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Thrilling Joy of Wearing Your Butt Plug in Public

Thrilling Joy of Wearing Your Butt Plug in Public

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Ah, the thrill of having a dirty little secret all to ourselves. It’s no surprise that butt plugs feel amazing, thanks to all the nerve endings located in our anus. We wear them at home and in the bedroom, both for foreplay and as the main dish.

But if you’ve ever worn one out in public, you know that half the fun comes from the taboo of rocking one when no one else knows that you are! Better yet, you can tease your partner by mentioning midday that you’ve had one in for the past hour…what a treat!

In this blog post, we’re going to cover different places that you can wear your marvelous accessory, and add a little magic to your day.

Before diving in, keep in mind that lubricant is extremely important when it comes to any form of anal play. Make sure to lather some onto your toy and your anus before inserting it, and grab some extra for the road. Lube can dry out eventually, particularly if you’re keeping your butt plug in for an extended amount of time. So, to avoid getting caught in an uncomfortable situation, have your lube handy!

Do your research before starting to find the right butt plug size for you, so that you don’t have to worry about wearing something too large that it hurts, or too small that it keeps falling out. Also, browse the wide range of butt plugs that are available to find which one you like, since all bodies and preferences are different.

wearing butt plug

Wearing a Butt Plug at Work

Work can be a drag at times, and we frequently fall into daily routines that play out like clockwork. A fun and exciting way to shake up your work day is to wear a butt plug at your place of employment! The forbidden element of adds a layer of excitement to the wonderful sensations that a butt plug brings.

Firstly, keep in mind that you should only try wearing a butt plug at work if you’ve already gotten comfortable with wearing one at home for a few hours at a time. In a professional environment, you’ll be especially keen to avoid any discomfort or unwanted surprises!

If you want to wear a butt plug at work, you’ll also want to make sure you’re prepared with all the necessary tools needed for your endeavor to be successful. This includes a few plastic bags for your plug and some lubricant. The reason it’s important to keep some plastic bags on hand is if you have some bowel movement at any part of the day, it’s imperative that you remove the plug and wash it with warm water and soap to disinfect it, and store it in a brand-new plastic bag. If you’re feeling up to wearing it again later in the day, it’ll already be cleaned and good to go!

Also, you never know what could come up at work. You may have an unexpected important meeting that you need to be entirely focused for, or you may have to stay late one evening. It’s good to give yourself somewhere to hygienically store your plug if you need to.

Comfort and discreetness are two important things to remember when it comes to wearing a butt plug in public – especially in a workplace. For the sake of comfort, you may want to choose a plug that is softer and smoother, like a silicone butt plug. To find a discreet butt plug, you should look for one that has a flat base. In addition to helping you avoid any too-deep slips and giving you an easy way to pull it out, a flat base will also lay flat on your booty. This helps you to avoid any overly bulky or awkward areas on your bum, especially if you’re wearing tight jeans or a skirt.

In short, you can certainly wear your butt plug at work. However, keep in mind that the 2-3-hour limit on how long you should keep your butt plug in at a time should still apply. Whether you choose to wear it to add some pep in your step during your morning coffee and meetings or after lunch for a midday picker-upper, the choice is yours!

in the office

Wearing a Butt Plug While Shopping

The shopping has to get done, whether it’s for groceries, home goods or clothing. And while they can be fun if you’re doing them with a friend or for leisure, sometimes they’re not so much of a social affair. In cases where you want to turn your everyday shopping errands into a more stimulating experience, pop a butt plug in before going out!

Long line ups and waiting for a change room have never felt so good. Since butt plugs apply pressure on your pelvic muscles, you can even work on your Kegels as you wait for your turn at the cash register. Strengthening your pelvic muscles help to strengthen the muscles that support the bladder, but if you’re a woman, they also improve blood circulation in your vagina, make it easier for you to reach orgasm, and increasing vaginal lubrication. You can also do Kegels for your anus, which butt plugs help with. You know you’re doing them right when you feel your anus closing, tightening and lifting higher inside of you, and around the butt plug.

Generally, shopping shouldn’t take more than a couple hours, but if you think you’re going to be out for longer than that, make sure to bring a plastic bag and lubricant in case you need to take the butt plug out, or need to re-apply more lube.


Wearing a Butt Plug While Driving

The most popular facts about butt plugs are that they’re:

  • Useful for stretching out your anal muscles so that anal sex is more comfortable.
  • Key elements of foreplay to any anal activity.

However, a lesser known fact about them is that they’re also used to give you physical, sexual and mental stimulation. A great time to pamper yourself with the pleasures and relaxation that come with wearing a butt plug is while you’re on the road!

