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How Much Does a Fleshlight Cost?

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I’m thinking of buying and using a Fleshlight to improve my stamina. How much does a Fleshlight cost?

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When owning and using a masturbation device like a Fleshlight, you have plenty of options, and each one provides a different sensation and overall experience. However, the features also determine the price of a Fleshlight, which can vary from basic models for about $50 to $250 for feature-rich models.

Fleshlight is an adult toy brand that makes masturbation devices for men, and the name derives from the exterior design of the device that looks like a handheld flashlight. Once you remove the lid, you discover the entry point designed to look like a vagina, anus, or mouth. The inner workings of the Fleshlight are also unique for the brand, as they are designed to mimic the sensations of having sex with a genuine vagina.

The main selling points and the reason for the success of the Fleshlight are the extremely pleasurable sensation and realistic experience they enable. Also, upon thrusting in and out of a Fleshlight, you experience a suction sensation that is very close to actual sex; it is why so many men prefer to use a Fleshlight for their more extended masturbation or stamina training sessions.

Fleshlight is made from two parts, an outer plastic case and an inner sleeve. The outer case is usually ABS plastic, which is inexpensive, but the inner sleeve dictates the price. The inner sleeve on Fleshlight male masturbators is mainly made from SuperSkin, a patented compound that mimics the look and feel of natural skin. The interior channel of each Fleshlight masturbator is highly textured to provide additional sensations, and the various Fleshlight models all come with different textures.

Fleshlights come in several main categories that have varying price tags:

  • Classic – the initial Fleshlight male masturbator model that made Fleshlight the company it is today; it has the flashlight case design, simple design, and realistic feel.
  • Fleshlight Girls – the original Fleshlight case design with an inner sleeve molded from the bodies of real porn stars. You can watch your favorite porn star in action while fucking her pussy.
  • Fleshskin – a Fleshligt inner sleeve without the case, the Fleshskin is better suited for people with smaller penises or men looking for extra tightness.
  • Stamina Training Unit – a Fleshlight male masturbator with extreme texturing and vortex-like opening providing intense sensations designed to help train men to last longer before ejaculating, helping improve sexual performance.
  • Fleshsack – a classic Fleshlight with a pair of balls that swing as you use the masturbator, more intended for gay men.
  • The Ice Fleshlight – a transparent sleeve Fleshlight masturbator with extreme texturing for extreme sensations and visual enjoyment.
  • Vibro Fleshlight – this model has all the fantastic features of a classic Fleshlight masturbator, with the added pleasure of strong, targeted vibrations to your sensitive areas.
  • Quickshot – the portable and discreet Fleshlight Quickshot is a highly textured transparent sleeve that can be used for solo masturbation or for improving the oral sex experience.
  • Turbo – a Fleshlight sleeve with three entry points that stimulates a blowjob sensation and provides incredible suction.

Also, when compared to the more inexpensive pocket pussies, Fleshlight male masturbators have superior features that justify the price, like:

  • Durability
  • Quality materials
  • Removable, easy-to-clean sleeve
  • Very realistic design and details
  • Discreet outer case
  • Waterproof operation
  • Size-friendly and customizable options

We hope we covered the basics of how much Fleshlight costs; if you want to learn more, please read the post on everything you need to know about Fleshlights.

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