Ultimate Butt Plug Training Kit

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Product Overview

  • 3 graduated sizes of tapered silicone, suction-based butt plugs, with an EZ squeeze anal douche/enema bulb cleaner included
  • Suction cup base on all 3 plugs allows for hands-free or wall/floor mounted fun
  • Tapered tip and ergonomic design makes plugs ideal for beginners or experienced anal players alike
  • Completely unisex and gender-friendly product enhances internal, G-spot and P-spot stimulation
  • Body safe, hypoallergenic silicone construction
  • Easy to clean and maintain, fully waterproof for water-based play

Product Description

The butt plug training kit is the best place to start if considering or already having begun to experience anal play. The key to enjoyable and safe self-exploration is in a graduated, or small at first, then larger (if required) approach. Contrary to what the internet shows people, it’s not always about gaping and extreme anal feats of stretch or penetration. This kit gives you all the tools to make a good start though.

Profound levels of G-spot or prostate stimulation can be achieved anally in any gender, and this doesn’t include the physical sensations and erotic arousal brought on by dedicated anal stimulation alone. That particular area of human anatomy houses as many neural pathways and pleasure-activating centers as the genital region, so it makes sense to want to explore and benefit from it. It also makes sense to do it at your own comfort and safety level.

The butt plug training kit starts with the number one essential before any anal play, an enema or douche bulb. Cleanliness and hygiene are paramount, and the easy to use bulb is the ideal way to get clean, as well as begin to feel great down there if you’re completely new to anal play.

There are three suction cup-based plugs in the kit, all have the same, specifically designed, unique tapered tip, which makes insertion easier and more comfortable, and a flared base, ensuring the plugs travel no further than intended. The flared bases also act as a handle to make fitting/inserting and extracting the plugs a lot easier. Start with the 0.9-inch diameter by 3-inch length probe and, when you have experienced that, there are other sizes to explore. It must be said, there’s nothing wrong with achieving a suitable level of stimulation from a smaller size, it’s not a contest, and everybody is made differently.

The remaining sizes in the kit are a medium (4.25 x 1.25 inches) and the largest size in the kit (5 x 1.5 inches). The EZ squeeze enema bulb is 4.5 x 3 inches, with a 3-inch probe attachment for insertion. All pieces in the butt plug training kit are 100% high-grade silicone construction, they are completely body-safe and easy to clean. Full instructions and care recommendations are included.

Product Details


Length: 3-5 inches (bulb probe to longest plug length)
Insertable Length: 3-5 inches (bulb to longest butt plug insertable length)
Width: 0.9-3 inches (smallest to widest at base)
Product Weight: 14.56 oz.


Flexibility: Flexible/soft
Material: Silicone
Color: Black
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Waterproof

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual plug/squeeze bulb enema
Shape: Plug/bulb
Power Type: Manual
Multi-speed/Multi-vibration: No
Warranty: 90-day manufacturer’s warranty
Powerful: Yes

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