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15 Best Sex Board Games to Heat Things Up

15 Best Sex Board Games to Heat Things Up

Editorial Team |

Do you need some inspiration to spice things up in the bedroom? A sexy board game will have you trying stuff you never would have considered. Not only will you feel super excited, you’ll also connect to your partner on a much deeper level.

Sexy card games, erotic board games inspired by some of the biggest classics, truth or dare-based choices – these are just a few of the options. Here, we’ll check out 15 of the best sex board games on the market and we’ll also discuss ways you can make the most of these fun, interactive and super spicy entertainment options. We have examined some of the most popular choices today and we’ve given each one a precise ranking. Our team has also explored the gameplay of each to determine the kind of couple said game is likely to appeal to the most.

Quick Overview of Our Top Pics

  1. Sexopoly Adult Board Game 
  2. Fifty Nights Of Naughtiness Couples Collection Game
  3. Oral Fun Board Game
  4. Monogamy Board Game
  5. Glow In The Dark Sex Game
  6. Xxxplicit Reveal Your Senses Game
  7. Orgasmixxx Game For Adults
  8. Sex! A Romantic Board Game
  9. 1000 Sex Games
  10. I've Never Bar Cards
  11. Strip or Tease Game - It's Time To Play
  12. Fantasy Affairs Game
  13. Climaxxx Erotic Game For Lovers
  14. Domin8 Game - The Winner Takes Or Gives All
  15. Intimacy: The Sex Game For Any Couple
Deep Dive: Our Top Pics

Sexopoly Adult Board Game

Our Rating: 4.7/5
Quality: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Ease of Use: 4/5
Recommended For: All

Why We Picked It

We really like the fact this Monopoly-inspired board game is equally ideal for a special night with your lover or a fun experience with a close group of friends. It’s sexy and it also involves a bit of strategy. Your aim is to conquer the adult industry while also completing sexy challenges and getting to know each other.

Sexopoly puts you in charge of the experience. You get to decide how you’re going to address its challenge and whether you’ll comply with what the game’s asking of you. Sexopoly is also very fun to play time and time again as you get multiple question and challenge cards. It’s not going to get repetitive any time soon, which is why Sexopoly deserves one of the top positions in our ranking.

Who It's For

While Sexopoly does come with a bit of a learning curve, it’s great for everyone. There is some set up and you will need to familiarize yourself with the gameplay. Once you get over these initial steps, you’ll find Sexopoly very easy to play.

What Customers Are Saying

- Great game for adventurous types

If you're looking at adult sex games, you're probably not reserved. A few of my friends are bisexual, and are all attracted to one another, and this game's fantastic for open-minded people. Male, female, straight, bi, gay, whatever, this game is designed for the adventurous types. - Samantha

- Almost universally adaptable, good quality

As many or as few people as you want can play it. You can take a few cards out to make it a two-player game, or you can leave it open for a bigger group. The quality of the board is definitely top-notch, like a 21st-century Monopoly board with well-done artwork and graphics. - Miranda

Reasons to Buy

 Very fun and engaging adult game

 Lots of gameplay options, doesn’t get repetitive

 Can be played by two or more people

 High quality set

 As kinky as you want it to be

Reasons to Avoid

 A bit more complex than other adult games

 Not a great variety of sexy challenges, more focused on questions

Fifty Nights Of Naughtiness Couples Collection Game

Why We Picked It

It’s pretty obvious what the inspiration for Fifty Nights of Naughtiness Couples Collection Game is. So, if you are looking for hot and sensual ideas to explore with your partner, give this one a go. We really like the quality of the game and the fact that five different levels are there to test, challenge and inspire you.

Challenges come in envelopes, the white ones being the most innocent. As you get more comfortable with the gameplay, you can explore the pink, red and black challenges. They will progressively get you hot and bothered, allowing you to explore aspects of your relationship you would have never thought of.

Who It's For

The Fifty Nights of Naughtiness board game gives you choices. You can start your way slow and get more daring as you become comfortable. The game is great for all couples and all experience levels.

