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Je Joue

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This brand’s name is in French and translates to “I play.” And that’s precisely what you’ll get to do (stylishly) if you choose Je Joue sex toys. Launched in 2005, the product range features some sophisticated and luxurious offerings. Currently based in London, Je Joue emphasizes high-quality construction as well as on education. The company’s mission is to increase awareness about sexual health and the importance of self-love.

Je Joue’s collection is extensive enough to feature something for everyone. A few of the brand’s biggest best-sellers include rabbit vibratorsclitoral vibeskegel exercisersanal toysbullet vibes, and penis rings.

The main difference between Je Joue and other vibes is the lower frequency that creates a rumbling sensation. Such vibrations are usually experienced as a lot more intense and all-encompassing.

This technological choice has turned Je Joue into somewhat of a mainstream phenomenon. Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and other media often include Je Joue products in their lists of top sex toys.

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