Perfect Fit Ergoflo Impulse Anal Douche Bulb

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Product Overview

  • Compact, discreet and ideal for travel or to keep handy, reflecting a free and spontaneous lifestyle
  • Quickly freshen and prep, or enjoy a deeper, more thorough cleanse with several applications
  • Designed to last, the sturdy, durable, nature-based polymers are completely body safe and high quality too
  • FDA registered enema bulb, gives users confidence of a purpose-specific, well designed accessory that works and lasts
  • Waterproof, with leak proof design, lets you focus on your own enjoyment, not wondering whether something will break or fail to operate when you need it to!

Product Description

Compact and discreetly portable, this anal douche bulb lives up to its namesake, Impulse, letting you live as you should, carefree but prepared. The Impulse lets you travel, work and play on the go, knowing you can set up and utilize the waterproof and leak proof peak performance device in just seconds.

Cleaning and being adequately prepped for anal fun is paramount. Your solo and shared pleasure is made memorable by either being prepared, or not. The great thing about this anal douche bulb is the quality and compact design that lets you go places with the confidence and fidelity of one who is fully prepared. An FDA registered device, this anal douche bulb is made from premier, bio-based materials and is completely body safe.

Prepping for anal play, whether intended for solo or shared pleasure, needs to be fun and relaxing, with many finding the process relaxing and arousing the mood for love, if they have the right materials and tools that work as they should. This can be enjoyed and trusted with confidence as a premium product for any gender who wants the best for pre-anal or general douching as part of their personal and sexual healthcare regimen.

Product Details


Total Length: 4.7 inches
Insertable Length: 3.2-inch applicator
Width: 3.25 inches, 0.25-inch applicator
Product Weight: 3.52 oz.


Flexibility: Flexible bulb, solid attachment
Material: Bio-based PVC, polypropylene applicator
Color: Black
Texture: Smooth bulb and applicator
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual squeeze bulb
Shape: Bulb, non-phallic attachments
Power Type: Manual squeeze bulb/water pressure
Features: Compact, bio based materials, FDA registered device
Powerful: N/A

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