Pipedream Extreme Realistic Male Masturbator

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Product Overview

  • Most realistic male masturbator on the market, cast in lifelike Fantaflesh® for ultra-realism, feelings and warmth
  • Thicker entry points than previous editions makes a more lifelike lay noticeable first time, every time
  • Feel the soft buttocks ripple under your thrusts, slaps and quiver under your caresses
  • It’s so lifelike, it’s almost scary, but scary-good!
  • Flexible enough to mold to your own body for a realistic intercourse sensation, or simply put on the bench or desk and pound away
  • Some maintenance required, but easy to clean and look after and with just a little care, this will last you many long and satisfying years
  • Includes lubricant and cleaner/Fantaflesh® revive samples

Product Description

With more than 20 lbs. of real feel, lifelike Fantaflesh®, this is the most realistic male masturbator on the market, with a presenting buttocks, with single entry anus and vagina, realistic lips and thighs that draw both the eye and your ‘member’ into a sensual and tight feeling. The exquisite simulator that for many users is better than the real thing!

Cast in a seamless, perfectly anatomically correct, life-size look and feel 3D version of your favorite body parts, this is the only realistic male masturbator you’ll ever need, with anything else not even coming close. Whether you love ass or pussy, you can have the best of both worlds, with a sensual soft and lifelike feel that is smooth, quickly warming and feels like a real person, without the stress or hang-ups that go with real life dating or relationships.

The inner core material is separate from the lifelike Fantaflesh® material, so care needs to be taken not to submerse the unit in water, but apart from that, it’s game on! This high end, premium quality, life cast, realistic male masturbator loves to be squeezed, spanked, slapped and pounded, as well as teased, tickled, licked, nibbled, and sucked. Perfect your oral and anal skills with this realistic life model before the big night, or simply enjoy all the natural pleasures of the flesh with no complications, in an easy, fun, body safe, and hygienic method that you can enjoy for years to come in complete privacy and whenever you feel like it…

Product Details


Total Length: 14.5 inches
Insertable Length: Open ended, single entry
Width: 14 inches
Height: 9.75 inches
Product Weight: 24 lbs.


Flexibility: Flexible, lifelike
Material: PVC, Fantaflesh® lifelike skin
Color: Natural
Texture: Smooth, realistic
Waterproof: Splash proof, see instructions for full wash/care instructions

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual
Shape: Vagina, anus, torso
Power Type: Manual masturbator
Features: Ultra-realistic feeling, tight entry, anus and vaginal shared channel
Powerful: Yes

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