What Customers Are Saying

- Great icebreaker

Fun game. Great icebreaker. Thanks a lot! - Shawn

- Lots of fun

Plenty of fun for a small get-together with close friends. - Peter

Reasons to Buy

 Beautifully made and packaged

 Lots of options to explore

 EGreat for all couples, no matter what they want in the bedroom

 Easy to set up and test out

Reasons to Avoid

 Some of the challenges are a bit silly

 Some will require additional prep

Oral Fun Board Game

Why We Picked It

How many ways do you know to give and receive oral? Well, you’re about to learn new techniques with this sexual board game. Oral Fun Board Game focuses on one kind of sex and we love this concept.

Oral Fun is also interesting and… well... fun to play. Apart from the challenges, you also get trivia cards that will give you curious facts and something to discuss with your partner. The board game is quite large and chances are that you wouldn’t go through all of it in one go. The board game will be fun to play many times without the risk of a repetitive experience.

Who It's For

Oral Fun is one of the easiest adult board games to master. However, you should probably be a fan of oral experiences in order to enjoy and fully immerse yourself in the gameplay.

What Customers Are Saying

- A+

I haven't seen my wife wiggle and giggle so much in years. Will be playing this over and over! - Alice

- fun board game

This game is super funny and also super fun! My husband and I were going through a bit of a dry spell, and this really helped us regain some excitement in the bedroom. I would recommend it for any couples that need some reigniting of the spark. - Lexi

Reasons to Buy

 Easy to set up and play

 Provides focus like no other adult board game

 Lots of challenges, doesn’t get repetitive

 No special prep required to enjoy Oral Fun

Reasons to Avoid

 Some of the challenges may seem a bit too crazy

 Only focused on oral sex

Monogamy Board Game

Why We Picked It

There’s something exceptional about Monogamy – it never gets boring and it gives choices to suit any mood. Whether you’re feeling romantic or super kinky, you’ll discover a range of Monogamy challenges that will appease your appetite.

The Monogamy challenges are organized in several categories. You start out with intimate questions bound to get you more aware of your partner’s needs. Eventually, you’ll move on to the passionate and steamy levels. Even if you consider yourself completely sexually uninhibited, you’ll probably feel (equally) challenged and aroused by some of the dares. A few of those can be accomplished after the game has ended, giving you a fun homework to look forward to.

Who It's For

Because Monogamy Board Game offers lots of versatility (from very innocent to tremendously kinky challenges) it’s a wonderful pick for all couples.

What Customers Are Saying

- Fun and Steamy

There are some fun and interesting challenges! A couple were not to our taste but it was as simple as putting that card aside and taking another. Whether you are a new couple or you have been married for a while, this is a great game for getting to know each other! - Erin

- Spicy Game

This game is awesome for having a spicy night and being a bit adventurous! Some of the cards make you laugh a bit, but you can just skip the ones you don't like. Highly recommend for couples who are comfortable with each other. - Rowan

Reasons to Buy

 Lots of variety, you’ll enjoy it many a time

 Includes both questions and challenges

 Well-made, elegant design

 Will keep you entertained for hours

Reasons to Avoid

 Some of the most sexual challenges aren’t for the faint of heart

 A single game can take a bit too long to complete

Glow In The Dark Sex Game

Why We Picked It

We really enjoy the concept of this sexy board game. Glow in the Dark is meant to be played in your bedroom with the lights off. As the game glows in the dark (duh!) it easily gets you in the mood for some fooling around.

The concept is simple and very sexy. Roll the dice and try making it to the end first. If you do, you’ll win a sex position that your partner will have to comply with. Before getting there, however, you’ll enjoy lots of fun opportunities to get naughty and explore each other in brand new ways.

Who It's For

This isn’t the most advanced and complicated adult board game out there. If you’re buying a naughty game for the first time, you’ll really enjoy the Glow in the Dark concept.

What Customers Are Saying

- Great for a weekend away!

