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Shop Tenga Male Masturbators

New adult concept – that’s the slogan under which Tenga markets its cool sex products. And a new adult concept it offers, indeed.

Based in Japan, the company is the creator of the world-famous Tenga egg – a disposable range of male masturbators meant to provide unique experiences due to the varied internal texture. But the egg is just one part of the Tenga story.

Tenga is the manufacturer of high-quality masturbation sleeves, automatic strokers, vibrators, sex toys for couples, lotions, and accessories like vacuum controllers for male strokers.

Established in 2005, the company has delivered a ton of innovation (especially in sex toys for men). The original Tenga CUPs, designed by the brand’s founder Koichi Matsumoto, became an overnight sensation. In the first year alone, the series sold over one million items.

Today, the innovation continues. Each year, Tenga launches fun additions to its existing product collections. These enable new sensations or scale up the experience in a more ergonomic, more convenient, and much more intense way.

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