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To deliver the most lifelike experience with a dildo, manufacturers developed lifelike skin textures which do an excellent job of imitating a real penis. With the addition of testicles, there isn’t much else they can do to deliver a complete experience, or is there?

In fact, there is one addition that is becoming very popular in the dildo-using world, and this is the magical, super-inspirational, very clever, ejaculating dildo.

These take the sexual experience to another level of realism. They deliver the same feeling as realistic skin dildos, but at that final moment, they can be asked to squirt just like the real thing. 

Ejaculating dildos are filled with a semen-like lubricant that can be fired at the exact moment of orgasm, so the user can lay back feeling fulfilled as much as possible, and as if it’s the real thing.

This spurting action is carried out by a pump or a syringe which is connected by a thin tube. It’s just a matter of the user hitting the fire button to feel the gooey liquid filling up the most private parts.
Many ejaculation dildos are made to resemble a man’s penis, but there are models which go away from this realism and focus more on overall stimulation and the ejaculation mechanism, just to complete the dildo play session with gusto.

7.5 Inch Hollow Squirting Strap-On with Balls

Different Types

Ejaculating dildos look like any other realistic dildo. They have all the veins, the exposed head and some of the models have included testicles too.

What makes this different is that they come with a tube inside that is used to fire the ejaculate when the woman hits the trigger. Because these ejaculating dildos mainly come the same as any other realistic dildo, it is the filling and firing mechanisms that can vary between models. And that factor along with the size and color of the ejaculating dildo. They are available in white, black or any other color you might want. Pick your favorites!

Pump-filled ejaculating dildos – These have a pump that sits at the end of a tube, and to fill this ejaculating dildo you would squeeze the pump and dip the head of the dildo into the lubricant to suck up as you release the pump. Other types on this model have the pump that sits in the base of the dildo.

Bust It Realistic Squirting Dildo

Syringe ejaculating dildos – These are a variation, but they use a syringe to create the force for ejaculation. This type is only used at the end of the thin tube. When the woman is ready to fire, she will depress the top of the syringe to create the pressure required for spurting the semen-like lubricant.

Testicle-powered ejaculating dildos – These can be seen as the most lifelike. And the way these are filled is by squeezing the testicles, and as the tip of the head is dipped into the lubricant, the pressure on the testicles is released, thus filling the tube.

This type can be the most natural in operation, and the easiest to use as well. It’s far easier to grab and squeeze the testicles, rather than trying to find the syringe which is probably lying on the bed somewhere during your big ‘O’ moment.

How to Choose the Best Squirting Dildos for You

When you’ve decided on having a squirting dildo, there are some factors that need considering. Because these are very different from regular dildos, the considerations might be different too.

Reliable brand – For a squirting dildo, you are better sticking to reputable brand names. With this, you will have a suction and squirting system that will work efficiently for longer.

Size – Like realistic dildos, size is important. There are regularly-sized squirting dildos, and there are larger-than-life ones too. And these will deliver an overwhelmingly bigger experience. Possible size options are as follows:

  • 3-5 inches in length
  • 5-6 inches in length
  • 6-8 inches in length
  • 9-11 inches in length
  • 12 inches and above

Don’t start with huge dildos to begin with, otherwise it might not feel enjoyable at all. Try small dildos first and you can always pick a bigger dildo in the future.

With a squirting dildo, you might find that the ejaculating part is more forceful the smaller the dildo is in size. Be aware of this.

King Cock 6 Inch Squirting Dildo

Material – This is like any other dildo and can be even more critical for this type. Allergic reactions might be a possibility because it isn’t possible to wear a condom over the dildo. Texture and realism can also be a factor here because it will be this that delivers the pleasures and sensations before your ejaculating dildo does its job at your final crescendo moment.

Materials used in ejaculating dildos can be from any of the following:

  • PVC
  • Silicone or latex
  • Cyber skin or other realistic materials

What Are the Benefits

Squirting dildos can bring an entirely new element to dildo play. This doesn’t matter if you are alone or with your partner. Although they might sound complicated to use, the ejaculating dildos are actually a breeze to use.

The materials used are more often more durable and can often be better around water. This allows for some squirting fun if you fancy taking it into the shower or tub.

Sensations can be felt using the lifelike shaft that comes with bulging veins, and when you want your orgasm to feel like you are with your partner, then a quick squeeze of the testicles and you can writhe around in ecstasy and feel like it’s the real deal at the moment of orgasm. Pretty cool, huh?

Other benefits include raising the mood, and when you feel warm lube filling you, your body will feel even more satisfied, as if your partner or your dream man is filling you with their ‘seed.’

You can also find lots of sexual relief when using a squirting dildo. You might be with your partner who has already ejaculated, but you are not ready to orgasm yet. He can take over, and when your time is there, he can fire the lube and then it will feel like you are both finishing together. Plus it’s fun to feel the warmth inside your vagina!

Lastly, you can strengthen muscles with regular use of a squirting dildo too. This can enhance your sex life when you are able to control your vaginal muscles and clench at your partner during penetration. Practice makes perfect, and dildos don’t mind how much you use them.

There is nothing to say the ejaculating dildo needs to fire inside of the vagina, either. Many women love the feeling of semen on their skin. They can easily climax and then shoot the semen lube over their stomach for a satisfying finish.

