Silicone Tri Snap Ball Spreader

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Product Overview

  • Smooth, silicone C-ring which stretches to fit, a heavy-duty, triple-studded scrotal ring plus a sleek separator makes this a complete package for your package
  • Fully adjustable scrotum ring and separator will fit most sizes, from small to large, depending on your choice of tension
  • Made to work as well as look good, C-ring users report far harder and longer erection times, with more climax control
  • Useful for solo edging or stamina training puts extra power and confidence behind partnered performance
  • Must have accessory for BDSM, role play or other fantasy/cosplay dress-up action

Product Description

A tri cock ring rig that’s a C-ring, scrotal ring and ball spreader, all in one. Enhance arousal and delay climax, while presenting a stunning package for worship, or adornment for your own or shared pleasure. A treat’s in store for the user and partner, with a commanding presence and functional capacity that is incredible for such a simple device.

No fuss, stretchy, silken silicone, it all comfortably houses your ‘member,’ stretching with you as you get hard while retaining a safe level of pressure, keeping you harder for way longer. A wide, triple-studded scrotum band supports you further from below, which has its own ball separating strap, fully adjustable with simple, snap-lock buttons. This is an awesome piece of hardware; the tri cock ring rig is made to enjoy and to show off.

Retaining blood flow for a longer, harder erection is the tri cock ring’s main feature, but the sense of anticipation and arousal in fitting the scrotal and separating straps are exceptional. You may well find yourself harder from more than just the rings, as the empowering and impressive setup adds up to a more self-confident and exciting performance. With the best rig, you’ll get the best results, and the heavy-duty, silicone, tri cock ring setup is as easy to clean and maintain as it is visually impressive and functional.

Product Details


Full Length: 8.5 inches scrotum strap (unbuttoned) with a 1-inch height profile
C-ring Inner Diameter: 1.25 inches
Weight: 1.4 oz.


Flexibility: Flexible yet firm pressure
Material: Silicone, steel button tabs
Body Safe Material: Yes, phthalate-free
Color: Black, silver
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Waterproof

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual cock ring/ball spreader
Shape: Cock ring/scrotum ring/ball spreader
Power Type: Manual pressure
Powerful: Yes

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