or too small for her.

One of the best recommendations is to opt for an open-ended cock sleeve first, before choosing one which increases length. These can deliver a better experience for both.

Textures, materials and shapes are other factors that can make choosing difficult. Materials used are rubber and silicone, and apart from these, there are no others used at present, although millions of toys are made all the time, so this could change overnight.

These factors are crucial because one of the most sensitive parts of the body is the male penis. Both rubber and the soft silicone can prevent any pinching or discomfort, so this is great. When shapes come into the mix, there are replicas of penises and ones which are decorated with ribs or bobbles. This again is down to what your partner prefers.

Pipedream Penis Sleeve Vibrator

What Are the Benefits

Penis extensions do have benefits when used. However, their design is not intended to help with any dysfunction or anything along those lines. In most cases, they are to help men with shorter or thinner penises satisfy their partners. The way they work on this level is simple and can be psychological more than anything.

One of the benefits of using penis extensions can also be one of the downsides of using them, and this is down to sensitivity in the penis. The upside is that in covered penis sleeves the sensations a man can feel are vastly reduced, but… the benefit of this is they can last longer in bed before ejaculating. So, the downside here is the lack of sensitivity the guy will feel. But from the partner’s side, they’ll benefit from the extra length and girth inside of them.

With an open-ended cock sleeve, this changes because the head is exposed. The guy can still receive stimulation in the head of his penis, and his partner benefits from the few inches of extra girth too.

Depending on the cock sleeve design, men can also find that they have longer erections than usual, mostly because of the extra force on the shaft of their penis. These longer erections go hand in hand with delayed ejaculation.

Sir Richards Control Penis Enhancer Sleeve

Some Safety Considerations

One of the main questions asked by users of enclosed penis sleeves is, “Can they be used as a replacement of a condom?” There is a straightforward answer to this, and that is that no they can’t. However, it is possible to wear a condom underneath, or over the top, if desired.

Another area is that of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), and again, these penis extensions add nothing in the way of protection. So please be safe here.

A lot of the safety aspects of these sleeves falls in the usage and care of them, and a lot of this will fall on their design too. Enclosed cock sleeves will require more attention when it comes to cleaning because ejaculation fluid will accumulate in the end.

Open-ended penis sleeves, on the other hand, won’t collect any semen, so in this respect they will be easier to clean. The primary safety concern with this type is to do with the cleaning. As the penis sleeve touches two partners, it is necessary to make sure they are washed and cleaned before use. See manufacturer’s recommendations first and foremost.

Aside from the considerations already highlighted, making sure the penis sleeve isn’t too small is a factor too, or it will restrict blood flow too much. Alternatively, make sure it isn’t too large, as it could fall off during use.

One area where there is a concern is the use of a penis extenders for anal sex. This can be quite common, and a penis extension that isn’t fastened on correctly can quickly be lost in the anal cavity. These penis extenders are seen as an excellent way to stimulate the prostate similar to other anal sex toys. Always follow the guidelines to ensure safety in every instance.

Skinsations Realistic Penis Sleeve

Where Can You Use a Penis Extensions

Penis extensions can be used anywhere where you have sexual intercourse. They are a great addition to spicing up some bedroom frolics for men who have a smaller penis and want to pleasure their partner. Penis sleeves can also be used in the gay community for the same reason.

One area a penis extension can be used which isn’t very often mentioned is when a regular female vibrator is used, and an open-ended penis sleeve is rolled onto the device. This can bring a new element, and it will feel like a new toy rather than an old one. It’s fun too!

It should be noted, there is one time these penis sleeves should not really be used, and that is during masturbation. Because the materials are thin, they can stretch and suffer from micro-tears, and if this happens, they can quickly allow bacteria to blossom. So be careful there.

Enclosed penis extensions are best saved for full intercourse, whereas, the open-ended designs can be used during foreplay. Because the head is exposed, the man can still receive oral stimulation in the head region while knowing he will satisfy his partner with his added girth afterward.

One difference in the design between the open-ended penis extensions and the enclosed sleeve, is in the way they are fastened to the penis. Open-ended penis sleeves are generally a tight fit, and this can help with erection hardness. The enclosed sleeve variety is attached by a small strap around the testicles to prevent them from moving forward and slipping off. This can give some men added stimulation if they like having their testicles constricted. Apart from this, they will remove all sensitivity from the shaft and the head of the penis.

Some models of open-ended penis sleeves are not only vibrating, but they are also waterproof and have small, rabbit-like attachments. These are safe to use in the shower or bathtub if you and your partner want some waterborne sexual antics.

Stay Hard Cock Sleeve

Cleaning & Storage Tips

Open-ended cock sleeves are the easiest to clean and care for. All you need to do is wash them thoroughly before and after use, and to check there are no rips or tears in the silicone or rubber fabric.

Extra precautions need to be taken if these are used in anal sex. They should never touch the vagina until the cock sleeve has been washed correctly.

When cleaning, these can be washed under warm water, and once dried they can be sprinkled inside and out with a little cornstarch. This is used to stop the material sticking together during storage.

Enclosed penis extensions are the most difficult out of the two because there will be ejaculation fluid puddled in the end. This will need a thorough washing and rinsing to make sure there are no drops of semen remaining. That’s unless a condom is being utilized. Always remember the importance of safe sex.

If either variety comes with ridges or bobbles, these will need checking for any signs of semen which might have worked their way into the tiny crevices, if a condom was not being used.

For battery operated or rechargeable vibrating cock sleeves, these should never be submerged in water while cleaning. Most have a battery which is contained in a sealed shell, so this needs removing from the sleeve before cleaning.

While in storage, the batteries should be removed. If it’s a rechargeable model, follow the given manufacturer’s instructions to help prolong the life of the battery and the vibrating cock sleeve.

Due to the materials most of these are made from, make sure they are stored in a cool and dry place and are not touching any other toys. These types of materials can start sticking together if touching for extended periods, and contamination can also be an issue too.

Stay Hard Cock Sleeve

Common Questions People Ask

1. Am I too old to use a penis sleeve?

No, penis sleeves can often be enjoyed by men of all ages, and because men do shrink the older they get, a penis sleeve can be a welcome addition to both the man and his partner.

2. How can I tell if my partner and I want to try a penis extender?

The best way is to be open about the subject. It’s a two-way street, and the partner receiving it will need to be open to the idea because it will be they who are gaining the most satisfaction from the penis extender.

3. What kind of lubricant do I need for my penis extension?

Because most cock sleeves are made from silicone, you need to be using a water-based lube, so it doesn’t breakdown the surface of the silicone. If this happens, your penis extension will deteriorate and also let bacteria into the surface which will now have become porous.

4. I have black dots forming on the surface of my penis sleeve, what should I do?

It’s definitely time to ditch your sleeve and purchase a new one. These are more-than-likely mold spots. Either your sleeve has been in storage while wet, or the area where you keep it is humid or a haven for its growth.

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