Lux Fetish Love Cuffs

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Fantasies of dominance and control are so easy to play out when you have the right accessories and props.

A set of sexy, comfortable cuffs is an absolute must-have for those making their first steps in the world of fetish play.

The Lux Fetish Love Cuffs are fully adjustable, which means they’re great for most wrists and ankles. Since they’re crafted from high quality materials and they’re very durable, the cuffs are an ideal choice for light S&M and even for some hardcore bondage.

Attached to o-rings, the cuffs can be used in more than one way. All you need to do is put them on and start exploring new positions and ways of stimulation with your partner.

The cuffs are high quality and intended for long-term use. They will not irritate your skin so go ahead and have some bondage fun!

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