Vibrating Anal Massager

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Product Overview

  • Redesigned and enhanced shaft and handle, for greater P or G-spot arousal and stimulation, plus greater control where and when it counts…
  • Ideal for most skill levels of any gender, can be enjoyed in almost any position, solo or partnered to enhance oral or intercourse
  • Wider and broader tip gives more coverage, giving instant relief and excitement without the overstretch of some larger head massagers
  • Continues to stimulate when inserted, sending waves of pleasure through your whole pelvis and into your shaft or partner, for exquisite tenderness and shared/matching stimulation
  • USB recharge, fully waterproof, body safe silicone and 12 functions of vibration/intensity

Product Description

With a newly redesigned ergonomic shape and grip, this twelve function, multi-speed, vibrating prostate massager is the perfect fit for either prostate or G-spot stimulation via the rectal wall. Well-rounded features let every curve of your own erogenous zones feel the thrill and excitement of every twitch and pulse, making it the best companion for solo or shared excitement, delivering intense stimulation, enhancing performance and maximizing the most profound orgasmic states ever.

Newly augmented entry and stimulation angle makes the vibrating anal massager the new secret weapon in prostate stimulation and G-spot explosions. The easy grip design also allows for smooth entry, and gives more control than ever for those who are more hands on, with thrusting, twisting or tugging a second nature with a more natural feel with this vibrating prostate massager.

Some things never need changing, as perfection is a destination; not a journey. The enhanced and broadside tip of the shaft, along with the narrowed neck and T-style anchored base of the vibrating prostate massager are still what makes this a classic massager to return to again and again. Filling without overstretching, and delivering the best array of subtle to intense vibrations in whisper quiet and easy reach comfort, even in the wet… Yes! It’s a hard one to find fault with, other than the fact that we all need to return to reality at some point and continue our day without that incredible, irresistible feeling it gives… Mmmm…

Product Details


Total Length: 5.7 inches
Insertable Length: 5.1 inches
Diameter: 1.29 inches at widest point on shaft
Girth: 4.05 inches
Width of Base: 2.87 inches
Product Weight: 9.6 oz.


Flexibility: Firmly flexible
Material: Silicone, ABS
Color: Black
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Push button base
Shape: Contoured, ergonomic, non-phallic
Power Type: Internal battery, comes with USB recharge (cable included)
Powerful: Yes

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