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Strap U Vibrating Strapless Strap OnStrap U Vibrating Strapless Strap On
Malesation Tommy Black Suction Cup DildoMalesation Tommy Black Suction Cup Dildo
Sportsheets Small Anal DildoSportsheets Small Anal Dildo
King Cock 12 Inch Slim Double DildoKing Cock 12 Inch Slim Double Dildo
Blush B Yours Double Headed DildoBlush B Yours Double Headed Dildo
Blush Avant D14 Silicone DildoBlush Avant D14 Silicone Dildo
Doc Johnson The D 16 Inch Double DildoDoc Johnson The D 16 Inch Double Dildo
Tantus #2 Dual Density Uncut DildoTantus #2 Dual Density Uncut Dildo
Loverboy Pierre The Chef Uncut DildoLoverboy Pierre The Chef Uncut Dildo
Loverboy Derek The Bartender Uncut DildoLoverboy Derek The Bartender Uncut Dildo

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Enjoy Pleasure in All Shapes, Sizes, and Colors with a Dildo Sex Toy

Did you know that people have been using dildos ever since the Stone Age 30,000 years ago? A well-made dildo is still the sex toy of preference for many men and women who enjoy deep penetration.

The dildo is the ultimate sex toy that puts you in charge. You control the depth, the speed, the angle. If you decide to, you can get a partner involved in the experience, building trust and intimacy. A dildo sex toys can spice things up and there are so many varieties on the market! Glass dildos, anal dildos, double dildos – that’s just a small fraction of the possibilities to explore.

Dildo FAQ

What’s the Best Material for a Dildo?

There’s no universally superior material. Some people like the realistic feel if medical-grade silicone dildos. Some prefer glass because it’s incredibly firm. Dildo sex toys are also crafted from stainless steel, plastic or rubber. Choosing one type of dildo or the other is entirely about the feeling you’re going for and the firmness level you require to get properly aroused.

Does the Shape of the Dildo Matter?

Oh, does it! The shape of the dildo is one of the most important characteristics to examine.

A slightly curved dildo is built especially for G-spot stimulation. A double-ended dildo can be used by two people at the same time. Alternatively, it can be employed for simultaneous vaginal and anal stimulation. Suction cup dildos stay in place, which means you can enjoy hands-free fun.

If you like different kinds of experiences, we recommend getting several dildo sex toys as each one has a specific purpose. If you know the size of the dildo you are looking for, you might want to check out our toys by size:

5 Inch
6 Inch
7 Inch
8 Inch
9 Inch
10 Inch
12 Inch +

What’s the Difference between a Vaginal and an Anal Dildo?

All dildo sex toy varieties can be used safely for vaginal stimulation. When it comes to anal play, however, you’ll need to choose a toy that’s designed especially for the purpose.

Anal dildos are smooth and seamless and they need to have a flared base (for added safety).

If you don’t own a separate vaginal and anal dildo, always use a condom and boil the toy between uses (check the manufacturer recommendations for care and cleaning to see if boiling is possible).

How Can I Take Dildo Play to the Next Level?

Using a dildo alongside a clit vibrator is one of the best ways to take the fun to the next level.

When getting started with penetration, make sure you’re aroused enough and use a generous amount of lube. Experiment with depth and rhythms to find out what works for you. Play around with angles – this is especially easy if you have a suction cup dildo.

How do I find my G-spot with a dildo?

Every person’s body is different, but as a general rule, locating your G-spot with a dildo is easy. Just carefully insert the dildo a couple of inches into the vagina, and angle it up toward your navel. If you feel the sensation like you want to pee, then you are in the right area.

Do all dildos feel the same?

No, all dildos are made with very different uses in mind. A smooth, hard dildo won’t feel as good or as natural as a realistic dildo. Women often look for realism because they like the feel of a penis more than a hard plastic surface, as an example.

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