My partner and I really enjoyed this game. Glows pretty well and it's great for a weekend getaway to spice things up! - Juan

- Pretty good

My partner and I took this camping with us, and it was so much fun! The activities are fun and sensual, without being overly complicated. Great game! - Emelia

Reasons to Buy

 Easy to play

 Unique concept

 Lots of fun challenges and opportunities to connect

 Offers reasonable variety

Reasons to Avoid

 May get a bit repetitive in time

 Doesn’t offer lots of sexy scenarios for different experience levels

Xxxplicit Reveal Your Senses Game

Why We Picked It

Xxxplicit Reveal Yourself makes sexy time so easy to enjoy. We really like the fact the game gives you everything needed for the spiciest session with your lover. You’ll get the board game itself, one blindfold and one vibrating ring (as well as a multitude of sexy challenges). If you add your own sex toy collection to the mix, you’ll probably get the most explosive experience ever.

The sexy board game’s name says it all. Things get progressively explicit and hotter as you make your way around the board. If you feel tame or shy, Xxxplicit isn’t the game for you. Leave your inhibitions at the door and get going. The more you play, the more you’ll want to keep on playing.

Who It's For

Xxxplicit Reveal Yourself is great for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a brand new relationship or you’ve been married for decades. You’ll try exciting new things to get that spark going.

What Customers Are Saying

- Lots of fun

I bought this for my husband and I's 10th anniversary and we absolutely love it!!! The challenges are great, and we had the most amazing sex afterwards. I recommend this for anyone who wants to add some spice to the bedroom! - Gabi

- Great

Fun game, ideal for the lead up to sex. Great for foreplay, I think all couples will get their itches scratched with this game - it covers all the bases. - Bradley

Reasons to Buy

 Beautiful design

 You get the game and the required accessories

 LLots of challenges to tackle

 Very easy to set up and get into

Reasons to Avoid

 Doesn’t offer as much variety as some alternative adult games

Orgasmixxx Game For Adults

Why We Picked It

How long can you go without experiencing a powerful, tantalizing orgasm when your partner’s doing everything in their power to get you there? That’s what Orgasmixxx will try to find out and we think the concept is The Bomb! The sexy challenges will test your limits but they’ll also get you communicating on a much deeper level than ever before.

Orgasmixxx sexy board game offers simple gameplay and a fun experience that everyone can get into. There isn’t a challenging setup – just roll the dice and find out where the board is going to take you. A few sexy accessories are included in the kit, giving you everything required to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

Who It's For

Orgasmixxx is a fun game for all couples. Whether you’d like to explore new facets of your sexuality or you feel that your intimate life has gotten a bit stale, the adult board game will give you a quick way to reconnect and rekindle the passion.

What Customers Are Saying

- X-rated for sure!

On our journey to spice up our love life, my girlfriend and I bought and played this game; it has a lot of different components, including foreplay, caressing, role playing, sex, etc. This game inspired us to be a little less shy when it comes to sex and the activities that accompany it! - Ruben

Reasons to Buy

 Great for all couples

 Easy to set up, easy to play

 All needed gameplay accessories included in the kit

 Fun and sexy in one package

Reasons to Avoid

 Not the kinkiest adult game on the market

 Can get a bit repetitive after sa while

Sex! A Romantic Board Game

Why We Picked It

We’re big fans of the straightforward, no-nonsense approach that Sex! A Romantic Board Game has towards its main subject matter. You can ease your way into the experience by answering the sex trivia questions. Get the answers correct and you’ll score sex position cards. The sexy board game will also have you engaging in fun and super pleasurable foreplay scenarios that are going to get everyone involved hot and bothered.

Keep in mind you may need some additional accessories and sex toys to complete a few of the Sex! challenges. If you already have your adult collection, bring it in and start playing. Alternatively, some of the rules and challenges can easily be modified to match your preferences and mood.

Who It's For

Sex! does give you options but it’s not the most varied adult game out there. It’s great for rookies making their first steps into the world of sexy board games.

