Sportsheets Leather LOVE Impression Paddle

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Product Overview

  • Enjoy the non-threatening, small spanking surface for exciting variety during playtime
  • Smooth paddle is soft enough for beginners to enjoy but stiff enough to still provide a firm whack
  • Features gorgeous cut-outs spelling LOVE, so you can express your tender heart’s intention on their tender hindquarters
  • Perfectly unisex, and great for all, from beginners to experienced users!
  • Hand-stitched and made from high quality materials

Product Description

If big threatening sex paddles aren't really your thing, but you still like a good spanking now and then, get a grip on this mini paddle. This slightly bendable rubber paddle is soft enough for beginners to enjoy but stiff enough to still provide a firm whack. It hurts so good! Each side boasts a unique texture, one has a completely smooth texture, and the other is covered in evenly spaced hearts that will leave a LOVE-shaped mark on your submissive with just a little spanking.

Thrillingly designed to keep you or a partner at attention, this playful, punishing BDSM tool is perfect for role-reversal in submission and dominance and will provide the snap and whack you crave. The body and handle are both made from a firm leather material that has enough 'give' for perfect handling, but it's certainly firm enough for precise whacks, or more gentle teasing, whatever you're in the mood to dish out…or receive.

Meticulously constructed, this piece of fetish gear for kink scenes is made to bind your pleasure and offers easy maintenance and extreme durability. Simply spot clean after the fun with a warm, soapy cloth and allow to air-dry completely prior to storage.


Length: 12 inches


Flexibility: Flexible
Material: Nylon cord, nickel free metal hardware, RBSE glass batten, cowhide leather paper
Color: Black
Texture: Smooth

Additional Info

Features: Smooth Surface, Nickel Free

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