Scandal Collar Body Restraint

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Product Overview

  • Luxurious collar with universal detachable cuffs and adjustable restraints
  • Gorgeous reversible design to wear in front or behind
  • Soft and plushy on one side, with designer fabric on the other
  • Features universal clasps and D-rings with swivel design
  • Collar adjusts up to 20" and waist strap adjusts up to 46"

Product Description

A great collar can make a world of difference in your BDSM experience. The Scandal Collar Body Restraint is an incredibly sensual restraint system that will compliment your every curve and electrify your senses as you wait to do your Master’s bidding.

This scandalous piece is a soft yet firm restraint that comes with universal matching cuffs and offers three different levels of restraint so your dominant can decide just how much you’ll be allowed to move as they have their way with you. The reversible design means your hands can be bound in front of your chest or tethered vulnerably behind your back! 

The collar is made of high quality materials that are easy to clean and that will last through years of play and even daily use. The collar and cuffs are soft and plushy on the inside, so you’ll stay comfortable even during a long session of pleasure, play, and punishment. Play with power, trust, pleasure, and punishment tonight when you strap into this sexy set!

Product Details


Total Length (Collar): 20 inches
Total Length (Waist Strap): 46 inches
Circumference (Cuffs): 14 inches
Product Weight: 1.3 lbs.


Flexibility: Slight
Material: PVC
Color: Red/Black
Texture: Lacy
Waterproof: No

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual use
Features: Neck restraint, wrist restraint, bondage, BDSM, sturdy metal D-rings, Velcro fastenings, reversible, high quality materials

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