What Customers Are Saying

- Fun

Great choice I did with buying this stuff, we're having so much fun (all night long)! - Elvie2

- Sexy and fun!

We love this game. It has broadened what we do in the bedroom and got us speaking more openly about what we like! Warning, you will need wine, sexy snacks and you will need to wear something strippable. - Nia

Reasons to Buy

 Straightforward, easy to play

 Quality set, well-made

 Numerous fun sexy scenarios to explore

 Great for all couples

Reasons to Avoid

 You will need some additional props to complete some of the challenges

 Not the most varied gameplay

1000 Sex Games

Why We Picked It

Strategy and good sex come together to make 1000 Sex Games tremendous fun. We really like the fact that this board game isn’t just about foreplay and having a passionate night with your lover. You can also be strategic about the way you’ll play each of the rounds.

Choose one of the foreplay cards to determine what you and your lover will be doing during the current game round. Next, choose a passion card to get an idea about what’s going to be happening in the next round. Sexy dice also provide variety by determining exactly how you’re going to be enjoying each other.

While 1000 Sex Games may seem a bit complex at first, it’s very simple once you get into it. With many card and dice combinations, the game will never get repetitive or predictable.

Who It's For

There is a learning curve with this sex board game. It would be best to acquire some experience with a simpler game first before moving on to all of the options that 1000 Sex Games offers.

What Customers Are Saying

- Wow

With 1000 games, you'll never run out of ways to mix things up! This game definitely helps keep things fun and interesting, especially in this time! - Eduardo

- Perfect V-day present

Fun game. Bought this as a valentines day present, we had fun doing some of the things, we also laughed a lot because some things were just too funny! A great game for couples to play in the bedroom! - Brody

Reasons to Buy

 Lots of scenarios to explore

 You can be strategic about your choices

 Beautiful design

 Can be romantic and tame or really kinky

Reasons to Avoid

 You may end up with a tame card after you’ve done something really wild

 Some of the dice combinations may seem a bit illogical

I've Never... Bar Cards

Why We Picked It

We all love a crafty little game that can draw out big secrets. I’ve Never is one such adult entertainment option. Simple and straightforward, the cards are the perfect party element to get things heated.

You don’t have to be in a couple to enjoy this sex card game. Just choose the person who’ll kick things off and have them draw a card. The player will need to answer truthfully before someone else takes over. As you can see, it will be easy to learn incredible things about your friends and romantic partners.

The game is great for anywhere between two and 12 players. There are 110 game cards, giving you hours of fun coupled with lots of drinking opportunities.

Who It's For

The card game is great for absolutely everyone. With such minimalist gameplay, all people will enjoy and master the cards quickly.

What Customers Are Saying

- Raunchy

My friends warned me that these were raunchy, but holy cow these are wild. And I'm a cam girl! So much fun, and if you're looking for a game that takes it to the next level, this is it! - Celine

- Play with a fun group

In my experience this game is more fun when you play it with people who are more adventurous in their sex lives and don't mind being open about it. Then you're in for a stellar good time! - Melanie

Reasons to Buy

 Great for couples, great for parties

 Can get very personal, deepening your knowledge of each other

 Beautiful cards, simple gameplay

 Both sexy and hilarious

 Guarantees hours of fun

Reasons to Avoid

 Some of the question cards can be a bit weird/awkward

 Some of the drinking instructions can be hard to follow

Strip or Tease Game - It's Time To Play

Why We Picked It

Strip or Tease is the perfect little ice breaker. We find it an amazing choice for couples that need something to break the ice and boost arousal. Beautiful and elegant, the game gives you lots of pointers and activities that set the mood and get you ready for what’s to come next.

Choose one of the 30 strip or 30 tease cards that will give you actionable tips and pointers. The whole purpose of the game is to tantalize your partner using the information on the cards. This is a great opportunity for couples needing something imaginative and easy to do for a more thoroughly satisfying bedroom session.