Whether you’re wearing a plug to run some errands, while embarking on your work commute, or while picking the kids up from school, why not multitask? Errands will never be boring again.

An added bonus is that as you’re driving, the natural motions of the car rumbling or driving over small bumps will feel even more gratifying. The small pulses of the butt plug in your anus is going to drive you wild.

Wearing a Butt Plug While Cooking

Cooking, as well as other house chores, sometimes need to get done. The beauty in butt plugs is that they can add pleasure to the most tedious tasks. Since butt plugs are known to help stimulate your mind as well as your body and to give you more clarity, this can help you in your cooking. Cooking is an art, and requires a strong utilization of your senses, which can be heightened when you’re being stimulated. Are we saying that you’ll be better equipped with stronger taste buds and a knack for odors? All we’re saying is that you should give it a try, and find out!

Cooking can sometimes be exhausting, but butt plugs are the perfect pick-me-ups to give you the energy you need to keep going. They put some pep in your step as your put some pepper on your steak!

If you’ve just popped something in the oven and need to wait 40 minutes for it to be done, slip into your partner’s office and give them a bit of a peep show, especially if you’re wearing a jewel butt plug. You’re guaranteed to get them just as heated as you are, and you’ll be able to have kill some time sexually while you wait for your timer to go off!

Anni Round Funky Princess Anal Plug

Thrilling Dates

If you’re in a long-term relationship, you know that it’s easy to fall into a level of comfort and lose the excitement that you had in the beginning stages of the relationship. A thrilling way to reignite the flame is by introducing butt plugs into your evenings!

Gifting your partner a butt plug is a sexy way to get them, and yourself, in the mood for some fun later. Have them put it on before a date night, and know that as the appetizers are coming out, the only thing on their minds is the wild night you two have ahead of you. Butt plugs are a fantastic way to build up sexual tension and deliver foreplay without even touching your partner.

If you and your partner enjoy role-playing or BDSM, this could also be a great way to live out your deepest fantasies. It’s popular for a dominant to ask their submissive to wear a butt plug to a certain event or while out on a date, and this kink can be extremely pleasurable for both parties. Keep in mind that butt plugs are not gender-specific – butt plugs can be enjoyed just as well whether you have female or male genitalia!

If you’re single, butt plugs may be just what you need to get out of your own head, and kill your nerves before a first date. The amazing stimulation will help you to loosen up and get excited for whatever the night will bring. The feeling of being stimulated while you’re face-to-face with someone in a crowded restaurant can be invigorating. The forbidden aspect paired with the added arousal helps you to feel sexier and more seductive, and this type of energy will translate to your date.

If you think your date may end with a roll in the sack, then a butt plug is just what you need. It helps to prep your anus for more play later, or simply to get you in the mood for some kinky action. 

thrilling dates

Night Out

As we get older, the nights we spend out with friends become less frequent and are way more cherished. Simply put, you don’t want the quality of your night to depend on where you go or who you meet since sometimes, the options are simply a bust. So, have your bases covered and commit to a night filled with delight –no matter what happens– by wearing your favorite butt plug!

Indulge in your exhibitionist fantasies by wearing a butt plug under your skirt during a night out! If you get a thrill from the chance that you’ll get caught doing something taboo, you can have some real fun by sporting a jeweled butt plug under a short dress or skirt.

Moreover, in case you haven’t tried it before, dancing feels wonderful with a butt plug in. As you move around, the plug will shift around slightly inside your anus, further stimulating the nerves. If you’re out dancing with a partner, lean in close to their ear midway through, and let them know you’re wearing a butt plug. Watch their expressions go from shock to arousal in seconds!

In case you don’t want to worry about keeping the plug in for too long or having to reapply lube while you’re out, just plug it in while you’re getting ready for your night out. Despite it feeling amazing and helping you to relax and loosen up, it will also help you to get into a flirty, sexy headspace before embarking on your journey. Getting into a seductive mood before seeing where the night will take you is a recipe for success!

Final Words

It’s safe to say that wearing a butt plug can really brighten up your day. Whether you’re wearing it to prepare your anus for some play later, to add some fun into your routine, or for the sake of feeling naughty, it’s the perfect toy to easily incorporate into your life.

Beyond the sexual delight that butt plugs bring, they also give users an unspoken confidence that will radiate outwardly. Sexuality should be celebrated, not shamed, and butt plugs help you to experiment more with your own pleasure, while giving you the option of keeping it to yourself or letting someone else in on your dirty little secret.

Besides, who said that pleasure had to be confined within four walls?

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