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10 Best Penis Sleeves for Added Length, Girth & Strength

10 Best Penis Sleeves for Added Length, Girth & Strength

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Do you want to feel bigger and have an erection that lasts longer? Are you looking for ways to drive your partner crazy each time you’re having sex? If so, a penis sleeve is the one product for you.

With so many different designs, penis sleeves are created to give you confidence and improve your performance.

Learning a bit more about these product will help you choose the right one. To make the task even easier, we’ve compiled information about the 10 best penis sleeves you can buy today. Check out the reviews to learn more about product specs, advantages and what actual customers have to say about each one.

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Our Top 10 Penis Sleeves

10 Best Penis Sleeves

Superb 9.8

#1 Stay Hard Cock Sleeve

Incredibly user-friendly and efficient, this cock sleeve is a great choice for people of all experience levels. It is made from a stretchy, transparent isomer polymer that will fit you like a glove. The design keeps the head of the penis exposed, making sex incredibly satisfying. At the same time, the exterior of the sleeve is textured to make every thrust beyond exciting. There are six different design to choose among, each one adding a fun new element to sex. The cock sleeve is water-proof for easy cleaning (and a little bit of shower fun if that’s your thing). Its size has been chosen to fit most men. Because of the elastic nature of the material, the sleeve is quite versatile and easy to work with. It’s a great choice for a bit of sexual enhancement, especially if you’re seeking ways to last longer.


  • Nice fit, easy to put on
  • Texture is really pleasant
  • Excellent price to quality ratio
  • Compact and travel-friendly


  • No base ring for secure fit
  • Could get somewhat stretched in time

Superb 9.7

#2 Sir Richards Control Ribbed Black Penis Sleeve

While the design of this penis sleeve is simple, it accomplishes a lot. Made of soft and stretchy silicone, the sleeve is easy to put on. It will fit most guys nicely, sitting snuggly against the shaft of the penis. The corrugated/ribbed design intensifies sensations during sex Ridges, however, can also be reversed – it’s up to you to decide how you’re going to use the sleeve. For the wearer, a little bit of safe constriction is guaranteed. It lengthens the time of keeping an erection. In addition, the sleeve adds to the girth and we all know that the girth is the one measurement that plays an important role in pleasure. With this penis sleeve, you’ll get a unisex, universal design that makes the toy ideal for both vaginal and anal sex.


  • High quality, super stretchy silicone
  • Easy to put on
  • Ribbed design is very pleasurable
  • Ribbing can be reversed


  • More expensive than other penis sleeves
  • No base ring for secure fit

Superb 9.5

#3 Ridge Rider Silicone Penis Sleeve

Comfortable to wear, the Ridge Rider penis sleeve has also been designed with a partner’s pleasure in mind. The external ridges are highly stimulating, making each single thrust orgasm-inducing. It is made of high quality, stretchy TPR that’s very easy to work with. The penis sleeve will fit most guys like a glove and sit comfortably against the shaft of the penis. The glans will remain expose, ensuring sensitivity and pleasure during sex. At the same time, the thickness of the penis sleeve can help overcome issues like premature ejaculation. Needless to say, it also adds to the girth. If your partner wants more, this is the penis sleeve to test out. And don’t forget to check out the cost of this one. You’ll be more than surprised that such quality can be bought at such a low price.


  • Very user-friendly, flexible and stretchy
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Excellent price to quality ratio


  • No way to affix it, move up and down
  • Just one size available

Superb 9.3

#4 Apollo Penis Girth Sleeve

The appearance of this penis sleeve should be enough to get you excited. And the design isn’t just cool, it’s also functional. High quality, stretchy TPR works together with a stainless steel semi ring at the base of the sleeve. While the ring will accommodate for a growing penis during erection, it will also offer some constriction. This way, it will prolong erection time and enhance sensitivity. Unlike other penis sleeves, this one has an ergonomic design to make penetration easier. Buds and ridges offer some really intense stimulation, whether you’re enjoying vaginal or anal sex. Simple and effective, the sleeve is easy to put on and very comfortable. It’s also fully waterproof for added convenience.


  • Very pleasurable for partner due to external texture
  • Can prolong an erection
  • Streamlined design


  • Some users found material to be on the thicker side
  • A bit challenging to put on

Superb 9.0

#5 Blush Performance Plus Silicone Penis Extender

Those seeking the ultimate enhancement will be happy with Blush Performance Plus. This is a penis sleeve designed to give you both girth and length. It covers the entire penis, decreasing sensitivity and making you last a whole lot longer. Made from platinum-cured silicone, this sleeve is completely body-safe. The material is also incredibly long-lived, which ensures excellent value for money. There are a few additional design features worth pointing out. A comfortable ball strap is available at the base to keep the sleeve securely in place. On top of that, there’s internal ribbing to make sex really pleasurable. On the outside, the sleeve is detailed and anatomically-correct. It will hit the right spots, whether you’re having vaginal or anal sex. The range features various sizes, making it easy to pick the one that’s just right for you.


