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Rainbow Pumped Suction Cup DildoRainbow Pumped Suction Cup Dildo
Home Grown 7 Inch Realistic Suction DildoHome Grown 7 Inch Realistic Suction Dildo
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Shane Diesel Realistic DildoShane Diesel Realistic Dildo
Malesation Tommy Black Suction Cup DildoMalesation Tommy Black Suction Cup Dildo
Squirtz Suction Cup Ejaculating DildoSquirtz Suction Cup Ejaculating Dildo
Shower Stud Suction Cup DildoShower Stud Suction Cup Dildo
USA Cocks Dual Density Realistic DildoUSA Cocks Dual Density Realistic Dildo
Willy's 6 Inch Suction Cup Anal DildoWilly's 6 Inch Suction Cup Anal Dildo
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Ruse Jammy 8 Inch Cock DildoRuse Jammy 8 Inch Cock Dildo
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Real Skin Realistic DildoReal Skin Realistic Dildo
Loverboy Dildo With Suction CupLoverboy Dildo With Suction Cup

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Explore All Sex Positions with a Suction Cup Dildo

How do you enjoy your solo play or foreplay with a partner? Do you like standing sex positions, sitting positions, even some nearly impossible Kama Sutra stuff? Whatever tickles your fancy, a suction cup dildo will give you the perfect chance to try it out.

Firmly attached to a surface, a suction cup dildo allows for hands-free fun, much like a butterfly vibrator does. The difference is that the dildo’s best suited for penetration, whether you prefer some vaginal or anal fun.

Suction Cup Dildos FAQ

Can the Suction Cup Dildo Come Loose?

When a suction cup dildo is attached properly to a surface, it will remain in place even when you’re having some pretty intense fun.

Choosing the right suction cup dildo and following the manufacturer’s instructions for sticking the item to a surface will both ensure a sex toy that’s not going anywhere.

What Sex Positions Can I Try with a Suction Cup Dildo?

A suction cup dildo can be used as a regular dildo or it can be stuck to the wall/floor or a piece of furniture. This means you will be capable of having penetrative sex in nearly all ways known to mankind.

A suction cup dildo is ideal for cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy style (when it’s stuck to a wall), standing sex, sitting sex (on a chair, on a sofa), stand-up doggy style sex and many, many others.

Can I Use a Suction Cup Dildo with a Partner?


You can enjoy penetration from the dildo while you’re engaging in oral sex with your partner. You can use the toy for double penetration. A suction cup dildo can also be incorporated in foreplay – have it rubbed against your clit or rub it against your partner’s sensitive body spots to ensure quick arousal.

Are There Other Ways to Use a Suction Cup Dildo?

Absolutely! The base of a suction cup dildo is fairly flat. This means it will be compatible with various harnesses and straps. If you and your partner are curious about this kind of penetrative sex, you can use to the suction cup dildo to test it out instead of buying a separate strap-on.

When engaging in this kind of sexual play, be mindful of the dildo’s size. Large suction cup dildos or those with textured surface would not be suitable for anal play.

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