Fetish Fantasy Mini Gold Butt Plug

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Product Overview

  • Petite and modest dimensions, with softly contoured edges and the perfect shape for easy insertion and long term wear
  • Slender shaft for easy retention/stimulation and high profile base prevents unwanted travel
  • Stunning, body safe, anodized aluminum, gold finish, houses a shimmering multi-faceted acrylic gem in the base which easily catches even the softest light
  • Static, non-vibrating plug is totally silent, visually thrilling to look at before and during insertion, giving yourself and any other viewers a glimpse of the brilliant gem whenever you flash or bend over
  • Adds appeal and a contemporary, glamorous touch to dress up, for lingerie or strip show/teasing play
  • It’s the perfect accessory to accentuate your best features and feel like a million bucks for a lot less!

Product Description

Looking a million bucks for a lot less, with this sleek, fun and stunningly-gorgeous anal accessory, the gold butt plug is petite and features a shimmering acrylic crystal in the base for you to flash to your partner or audience as you feel the internal comforts and delight of this easy wear, chic and must-have accessory.

A sleek, softly contoured design makes the insertable 2.4 inches effortless to insert. Lubricant is recommended, but entirely optional with the body-loving dimensions of this little jeweled treasure. The stunning, gold finished, anodized aluminum gives an incredible rust free and totally body safe finish to the lightweight and lustrous ‘back door’ bling. It’s perfect for when you want to feel special, or be special. Compliments any dress up, lingerie or cosplay fantasy, adding a totally new element to flashing your partner or audience, and all day wear isn’t a problem.

The must-have accessory for any beginner or seasoned player, it’s lightweight and conforming, retains well and is easily retrieved. It’s inexpensive, but certainly not cheap looking or feeling. The quality from Pipedream is excellent, and it really is a no fuss introduction to, or accessory for the first timer or most seasoned anal player.

Contemporary and sophisticated, it will easily become a constant accessory in your rotation of toys and tools. Thrilling to know you have it in, it’s great for clubbing or parties, where you never know when you’ll be able to signal that special someone that you have a secret you want to share, or just feel super confident in the knowing that you have something that reflects who you really are – a treasure that shines!

Product Details


Diameter: 1.2 inches
Girth: 3.77 inches
Total Length: 3.25 inches approx.
Insertable Length: 2.4 inches
Product Weight: 4.32 oz.


Flexibility: Fixed
Material: Aluminum, acrylic gem
Color: Gold, clear
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual retention
Shape: Stud/spade butt plug
Power Type: Manual/kinetic
Powerful: No

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