  • High quality silicone at a reasonable price
  • Exceptional enhancement
  • Really great and comfortable fit
  • Soft, super flexible


  • Completely desensitizes you during sex
  • Some guys found the inner diameter on the smaller side

Fabulous 8.8

#6 Pipedream Penis Sleeve Vibrator

Some penis sleeves have more to offer and this one is an excellent example. The Pipedream vibrating penis sleeve is a great choice for both parties involved in sex. For a start, it offers all-around noticeable enhancement. With its slight restriction, the sleeve can also prolong an erection. Made of TPE, the sleeve is soft and stretchy. It’s easy to put on, fitting most guys comfortably. Apart from offering enhancement, the sleeve guarantees pleasure. A bullet vibrator is affixed to the top of the sleeve. Its strategic placement allows for intense clitoral stimulation and incredibly pleasurable sensations during anal sex. If you decide to, you can remove the vibe and use the item as a regular penis sleeve. Fully waterproof, the toy’s very easy to clean and sanitize.


  • Powerful, pleasurable vibrations
  • Great girth enhancement
  • Does prolong erection time


  • Slight synthetic smell
  • Can get sticky (renewal powder recommended)
  • Inner diameter on the smaller side

Fabulous 8.7

#7 Skinsations 6.5 Inch Realistic Cock Sleeve

Here’s another penis sleeve designed for maximum enhancement. The sleeve goes over the entire penis, maximizing both your length and your girth. A pronounced head and thick veins running down the shaft add texture and maximize pleasure. With its unisex design, the sleeve is the perfect enhancement to use during both vaginal and anal sex. It is crafted from bodysafe, flexible TPE that is also waterproof. You can effortlessly sanitize the sleeve after each use with soap and water. As far as design goes, there’s a stretchy scrotum strap that will keep the sleeve in place. The sleeve offers 6.5 inches of stretchy length, hence it’s going to fit most guys comfortably.


  • All-around enhancement
  • Can delay ejaculation
  • Super textured and very pleasurable to use
  • Excellent price to quality ratio


  • The sleeve gives you complete desensitization during sex
  • Only one size is available

Fabulous 8.6

#8 Maxx Men Penis Sleeve Extender

This super cool transparent material will sit comfortably on top of your penis, giving you more length and more girth. The sleeve is made from stretchy TPR that’s smooth, comfortable and easy to work with. Design-wise, you’ll get a pronounced head on top of the sleeve to stimulate your partner with each thrust. The unisex design makes the sleeve ideal for enhancement during both vaginal and anal sex. At the base, you’ll find a stretchy scrotum loop. Use it to secure the sleeve in place and enjoy the moment. Because the sleeve covers your entire cock, you’ll be able to last much longer. This is an excellent choice for guys dealing with premature ejaculation. Because of the snug fit, the sleeve can also act as an effective erection enhancer.


  • Very comfortable to have on
  • Noticeable enhancement
  • Works really well to delay ejaculation


  • Thoroughly desensitizing
  • Only one size is available

Fabulous 8.5

#9 Fantasy X-Tensions Extreme Silicone Power Cage

The Fantasy X-Tensions product is a cage rather than a complete sleeve. This design accomplishes a couple of things. For a start, your sensitivity during sex isn’t going to be compromised. You can feel your partner with every single thrust. The cage design will wrap snugly around your penis to give you some enhancement. It is meant to help you last longer and to also make your erections rock-hard. This cage is a great choice for guys dealing with erection problems – the effect is going to be noticeable. On top of that, the sleeve is equipped with a bullet vibe. It is positioned to sit against the clit during vaginal sex. But the cage can also be used during anal sex and the vibrations will add a definite new pleasure dimension to the experience.