Who It's For

Strip or Tease is a perfect choice for beginners in the world of adult games. It provides very specific and actionable directions that are easy to act out. There’s also no set up time required to enjoy the game.

What Customers Are Saying

- Seduction and anticipation!

The game is a lot of fun and great for finding out more about what you both like, especially if you are a bit shy about making suggestions as the game makes them for you. It turns seduction into a longer lasting experience, with increased anticipation! - Colton

- Hot game

Sexy game, and get ready to strip down with your partner! We love it. - Ellis

Reasons to Buy

 Beautiful, elegant design

 Actionable tips available

 Very easy to play, great for beginners

 Will easily spice things up for all couples

Reasons to Avoid

 You don’t get that many choices and scenarios

 A bit expensive

Fantasy Affairs Game

Why We Picked It

With such a fun concept, Fantasy Affairs Game is easily one of our favorites. Have you ever imagined having an affair? Is there a certain fantasy you’d like to play out with your significant other? Get ready for lots of steamy action and a genuine affair with this adult board game.

Fantasy Affairs Game gives you a chance to engage in a multitude of adventurous affair scenarios. You’ll get your sexy handyman moment or a chance to get down and dirty with the French maid. We also really like the creative kissing section – a unique concept that’s not available with any other game on the market.

Who It's For

Fantasy Affairs Game is ideal for everyone who’s curious about exploring different sexy scenarios.

What Customers Are Saying

- Brings fantasies to life!

It's just as described! I recommend it if you need to change your sex life routine. - Gabriella

- Good overall

It's a pretty fun game, but I wish it was a little more realistic. All the fantasies were pretty cheesy. Still got things heated up though! - Laura

Reasons to Buy

 Super fun and very sexy

 Lots of scenarios to explore

 Will definitely lead to better sex

 Perfect for all couples

Reasons to Avoid

 Some of the fantasies are a little bit cheesy (especially if you’re more uninhibited)

Climaxxx Erotic Game For Lovers

Why We Picked It

It’s so fun that the game offers an erotic twist to the traditional snakes and ladders experience. The concept is fun, the challenges are sexy and we really enjoy the mix of those two. With Climaxxx, you’ll get the difficult task of making it to the end of the game without having an orgasm. Believe us when we say that you’ll have a very hard time (pun intended) getting there.

You get two rounds – the first one is a bit more romantic and the second one will have you doing lots of sexy stuff naked. As a part of the experience, you’ll often have to pick one of the game cards and complete the naughty challenges listed there. Climaxxx is a lot of fun and it will give you fresh ideas to explore in bed with a special someone.

Who It's For

With its engaging gameplay and sexy tasks, Climaxxx is an excellent choice for all couples.

What Customers Are Saying

- Fun

Had tons of fun with this. The objective of the game quite literally is to "last" until the end - a seemingly simple but surprisingly challenging feat to accomplish as this game ramps up the intimacy. Is it important to know though that this game is only for male-female couples...I do think they need to update it. - Lena

- Great for foreplay

I had great foreplay with my husband after a long time with this game! I would recommend this game to all couples - everyone should try it. - Brianna

Reasons to Buy

 Fun gameplay and lots of sexy tasks

 Builds the anticipation and gets sexier as you go

 Easy to play, ideal for all couples

 Beautiful graphics, quality game board

Reasons to Avoid

 More experienced players may need a more stimulating board games

 Features mainly “traditional” foreplay and sex position options

Domin8 Game - The Winner Takes Or Gives All

Why We Picked It

Domin8 gives you a great opportunity to test out power play scenarios and decide if they’ll become a part of your regular sex routine. You’ll get 36 naughty dominoes, Domin8 You and Domin8 Me cards, as well as 24 different scenario cards. Even if you don’t do math like a pro, you know these are quite a few options to explore.

With Domin8, you will engage in non-threatening power play that builds up as you go. Many of the challenges and scenarios are mild enough to get you comfortable before trying something kinkier and fetish-inspired. You will quickly lose yourself in the gameplay. Whether you’d want to give or receive is entirely up to you – the game makes both options readily available.

