Master Series Coax Collar To Wrist Restraints


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Product Overview

  • 3-in-1 bondage gear contains a luxurious vegan-friendly collar with 3 D-rings, 2 cuffs with a D-ring each, and connector chains for the cuffs and collar
  • Comfortable padding and secure, durable material mean that you can keep your plaything captive for as long as you desire
  • Duotone, brass coated hooks and gold accented embellishments create an elegant piece of pleasure
  • Perfect for obedient training and all your BDSM fantasies!

Product Description 

If you're looking to begin or expand your repertoire of restraints, look no further - this 3-in-1 bondage set contains a luxurious, vegan-friendly, faux-leather, black and tan design, complete with 1 collar, 2 wrist cuffs and brushed-brass connector chains and hooks that are sturdy enough to keep your sub locked up in captivity, in style, for as long as it delights your pretty little heart. This super sexy, elegant alternative to classic, black-on black leather restraint systems, perfect for novices to the world of BDSM and experienced practitioners alike.

Perfect for obedience training and for doubling up with additional restraints, the collar and cuffs feature extra-large D-Rings, 3 on the collar and 1 on each cuff, and medium-sized buckle closures for easy adjustment and comfortable wear for long hours of continuous play.

Fully padded and secure, you can rest assured that Coax delivers comfort and durability with this product, matched only by the system's stunning good looks. The duotone, brass coated hooks, and gold accented embellishments create an elegant piece of equipment that will last through many play sessions. 

Product Details


Circumference (Collar): 12 to 21 inches
Width (Collar): 2.5 inches
Circumference (Cuffs): 6 to 9.5 inches
Width (Cuffs): 2.5 inches
Length (Wrist Connector Chain): 6.5 inches
Length (Collar Connector Chain): 17 inches
Product Weight: 1.01 lbs.


Flexibility: Slight
Material: PU leather, metal
Color: Black/Brown
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: No

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual use
Features: Unique duotone design, comfortable, durable, secure, chains disconnect via clasps, duotone, padded, collar, wrist restraints, BDSM, bondage

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