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How to Massage Your Balls?

How to Massage Your Balls?

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The testicles or balls are the male reproductive organs that produce sperm and testosterone but also have other functions. Favored male body parts, the balls can use some attention when it comes to masturbation. We are talking about testicular massage, and this action helps a great deal with increased pleasure and other improvements. So, you are guessing correctly, here we’ll discuss how you can massage your (or your partner’s) balls for more satisfaction.

Benefits of Testicular Massage

A testicle massage will increase the male sexual energy, testosterone, sperm, and seminal fluids. The benefits include longer and harder erections, increased sex drive (libido), a boost of testosterone, stimulating overall well-being, stress relief, increased sperm count, alleviation of general testicle pain, reduction of lumps and swellings, and reduction of testicular inflammations.

How to Massage the Testicles?

The testicles have many nerve endings and are very sensitive, so always be careful when handling and massaging them for ultimate pleasure. Make sure you use enough lubes for sex for a pleasant sensation, and use some of the following techniques or use some toys to increase the pleasure.

You can use your imagination and your hands, your mouth, and other parts of your body, massage with some textiles, or use some toys. If you use your hands, rub them to get warm and put enough lube or massage oil to increase the pleasure. Gently massage the area around the scrotum. Next, you should position four fingers underneath the balls and the thumb on the upper side. You can do one or two sets of thirty-six rounds on each testicle for best results.

Rub roundly and pull gently to increase sensation and prolong his pleasure. The gentle stretching of the balls down and away from the body is pleasurable for many men, but ensure it is not too rough. You can use your mouth but be gentle; use your tongue and lips, and suck gently but not use your teeth because the testicles are too sensitive.

More experienced users can take pleasure from innovative toys or vibrating c-rings, as they can increase the erection and prolong the pleasure. There are also other kinds of toys for pleasure and torture his balls, like cock cages, paddles, whips, floggers, canes, straps, dividers, clips, and clamps. Be careful with the different toys and read about their use.

Not all men enjoy getting a ball massage, so try to talk openly with your partner and find out if that is pleasurable for him; also, observe if he likes and enjoys the massage.

To Wrap Up

We hope you found our guide on testicular massage helpful, and we urge you to share it with your friends or partner, as it can be really helpful for many men. You can choose from many erotic massage oils and lubes or find some pleasurable toys in our sex toy store.

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