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How to Charge a Sex Toy?

How to Charge a Sex Toy?

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The dildo is one of the most popular sex toys used since antiquity. However, in recent times, the dildo has undergone changes and variations, and today, we have so many modern dildo options. The most popular one is the vibrating dildo, an electrically-powered model that provides vibrations on top of being a phallic insertable toy. So, here we’ll expand on the use and charging of rechargeable vibrating dildos and other rechargeable sex toys.

Types of Vibrating Sex Toys

There are many new sex toy models with fantastic options that provide deep stimulation: vibrating, sucking, thrusting, rotating, and other functions. The common thing about all of these is that they run on internal batteries that provide the power for the motors and other internal mechanisms.

These can be rechargeable or use disposable batteries. The models with disposable batteries are straightforward to use, as you only need to remove the old and add fresh batteries in, and you are all set. However, these slowly go out of style, and in their place come the rechargeable vibrators that need charging; you must know how to charge your toy properly to ensure long-lasting battery life.

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Rechargeable Sex Toy Models

The rechargeable sex toys, including vibrating dildos, clitoral stimulators, G-spot vibes, rechargeable vibrators, interactive male masturbators, automatic strokers, etc., come with an internal Lithium battery that supports cyclic recharging via a provided charging cable. The charging cable is a USB cable that has a dedicated end that plugs into the sex toy and a standard USB plug on the other side.

The side that goes into the sex toy can be a plug-in jack or a magnetic connection. The other side is a standard USB charging cable with a 5-Volt output, meaning you can use a standard phone charger, a power bank, or a USB outlet from your computer to charge your vibrating toy.

Most often, the sex toy comes with a signal light that changes color when the device is fully charged. Please note that some models come with battery indicators, prompting you when it is time to charge your toy. The charging time for most sex toys is between one and four hours, depending on the battery capacity and charging controller.

Charging a Sex Toy

The plug-in jack models have a small hole placed at the shaft or the side of the toy, and most often, the hole is sealed with the same material; the seal keeps the charging port away from water or other liquids that may harm the battery. Many times, it is hard to spot the charging port. To charge your rechargeable sex toy, you need to find the cap, remove it, plug in the charger, and plug the other side of the cable into the adapter of the charger.

The magnetic charging cable attaches to two metal spots on the side of the toy. To charge this device, connect the charger’s magnetic end to the toy, and plug the cable into a computer, mobile device, or wall adapter.

Some dildos and sex toys are oddly shaped, and these need to be positioned in a stable position to ensure the cable is securely attached to the toy and they get fully charged. Please read the manufacturer’s instructions for charging your vibrating dildo or other sex toy to ensure proper charging.

Modern sex toys, like vibrating dildos, use Lithium batteries, which are sensitive to high temperatures, so you should be careful to charge these away from direct sunlight. Please note that you must empty the battery before recharging it, as Lithium batteries don’t support partial charging, which can damage their energy-storing capacity, adversely affecting longevity.

You can use the rechargeable toys several times before their batteries are empty, so please wait until the battery is empty before you charge your toy. Avoid placing your sex toy for a quick charge, as this damages the battery.

Please note that some of the latest high-tech rechargeable sex toys have a standby time of up to 90 days, which means the battery’s charge will slowly lose charge, and you’ll have to recharge it before use. In such cases, check the battery by running the toy on its highest settings before use to see if the battery will hold a charge – you don’t want to start using the toy and have it lose power in the middle of your playtime.

Another important issue with rechargeable toys is washing. If your rechargeable vibrating dildo or other sex toy is rated as waterproof, you can freely wash the entire thing under warm water. However, if the toy is rated as splashproof, you must carefully wash the business end of the toy to avoid getting water in the charging port. If the toy is not waterproof or splashproof, then you can resort to cleaning it with antibacterial wipes, and avoid wetting the toy.

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