Iroha Mini Portable Intimate Massager


Color: Mikan
Type: Sora
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Product Overview

  • Designed using Zen-based inspiration, featuring simplicity and function, as well as beauty
  • From the manufacturers of Iroha brand, a foundational and influential female self-care manufacturer/designer
  • Simple, soft touch and single speed operation, with other models featuring a variety of speed and vibration settings
  • Designed to be intensely beautiful as well as functional, these small, soft and body safe objects serve both as form and function for the user, and can be enjoyed solo or shared with a partner
  • Ideal for the bedside, bathroom or for extra discretion, slips easily into your robe pocket or wet pack for silent and private enjoyment…

Product Description

This Mini Portable Intimate Massager does away with a lot of the complex and unwanted features of so many phallic and obtrusive accessories. It’s a simpler, more satisfying toy because it strips back things to what matters most. Size, convenience and softness are key. It’s an ideal stimulator for first time users or for those who prefer non-phallic, non-penetrating toys. Ideal for couples or solo artists of any gender who appreciate that nature in its sublime simplicity, can sometimes be mirrored in everyday and useful objects.

Utilizing principles of simplicity and function, from Japanese Zen teachings, the Iroha (by Tenga) Mini Portable Intimate Massager is nature as art, as function in purposefulness. Single speed vibration, and the smaller than the palm, ergonomic design. Let users experience their own intuitive and exploratory personal journey through the senses, or share the wonder with a loving partner!

Perfectly sized for discretion, as part of your bedside arrangement or in the bathroom or equally at home in your robe pocket or wet pack, the Mini Portable Intimate Massager compliments existing play while allowing users to broaden their own expressive sensuality, for themselves and with their partners. Fully waterproof, and made from only premium, non-toxic and phthalate-free TPE, it is simple to use, but delivers a vast array of possibilities through stunningly simplistic and intuitive design and function.

Product Details


Total Length: 2.4 inches
Insertable Length: N/A, clit/external stimulator only
Diameter: 2.04 inches
Girth: 6.4 inches at widest point
Product Weight: 2.4 oz.


Flexibility: Soft, flexible
Material: TPE, ABS
Available Color: Milan (sora), anzu (ume) and lemon (fuji)
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Push button
Shape: Ergonomic
Power Type: Single AAA battery (included)
Powerful: Yes

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