  • Cage design doesn’t desensitize you
  • Can enhance erection size and duration
  • Powerful vibrations for more stimulation
  • Can be boiled for sterilization purposes


  • Putting the cage on requires some getting-used to
  • Some guys found it too tight
  • Material is on the stiffer side

Fabulous 8.2

#10 Fantasy X-Tensions Deluxe Silicone Power Cage

The Deluxe Silicone Power Cage is meant to do a couple of things. For a start, it will wrap your penis to offer some constriction and enhance your erections. Since this is a cage rather than a penis sleeve, it’s not going to reduce the intensity of sensations during sex. Regardless, you’ll probably last longer and you’ll have a tremendously powerful orgasm at the end. Made of silicone, the cage is comfortable, bodysafe and waterproof. When it comes to your partner’s pleasure, your enhanced erection isn’t the only thing that matters. A bullet vibrator is incorporated in the design. It sits at the base of the cage, pressing against the clit during vaginal sex. Vibrations are also great to experience during anal sex. The cage’s design is unisex and you can have it on during any kind of sexual encounter.


  • Minimalist design for more pleasure
  • Can enhance your erections
  • Powerful vibe for added partner pleasure
  • Excellent price to quality ratio


  • Material on the stiffer side
  • Because of that fact, putting the cage on requires some getting-used to

Things You Should Pay Attention to When Shopping for a Penis Sleeve

Essentially, a cock sleeve wraps around your penis to give you length, thickness or both. In some instances, it can also help your erection last longer. To choose the best penis sleeve that will deliver all of the benefits, pay attention to the following:

Size: While most penis sleeves are made from elastic materials, choosing the right size is still important. For the purpose, you have to know the length and diameter of your erect penis. All manufacturers include information about the girth and the length of these accessories in the product specs. Keep in mind that most penis sleeves are meant to be positioned on the shaft, leaving the head of the penis exposed. This is the length you need to be checking out before buying.

Material: The right material will make a penis sleeve both comfortable and safe. Once again, you have choices. Platinum-cured silicone is always your safest bet. It is very reminiscent of human flesh, it’s soft and elastic. Silicone is also non-porous, easy to clean and long-lived. TPR and TPE are two other popular choices. These materials are soft, elastic and incredibly lifelike.

Design: Here, you have a couple of popular choices. There are penis extenders meant to go over your entire cock (much like a case). They increase your length and girth. In addition, covering the head of the penis has a desensitizing effect. Such extenders could be beneficial for guys dealing with erectile dysfunction. Textured sleeves are designed to give you more thickness. They’re also ribbed to increase your partner’s pleasure. You’ll also find penis sleeve and cock ring combos that are the perfect choice for harder and longer erections. Finally, there are cage-like sleeves. These are minimalist (check out a few examples below) and increase sensitivity. The aim of a cage is to enhance your erection without giving you a desensitizing effect.

Vibrations: If you’re interested in some enhancement that will also make sex better for your partner, choose a penis sleeve that comes with a vibrating bullet. Usually, such bullets are detachable to allow two options for using the product. They’re also powerful. In most cases, the bullet’s positioned on top of the sleeve, rubbing against the clit during sex. The design, however, is completely unisex and the vibrations can also be felt with all of their intensity during anal sex.

Ease of putting the sleeve on: A penis sleeve should be very easy to slip into when you’re ready to go. Most elastic materials make it very easy to stretch the sleeve and place it over your cock. All you’ll need is a little bit of lube to get the job done. If you don’t have experience with a penis sleeve, refrain from choosing the most complex design out there. Start with a simple tube and work your way up to something more elaborate. When the sleeve is on, it should feel snug but not too tight. If you’re finding the sensation unpleasant, you’ve probably chosen the wrong size.

Stability features: By looking at penis sleeves, you’ll see that some of them have a scrotum ring at the base. The aim of the ring is to increase stability and keep the sleeve in place. This is a great choice for newbies and for people who don’t want to have the sleeve riding up during sex.

Penis sleeves to address medical problems: Some men have found penis sleeves quite effective for addressing issues like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. If you’re dealing with premature ejaculation, choose a design that has a desensitizing effect. To get a harder erection, opt for a design that has a cock ring at the base. There are also penis sleeves out there that can be worn on a flaccid penis. These are made of less flexible materials and they enable penetration in the most severe cases of erectile dysfunction.

Final Words

Penis sleeves can accomplish a lot. Make your penis bigger, last longer in bed, intensify your partner’s pleasure – all of these are easily achievable. Some penis sleeves can even be used to overcome issues like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

To get the right one, determine what your number one goal is going to be. Based on that decision, you can pinpoint the optimal design.

Anyone can benefit from a penis sleeve. You can spice things up and experience something new with your partner by getting one. And since these accessories are so reasonably priced, they’re definitely worth adding to your repertoire.

Our top 10 list gives you various choices that can address various different needs. Obviously, the market has a lot more to offer. Don’t hesitate to check out HotCherry’s full penis sleeve collection in order to acquaint yourself with numerous additional designs and possibilities.

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