Spartacus Adjustable Broad Tip Nipple Clamps with Black Link Chain

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Product Overview

  • Boasting 2 clamps in total, you or your sub’s nipples are in for a delicious night of fun fetish play!
  • Connect your playthings’ sensitive areas together with a seductive black chain, that can be pulled on for added pressure and sensation
  • Adjustable tension for different sized nipples and pleasure
  • Devious set can be used on male anatomy as well
  • Clamps feature silicone-coated ends for added padding and comfort

Product Description

Revel in the mid-ground between pleasure and pain as you lose yourself to the slowly-intensifying sensations of these gorgeous nipple clamps. An adjustable pressure grips you during wear to escalate your sensitivity until you beg for your erotic release! Soft rubber diffuses the severity of these clamps, offering a cushioned bite that allows pressure and movement to be the focus of your play.

Adjustable wide alligator nipple clamps are ideal for large nipples that need a wider than usual tip. The wide, rubber-tipped tips distribute the pressure from the clamp, making them good for somewhat gentler play. But don’t be fooled…the thumbscrews can adjust the clamps to a very strong grip. The all-black clamps and black link chain provide a classic fetish look.

Ideal for use as part of progressive sensory play, your erotic response can be deepened by pulling on the chain or using a vibrator to send delicious shivers through your sensitive nipples. In rubber and nickel-free metal, these nipple clamps should be spot cleaned as needed.

Product Details


Total Length: 2.8 inches
Width: 1 inch
Product Weight: 0.16 lbs.


Flexibility: Firm
Material: Nickel-free metal, TPR
Color: Black
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Clamp
Features: Nipple clamp, fetish play, BDSM, phthalate-free, waterproof, luxury design, nickel-free, non-piercing, non-tarnishing, adjustable, hypoallergenic, phthalate-free

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