Who It's For

Good for beginners and good for more experienced power play practitioners, this sex board game is a lovely choice for all couples looking for some inspiration.

What Customers Are Saying

- As Described

Partner loved it, however an accessory pack would be useful, unless you have a pretty established toy box already. - Kaitlyn

- Looks like Fun

Bought as a gift for my hubby. Opened to have a quick look, and there are a few items needed such as massage oil, candles, restraints, blindfold etc. The game itself has cards, with scenarios on which is good for a little spice in your bedroom life. Looks like fun and can't wait to play!. - Ruth

Reasons to Buy

 An exciting focus on power play

 Lots of sexual exploration options

 Good for all experience levels

 A non-threatening BDSM exploration tool

Reasons to Avoid

 The focus is solely on power play

Intimacy The Sex Game For Any Couple

Why We Picked It

Intimacy lets you do so many things. You can answer intimate questions. You can do amazing things to your partner. You can have them taking the lead. It’s a fun sexual fiesta that’s suited to everyone’s needs, regardless of experience or erotic preferences.

With this board game, you’ll get seven different categories ranging from intimacy to foreplay and kinky adventures. What we love the most about the game is that all cards and scenarios are gender-neutral. As a result, this is a truly universal adult game that will help all couples connect on a deeper, more sexual level.

Who It's For

Intimacy is for everyone – straight, gay, bi, married, in a new relationship… you get the picture. With so many fun actions and scenarios to explore, it’s also going to remain exciting in the long run.

What Customers Are Saying

- Great for intimacy

Great simple and fun game. My wife and I really enjoyed playing. It was a fun way to build intimacy and quality time. - Micah

- No awkwardness

This is a really great way for everyone to be comfortable trying new things. The best part is you just follow the cards. There is no embarrassment asking for what you think would be fun. It also helps you discover things you enjoy that you would never have thought to ask for. - Nash

Reasons to Buy

 Lots of categories to choose from

 Gender-neutral actions and instructions

 Beautiful board and game props

 Suitable for all couples

Reasons to Avoid

 Not the kinkiest game on the market

 Will require some reading and getting used to in advance

What Types of Sexy Board Games Are Available?

Sex board games used to be somewhat cheesy and generic back in the day, but these have evolved over time! As seen from our suggestions above, there are so many choices worth checking out. You’ll easily find an adult game that matches your sexual preferences and the specifics of the relationship that you’re in. Adult games are usually designed to ease you into trying new stuff and freshen up intimacy. Some of the most common sex game categories include:

  • Traditional board games: many of these are inspired by some of the most popular board games on the market. We’ve featured two such examples – one adult game inspired by Monopoly and another one that’s loosely based on snakes and ladders. Having something familiar presented with a sexy twist is a nice way to ease into this kind of new experience.
  • Dice games: very common and very easy to play. The simplest way to explain these is that you get a few dice that you roll to find out what you’ll be doing. The most common variety involves two dice – one featuring a body part and another one that lists an action the player needs to complete.
  • Card games: the cards can either feature a challenge, a personal question or a trivia question the player will have to answer.
  • Trivia and question-based games: these ones are meant to get you talking to your partner. If you feel that intimacy is somewhat missing, this is the kind of adult experience to pursue.
  • Game sets: these get a bit more intricate and complex. A game set will feature the essentials needed to play like a board, tokens and some dice. Some sets will also provide additional props like a vibe or a blindfold.
  • Sexy game apps: if you’re more keen on using technology to spice things up, you can always download a sexy game app. You’ll find apps for solo players and for couples that present a sexy scenario or challenge players to partake in various kinds of bedroom adventures.

Needless to say, there are games that combine a few of the elements mentioned above in one. The more gameplay options you have, the more fun the game will be in the long run. Keep in mind, however, that a more complex scenario can easily get too convoluted. Sometimes, it’s best to keep things simple.

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