World Cage 20 Pack One Time Use Travel Friendly Locks

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Product Overview

  • Use this lock anywhere you need a small padlock for all your locking needs!
  • Universally compatible with any male chastity devices that use a padlock
  • Lightweight and quieter than metal locks, so less likely to click against your cage
  • Metal detector safe, so they’re perfectly travel and festival-friendly
  • Pair with your other favorite BDSM accessories to lock your submissive up and set the ultimate scene!

Product Description

Do you want your secret kept? Use these travel and metal detector friendly plastic seals in place of your padlock anywhere you might need to go through a metal detector! TSA, courthouse, amusement parks, museums, sporting events, or concerts…your secret is safe with these discreet little locks. 

Designed for one time use, these individually-numbered locks are perfect for adding to any of your BDSM or kinky play. Quieter and less likely to click against your cage, these lightweight locks are more portable and less of a heavy strain on your body parts than your traditional padlock. They’re perfect for use with most popular Male Chastity Devices in place of a padlock and key! 

To use, place the lock through the lock pin in place of the padlock, and click closed. Write down the number on the front of lock – the number is now your key. If he comes home with a different number, he has some explaining to do! To remove, cut plastic lock.

Product Details


Dimensions: 4.75 × 0.75 × 7 inches
Product Weight: 0.09 lbs.


Flexibility: Slight
Material: Plastic
Color: Yellow
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: No

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual handheld use
Features: Plastic locks, universally compatible, BDSM, male chastity device compatible, 40 keys included, numbered, one time use, metal detector safe

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