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O-Ring studded collar made of leather with a removable O-Ring and riveted studs.

  • Lovers of all things restrictive in play, Rouge Garments presents to you O-Ring Studded Collar, perfect for starting a repertoire of restrictive gear for BDSM play or for adding to an existing collection.
  • O-Ring Studded Collar provides you with optimal control exactly when you need it and features thick premium leather with 1 row of thorny, metal spikes, while the collar adjusts for the perfect fit.
  • O-Ring Studded Collar by Rouge is comfortable to wear for an extended period of time and is sure to be the talk of the room thanks to 1 D-Ring that allows you to attach a short leash or your favorite BDSM accessory (leash and accessories sold separately).
  • Thrillingly designed to provide you with maximum control in creative play, O-Ring Studded Collar by Rouge is as sexy as it is functional and offers a classic bondage look in and out of the bedroom.
  • Hand-cut from the finest leather which is tanned and finished from a number of tanneries, O-Ring Studded Collar by Rouge goes through six different stages of the production process before it gets stamped with the company logo.
  • Always establish a safeword prior to use, then strap them in with the adjustable buckle strap, and let the BDSM games begin!
  • O-Ring Studded Collar by Rouge Garments comes unpackaged to focus on quality and usefulness to provide you with a luxury product at competitive prices.
  • With the care, attention, and effort that goes into making all of Rouge Garments' products, it's no wonder customer feedback has always been overwhelmingly positive - quality is what Rouge aims for, and quality is what they deliver.

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