Smiffy's Jessica Wig

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How long will it take you to grow long, luscious locks that cascade halfway down your back? Does your partner enjoy long hair? You can now easily transform your appearance with the Smiffy’s Jessica Wig.

This is the perfect sexy item for every woman who wants to quickly turn herself in a blonde bombshell.

The wig comes with a high quality, adjustable wig cap. Gather your own hair underneath and get a really natural and sophisticated transformation. Not only is the Jessica Wig characterized by exceptional length, it will also give you the opportunity to experiment with bangs.

Made of professional-grade synthetic fiber, the wig is very resilient and natural in appearance at the same time. It’s heat resistant up to 120 degrees, giving you the chance to carry out some styling experiments.

Always hand wash your wigs with a mild shampoo or a detergent to maintain the integrity of the fibers.

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