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10 Best Warming Lubes to Heat Things Up [2023]

Warming lube features ingredients that increase sensitivity and improve circulation in the genital region. That’s why a sense of warmth is experienced with this kind of lube. The way it...
10 Best Sex Lubricants Reviewed in 2022

10 Best Sex Lubricants Reviewed in 2022

We all know that proper lubrication is one of the biggest essentials for good sex. In some instances, however, natural lubrication doesn’t work or it’s simply not enough. Luckily, the...

Best Cum Lubes - Realistic Cum Lubes that Looks Like Fake Semen

Do you enjoy sexy play time with toys that’s as realistic as the actual experience with a partner? If you like the real deal, cum lube is an absolute must-buy...

10 Best Lubes for Fleshlights & Pocket Pussies Reviewed in 2022

Fleshlights give you an experience that’s so good and so real! To have a next-level orgasm, however, you need the right kind of lube to use with your favorite toy....

10 Best Sensual Massage Oils Reviewed in 2022

Whether it’s a part of foreplay or a fun thing you like to do with your partner, a massage can be extra-special and intimate. To make it outstanding, you need...

10 Best Flavored Lubes Reviewed in 2022

While most lubes out there are safe to ingest, some have been especially created to make licking them off someone’s body or genitals extra fun. These flavored lubes replicate your...

10 Best Water-Based Lubes Reviewed in 2022

What’s not to love about water-based lube? It is lightweight, super slippery and it works with all kinds of toys and condoms. On top of that, it comes really close...

10 Best Silicone Lubes Reviewed in 2022

Few other choices compare to the slipperiness and the glide guaranteed by silicone lube. After all, silicone lube is the ultimate helper when it comes to good anal sex or...