King Cock 7 Inch Realistic Squirting Dildo

Some Safety Considerations

Safety needs to be considered when using an ejaculating dildo because they are squirting a foreign liquid inside you. This needs to be safe, both for yourself, and for your dildo too.

Water-based lubricants are a must in case there is an allergic reaction to silicone based ones. There are lots of types of lube that are made to resemble semen, but not all of these will be from reputable manufacturers, so be sure to buy from a great seller.

As much as the material of your dildo needs to be made from body safe materials, these lubes also need to be of the same standard, if not more so.

There can also be safety issues with the firing mechanism. Ones that use a syringe will have the thin tube laying down your side so this can hang loose. Also, syringes might be made from hard plastic, so there is the chance these could scratch. Keep this in mind.

Sharing of this kind of dildo should be very limited, and if one is used for anal sex, then it should never be used for vaginal sex. Always buy the right type for the use it will be utilizing, and don’t share them, ever.

Even with the ejaculating dildo spurting outward, there is the small chance of bacteria being sucked back inside of the tube where bacteria can quickly form. This is crucial because it isn’t possible to get the same satisfaction using an ejaculating dildo with a condom. Proper cleaning is paramount here.

King Cock 8 Inch Squirting Dildo

Cleaning & Storage Tips

This type of dildo will take more care than a regular dildo. And in truth, there are many more components involved, so these will need separate attention.

Depending on the type of pump or syringe, these will need washing out inside. This should be easy to perform, and sucking soapy water into the pump and then squirting it out can be sufficient. These pumps and syringes do need to be totally dry before storing though.

The same can go for the internal tube that holds the lube. This also requires thorough cleaning and rinsing before uses, every time. Although lube might be safe for the body, it won’t be safe to sit inside the tube of the ejaculating dildo being used. It’s a haven for bacteria or mold growth.

It should be noted; there are squirting dildos that hold varying amounts of semen-like lube. This can be the difference between a quick clean or a tube that needs a lot more attention. In this case, it’s straightforward enough to clean; it just might take a little longer to make sure there’s none of the lubrication remaining inside.

Each type of dildo can be sprinkled with cornstarch or a dedicated renewal powder, and this will help prevent stickiness and keep them dry which will also negate bacterial and/or mold growth from forming.

The storage area for an ejaculating dildo should be cool, dry and out of direct sunlight, or they could become deformed through excess heat.

King Cock 10 Inch Big Ejaculating Dildo

How Do You Use Ejaculating Dildos?

Before you even start using the ejaculating dildo, you need to prepare it so it can actually ejaculate later, when needed. No matter what the trigger device is; pump, syringe or testicles, you will need to fill the squirting dildo with the semen-like lube.

When it comes to using this feature, this will depend on if you are in solo play, or if you’re with a partner. Unlike suction cup dildos, these dildos don’t come with a suction cup, so fastening them to a flat surface won’t be possible. With this said, you can still use any other position you find comfortable, and that will leave you with easy access to the trigger to fire the lube, or squeeze the testicles, if that’s the model you have.

If you decide to use with a partner, you can lay back and let them take control, and all you need to do is to scream ‘pull the trigger’ at the right, pivotal moment.

If there is any anal sex involved, it would need to be with one of the smaller, firmer, squirting dildos, and this would really need some control when it comes to making the dildo fire its load of lube. Always buy the right type for the purpose intended.

Apart from that, you can use these ejaculating dildos in precisely the same way as a regular dildo. And like real sexual intercourse, there could be a mess to clean up afterward. Depending on the amount of lube, or the size of the ejaculating dildo in use, the cleanup operation can be simple, a little messy, or really messy if you like smearing it over your stomach at your final orgasmic moment. The best thing is that it’s totally up to you!

It’s advisable to place a clean towel underneath you while using these fun toys, because it’s difficult to say how much force the fake ejaculate will be powered with. 

Squirtz Suction Cup Ejaculating Dildo

Common Questions People Ask

1. Is it possible to get a strap-on ejaculating dildo?

Yes, there are plenty of squirting dildos which are suitable for use like that. However, you will need to check the trigger unit so it will be long enough to reach. The best types are probably the syringe firing type where you have the thin tube available. The testicle-firing dildos are more than likely too hard to reach and squeeze for this to work as well.

2. What happens if the pump or the tube becomes damaged?

When purchasing your ejaculating dildo, be sure you can purchase replacement tubes and also the pump or syringe for your model. The more reliable suppliers will make these readily available so you can enjoy years of use from your squirting dildo.

3. My ejaculating dildo is covered in white powder, is this normal

This is normal, and this white powder is basically cornstarch or similar. Manufacturers do sell renewal powder too. After washing and drying, this sprinkling is common practice to stop your ejaculating dildo sticking to anything, and to keep it dry, helping to ensure no bacteria or mold buildup occurs.

4. What is ‘Pegging?’

You might have already performed this action with your ejaculating dildo and not realized what it’s called. Pegging is where the female partner wears a strap-on dildo and performs anal sex on her partner. For the more adventurous man who wants to try this, the feeling of you ejaculating into his anus can open up a whole new world of pleasure… in a safe way. It can be great for role play where control is exchanged and relinquished for either gay or straight relationships. Just make sure your partner is willing. Communication is key with any new sexual experiences being tried.