Plesur 17" Suede & Fluffy Faux Fur Flogger

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Product Overview

  • Hand-crafted leather and faux fur flogger
  • Mini-size for soft, stingy, and sensual play
  • Good for flogging more sensitive areas
  • 24 leather tails and 12 fluffy faux-fur falls
  • Braided wrist strap

Product Description

Anyone enjoying impact play could do very well with this toy, as the Plesur 17” Suede & Fluffy Faux Fur Flogger is a mini flogger that packs quite the impact. It is made from suede leather and faux fur strips and is more comfortable on more sensitive areas. The smaller size allows it to be more comfortable when used in closed quarters.

The flogger is hand-crafted and is a beautiful addition to anyone enjoying the soft, sensual play. The handle is woven with a beautiful fishbone pattern, and the secure braided wrist strap helps the flogger stay within reach.

The flogger has 24 thin black suede leather strips and 12 fluffy red faux-fur tails. The overall length of the flogger is 18 inches, which is perfect for teasing sensitive areas. The flogger needs to be used regularly to keep it in shape and stored in a dry, clean place. It is not recommended to soak it, rinse it, or use leather conditioners on the suede and faux fur mini flogger.

Product Details


Length: 18"
Weight: 0.4 lbs.


Flexibility: Flexible suede and faux fur strips
Material: Suede leather, Faux fur
Color: Black and red
Texture: Velvet-like suede, Faux fur
Waterproof: No

Additional Info

Features: Suede leather and faux fur strips, a woven handle, braided wrist strap, 24 suede leather strips, 12 faux fur strips, hand-crafted toy, not to be rinsed with water, leather conditioner not recommended

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