Sugar Sak Sex Toy Storage Bag

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Size: L
Color: Red
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Product Overview

  • 7 x 12 inches or 9x13 inches of space gives ample room for hygienic and safe storage of multiple toys and other gear like lingerie
  • Fabric is impregnated with Bioshield75®, the cutting edge technology which is nature-based and combats common pathogens 100%
  • The perfect accessory to give as a complimentary present when buying erotic products for friends and lovers
  • Take greater care of your toys and yourself; you know you deserve real quality and safety
  • Beautifully manufactured, with stunning leopard print inlay, matches the saucy mood of your toys while still being discreet on the outside

Product Description

Just as we all take care of our body and are careful to protect ourselves sexually, sex toy storage and maintenance is just as important. Having a wild time needn’t involve being reckless. With this in mind, the clever folks at Sugar Sak are one step ahead. The larger sized sex toy storage bag is stunningly sensual and super discreet. It’s also treated with a nature-based formulation, right onto the fabric, which invisibly (yet effectively) inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeast, mold, and even nasty viruses!

Not exactly pillow talk, but you can rest assured that with the Sugar Sak range, your favorite toys are further protected and maintained to a higher degree of standard with Bioshield75®, the patented and EPA approved coating, which inhibits the growth and reproduction of pathogens.

Tossing your toys into a drawer or under the bed when not in use might seem okay if you clean them before and after use, but the sex toy storage bag is an extra level of protection that is a negligible price point when compared to the benefits.

The well created, 7 x 12-inch, neatly tailored, and hygienic sex toy storage bag is large sized, easily holding several of your favorite toys. There’s also a smart, internal, Velcro, sealed pocket; perfect for any other personal pleasure items you’d like to keep together with your entourage.

Bioshield75® and Sugar Sak™ have combined energies to bring you the highest grade, plant-based and toxin-free technology which uses molecular structure, rather than harmful contents to prevent the growth of the most common pathogens. The perfect accessory that’s both stylish and practical for safely storing your important toys.

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