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Rabbit Vibrators

Double the Pleasure with Rabbit Dildos and Vibrators

Why settle for just clitoral or G-spot stimulation when you could have both? A good rabbit vibe delivers independent vibrations to two tips in order to stimulate both erogenous zones. This is why rabbits can produce some of the quickest and most powerful orgasms. Chances are that you’ve never experienced intensity like this before and you definitely are worthy of maximum pleasure!

Rabbits made of high quality materials and powered by dual motors are ideal. We have many such at HotCherry. Our rabbit vibrator selection brags medical-grade silicone vibes, thrusting rabbit vibes, textured toys, Bluetooth rabbit vibrators, ergonomic and anatomically correct rabbits, rabbits powered by rechargeable batteries and even sucking rabbits that deliver clitoral action similar to oral sex.

Rabbit Vibrators Make Intense Orgasms Easy for Everyone

Getting a mind-blowing orgasm isn’t always easy. You have to be in the right mood. You need a partner who knows what they’re doing. You’ll also probably want stimulation that is intense and consistent enough to get you over the edge and start those fireworks.

With a rabbit vibrator, you can easily eliminate many of the obstacles that stand in the way of the big O. Clitoral stimulation is one of the easiest ways to climax. But the clitoris has a large internal structure that can be stimulated when the G-spot is massaged. This is why rabbit vibrators produce tremendously intense experiences. Also, most people who have tried such a toy report that it significantly reduces the amount of time required to climax.

It doesn’t matter if you come easily during sex or you need lots and lots of foreplay. With a rabbit vibe, you can amp up things and make intimate experiences much better and more fulfilling than ever before. All you have to do is pick the rabbit design and functionalities that match your sexual preferences.

Check out the vibration intensities and rhythms. As already mentioned, these are often different and independently controlled for the penetrative part and the rabbit flickering against your clit. Also, there are rabbits that can thrust and gyrate to make the G-spot massage harder and incredibly concentrated. When choosing such toys, always start at the lowest settings. Even those are quite powerful for some people and will send immediate pleasure waves up and down.

A good rabbit vibrator is the perfect solo toy and it can also be incorporated in partnered experiences. Try it during foreplay or actual sex – it’s really up to you and your partner being comfortable with the scenario. And if you need even more intensity than what the rabbit gives you, pair it with another toy. Anal toys can work really well with this naughty massager, giving you triple stimulation you wouldn’t be capable of resisting.

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